Lose Fat Naturally - Exercise, Metabolism and Dieting

How to Reduce Stomach FatMany of my friends have been asking me on how they can burn fats fast but safe.  I always tell them that there are three things to consider when you want to get rid of those fats.  I will discuss each briefly to have a better understanding on how to lose fat naturally through exercise, metabolism and dieting.


This is the rate and efficiency of chemical and physical processes.  There is the anabolic process for the growth and repair of body tissues, and metabolism, which is the breaking down of substances for energy.  Metabolism is related to the basal metabolic rate (BMR) which is used to know how much calorie should we burn for proper body functioning.  The increase of metabolism is a way of how our body can burn fats naturally.  Slower metabolism results to slower fat burning.  If you have diseases concerning your thyroid glands, it might be best to consult your doctor first.


It makes your blood circulation better giving you vitality and mental acuity.  Regular dose of this has an immediate effect on burning calories resulting to faster lean muscle gain.  Also, it can increase your metabolism even after exercising.  There is no such thing as best time to exercise aside from mornings after a good sleep.  However, you can fit it in anytime of the day according to the lifestyle that you have.  With regular, short exercise in a day will give you a higher metabolism for a longer period of time.

I can say that running and walking are both very effective forms of exercise.  You do not need expensive equipment.  All that is required is a good pair of shoes that is appropriate for your feet and an access to the outdoors.  If you want better equipment, you may want to buy treadmills and some high-tech shoes.  Also, walking and running are exercises you can do anywhere.  I would like to discuss the difference between the two in terms of efficiency to help give us a perfect figure.


Unlike walking, running would require you to have stronger knees and leg muscles as well as a good heart.  This exercise can give you the best total body workout if done properly.  You can burn as much as 900 calories when you run.  It works every muscle in the body.  Therefore you might want to do it in the proper form by keeping your hands and arms relaxed to prevent too much tension.  Shoulders should be loose and strides should be even.  Your core also gets smaller when you run.  Just be careful not to avoid proper warm ups to avoid injuries.


Walking is best for those with knee injuries or to those who can no longer bear their own weight.  For senior citizens, they might want to consider walking rather than running.  However, you can get the same results as when you do running exercises if done correctly.

When you walk, you can gain a flat and stronger core, shape your thighs, have well toned arms and waistline and get a good cardiovascular workout as well to keep blood circulating in your body.  However, unlike running, you can only burn as much as 300 calories.  Also it cannot work out your upper body except for the core.  You will have to do a separate upper body workout by standing still.

The usual recommendation that health professionals would suggest is to at least have 10,000 steps a day for a healthier body.  So before you consider getting into your car to buy something from the nearest grocery store, you might want to consider walking.  Besides, this will increase your stamina as well.

Either you choose running or walking, both can give you the same benefit to attain a fit body.  All that is required is that you do these exercises in the proper form in the proper place.  Also, before stating a run or a walk, consider eating first a light meal.  Do proper warm up exercises, and enjoy your run or your walk so as to avoid injuries.  I also suggest that in order to gain the most out of it, combine it with a low-calorie diet and you can burn those extra unneeded calories away from your body.


Many of us think that if we do not eat, we become lean easily.  It makes sense to those who cannot understand fully what the body needs.  I have read a study before about eating habits and how it affects metabolism.  In the study, it says that those who ate breakfast have a higher metabolic rate than those who are skipping it.  It all makes sense because when you skip a meal or fast, your body will slow your metabolism and conserve energy in such a way that you will be able to function for the day.

Other than that, I strongly suggest that eating healthy foods such as lean proteins and low calorie vegetables can help you increase your metabolism.  Here are some of the best fat burning foods you can include in your diet:

  • Poultry.  Chicken and turkey
  • Dairy.  Low fat milk, low-fat yogurt,
  • Whole grains and oats.
  • Spicy foods such as chilly and curry.
  • Green tea.
  • Lean meat.
  • Fish.  Consider salmon.
  • Water.
  • Nuts.  Most especially almonds.
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits.

The three factors above work alongside with each other.  The key to burning fats safely is to keep things in moderation.  Never be in a hurry to eliminate fats.  A healthy well balanced diet along with safe and effective exercise will yield better results.

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Extreme Weight loss Procedures

It seems that everybody wants to get everything quickly. And when it comes to weight loss, the quickest method that could help people lose the greatest amount of fat in the fastest possible time has become so popular that nobody spends the time to verify its claim.

There is no shortage of extreme diets, weight loss treatments and exercises. These advertise that they are the quickest way to shed those unwanted cellulite deposits. But in the pursuit of the perfect figure, some have failed to consider the negative effects of using these weight loss treatments.

In today’s society, looking healthy has become synonymous to having a slim body. Hence, these are no shortage of weight loss treatments that target this need for a fat-free body. The body needs fat in order to function properly and starving our body from this much needed nutrient may do harm than good. Having a healthy body is finding the right balance in the food we eat and not eliminating a food group entirely.

Crash Diets

The logic is simple; the fastest way to lose fats is to deprive our body of cellulite intake. A great part of this weight loss strategy is missing out on entire meals. Some of this includes fasting for days with liquids replacing regular meals. While this might seem an obvious way of slimming down quickly, it does present many medical complications.

When the body is starved of its energy source it immediately looks for other sources of energy. This is why people suddenly feel a sudden loss in weight. Stored fat is burned by the body but it also has a negative effect on the person’s health. They become lethargic and inactive. They may also suffer from different psychological conditions from sudden the withdrawal.

There are also other forms of crash diets that require substituting regular meals with fruits and vegetables. This may be a better idea since you are not entirely starving your body from nutrients but merely replacing it with a healthier source.

Crash diets although effective at first often fail because people are unable to adjust to the new lifestyle. People are unable to sustain their diet and revert to their old eating habits.

Diet pills

Another popular weight loss method is the use of diet pills. These mainly work by reducing a person’s appetite or preventing the absorption of fat. Some diet pills work by reducing a person’s appetite eliminating food cravings. But this often have a psychological effect and could also be addicting.

The body sends different signals to the body when it needs something. In this case, it instructs the body to eat once it feels it needs nutrients or energy. Diet pills mask these signals and makes people think that everything’s working perfectly in the body. Continued use appetite reducing medications could have negative effects on a person’s health.

Another type of diet pill is those that prevent the absorption of fats in the body. It claims that people could continue with their normal eating habits but enjoy weight loss at the same time. This is quite popular especially for those having a difficult time adjusting to a healthy diet.


Perhaps the best extreme weight loss procedure available, liposuction is a medical procedure designed to remove large amounts of cellulite deposits quickly. Imagine the possibility of losing unhealthy fat deposits in a blink of an eye. However, this come at a price and compared to the other extreme weight loss methods it is quite expensive.

There is no such thing as a permanent weight loss quick. Even the most effective method is only as good as to what you do after losing stubborn fat deposits. Eating a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle is the best way of keeping stubborn cellulite deposits at bay.


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Medical Tourism – Cheap Liposuction Surgery

Laser in operation roomThese days, medical tourism is fast becoming a popular way of getting cheaper liposuction treatments. Who wouldn’t want the benefit of travelling to another country while getting affordable cosmetic surgery procedures?

Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America are three of the most popular destinations for liposuction surgery patients who are searching for a cheaper alternative. While liposuction and other cosmetic surgery procedures remain to be elusive to many in more developed countries, these services are available in these countries at a fraction of their price.

Factors Affecting the Price of Liposuction

Professional fees – medical professionals in the US and other developed countries charge a higher price and this contributes to the final costs of treatment. Surgeons in other countries on the other hand charge clients at much lower prices. Some might contend that their level of competency does not compare to doctors found in the United States for example but many of them have studied or trained abroad.

The main concern is to find a competent plastic surgeon. Choosing the right plastic surgeon ensures that your liposuction treatment goes smoothly. Patients travelling abroad should spend time researching the track record or ask local medical associations before treatment.

Facilities – just like your surgeon’s professional fees, facilities used are more expensive compared to those being used in other countries. Although, cosmetic surgery is now being performed in clinics these are still pricier.

Liposuction patients are usually discharged a few hours after treatment. However, those who have undergone liposuction treatments abroad stay a few days after the procedure not because they have more complications but because they could afford spending a few days for recovery.

Medication and equipment – medications and instruments used for liposuction are also cheaper. These are cheaper not because they are of inferior quality but they are bought at a cheaper price.

Economics play a great part in why liposuction is cheaper abroad. Some may think that the quality of medical competency is inferior but this is certainly untrue. Some of the common complaints of liposuction treatment gone wrong abroad are due to the patient’s lack of research. They have based their decisions on the price and have settled for the first surgeon they encounter.

Cosmetic Surgery and Liposuction Abroad

The search for the perfect body is an idea shared by everyone across the globe. This is why cosmetic surgery treatments are now being offered by medical professionals worldwide. Countries like Thailand, India, Brazil and those in Eastern Europe have become the top destination not only for people searching for cheap liposuction treatments but cosmetic surgery treatments in general.

Advantages of Having Liposuction Abroad

The goal of any cosmetic surgery treatment is to improve a person’s appearance through medical interventions. These include making the patient look younger or helping them get a shapely figure in the case of liposuction.

There is no denying that liposuction treatments in some countries are cheaper. You could lower the cost of treatment and use these savings to make yourself younger. With the savings, you could combine liposuction with a facelift. The second advantage is that you could have a vacation while having treatment. People are also able to recover much better because they are doing it in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Drawbacks and Disadvantages

Cases of cosmetic surgery gone wrong may be far and few in between. But of these cases, most of them happen in countries that offer cheap treatments. There are a lot of good liposuction surgeons but there is always the danger of getting poorly trained surgeon. This may be due to some surgeons taking advantage of the sudden influx of people searching for cheap liposuction.

There is also the issue of getting treatments once liposuction surgery goes wrong. Unlike treatments done in the United States for example where patients could get corrective treatments, pursuing these surgeons in a foreign country could be difficult.

On paper, liposuction treatments abroad are definitely cheaper. But we must also consider the costs of actually traveling to that country and finding accommodation. Whatever your choice, we must always prioritize safety over costs.

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Cold Laser liposuction - all the facts you need to know

It was in 2002 when the Us Food and Drug Administration permitted cold laser therapy to be used as a temporary treatment for pain. Today, low-level laser treatment or commonly known as cold laser is used in a variety of ways. One is to treat obesity. Cold laser liposuction is preferred by many individuals mainly because it does not cause too much trouble. Read along this article and discover all the facts you need to know about cold laser liposuction.

How does it work?

A cold red laser coming from a machine is passed over the skin with the use of a conductor. This is the main objective of cold laser liposuction. It pushes the excess fats out of the fat cells. Just like conventional Lipo, this cold laser works on different areas as well. The discharge fats will then melt and will be drained through your lymph drainage. No pain or any discomfort will be felt during the whole process and even after the cold laser sessions. Indeed, one healthy way to dispose excess fats.

How does it work?

A cold red laser coming from a machine is passed over the skin with the use of a conductor. This is the main objective of cold laser liposuction. It pushes the excess fats out of the fat cells. Just like conventional Lipo, this cold laser works on different areas as well. The discharge fats will then melt and will be drained through your lymph drainage. No pain or any discomfort will be felt during the whole process and even after the cold laser sessions. Indeed, one healthy way to dispose excess fats.

Advantages of cold laser

  • Non-invasive and safe - because the fats are moved via laser treatment, you will not deal with wounds, scars, dimples, and other skin concerns. These will only be available with the typical liposuction. It’s also safe because you will not be required to take any medications.
  • Measurable and quick results - depending on the fats that you want to be removed, it may be necessary to undertake a couple of sessions. Despite that, cold laser is still considered as one of the fastest type of liposuction. After a session or two, you can quickly determine the results.
  • Ideal for all body types - unlike other kinds of liposuction, cold laser works well on all body types. You don't have to undergo any other medications and tests just to ensure you're a perfect candidate for it.
  • Minimal effort - once the laser session starts, all you have to do is lie on the bed. The remote technician will be controlling the laser conductor with the instructions of your doctor. After a couple of minutes, positive results will be ready to greet you.
  • No recovery time - the best thing about cold laser Lipo is that you don't have to undergo recovery time. All you have to do to is stick with a diet and have enough physical activities. This is to ensure that the effects of the laser Lipo will remain forever. Other than that, you can go back to your normal daily activities.

Drawbacks you need to know

  1. Multiple visits - with cold laser liposuction, you will have to prepare for multiple visits with your doctor. This is stressful if you will have more sessions in the near future.
  2. Treatment sessions - some may also be required to undergo treatment sessions. It is to ensure that the laser treatment will take effect. If you have a slow metabolism, treatment session may be required.
  3.  Bleeding - although laser Lipo is known to have no side effects, some people claim to experience minimal bleeding after the session. Experts still cannot identify the main reason of bleeding. However, they stated that it can be caused by a sensitive skin.

After session expectation

Technically, cold laser Lipo will give you every expectation you have; unless you're in a hurry. Because it's a laser treatment, results will not be as fast as other liposuction regimen. However, the results can be noticed immediately after your first session. The doctor will usually give you a tape measure to see how many inches you lost.

A couple more facts about cold liposuction

Laser is not fit for unborn babies. Prior to scheduling a cold laser liposuction, it's highly advisable to visit your ob-gyn to ensure you're not expecting. You should also be accustomed to healthier meals. This is to ensure that you will take advantage of the positive effects for a long period of time.

Everybody wants a non-invasive treatment. Because of that, more and more people are willing to save up for a cold laser liposuction. Despite its advantages, knowing all essential facts prior to having the session is still advised. This is to certify that you have adequate knowledge and that your expectations won't be too far from the results.

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Proper Wound Care After Liposuction

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Despite all the latest fat-concentrating surgeries coming out today, many individuals still prefer to undergo the oldie but goodie liposuction. Indeed, it has been a perfect solution to remove localized fats in the body. And up until today, it still is trusted by many. Aside from thinking of how you can manage the surgery, it's also wise to think what you can expect after.

Read along and discover how you should go about the recovery stage of suction-assisted Lipectomy.

What to expect after liposuction?

  • Drowsiness - regardless of the type of liposuction surgery you underwent drowsiness will never be erased. Usually, it will last for up to 48 hours after surgery. Depending on the amount of the fat that has been removed, drowsiness can last for up to 4 days with gradual lessening.
  •  Vomiting - nausea and vomiting are also common in most liposuction patients. However, this will only last for a maximum of 2 days. You can treat vomiting by giving your tongue a taste of sweetness from healthy food such as honey.
  •  Wounds - technically, liposuction will leave you with wounds. It caused by the cannula tube which is used to draw off fats from your body. Proper wound care after liposuction is crucial.

 How to care for wounds?

  •  Change the dressing - Most liposuction patients have to deal with dressing their wounds. Although you can do it by yourself, it's still wise to have someone else do it. It’s advisable to remove and change one dressing at a time. This is to lessen the risk of infection.
  •  Wash with mild soap - Unlike other typical wounds, incisions from Lipo may be a bit sensitive. It’s advisable to wash it once or twice a day with extremely mild soap. Afterwards, gently pat it with clean dry towel. Be sure that your hands are free from any germs before cleaning your wounds. It’s also advisable for you to take 15-minute baths for at least 1 week.
  •  Antibiotics -  If you think your wound has been infected, it's a big no-no to take any antibiotic on your own. Call your physician or doctor and schedule a check-up. Although antibiotics are fine, it's still wise to consult initially. This is to ensure that you're taking the right meds. It’s also advisable to take any med after a meal.
  •  Keep the area bound - This is an SOP in every liposuction surgery. Keeping the wounded area bound and tight will spare it from sagging and further damage. However, you should also ensure that it's not too tight. You should also ensure that your binder is clean.
  •  Petroleum jelly - It’s not unusual for wounds to feel itchy every now and then. Instead of scratching it, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the surroundings of the wound. This will soothe the itchy feeling, sparing the wound to be scratched.
  •  Steer away from aspirin - If antibiotics are tolerable at some point, aspirin has a different story. Never take aspirin or any aspirin-containing meds for at least 2 weeks after the surgery. This is not going to ease your wound concerns. It will jut increase the bleeding and bruising.
  •  Stay away from direct sunlight - Few days after the operation, you will be allowed to walk around and do light activities. However, you should avoid staying from direct sunlight. Whether or not the wounds have already healed, sunlight can cause problems regarding it. You should refrain from applying sun block on the wounds especially if it’s not fully healed yet.

 Risks during the recovery stage

Infected wound is considered as the most common risk during Lipo recovery. This is caused by wrong treatment and caring for the wounds. It’s advisable not to do any curing methods if you're unsure about it. Always keep the wounded areas clean but refrain from using too strong cleansers such as alcohol and strong soap.

Thrombophlebitis is yet another risk you should be cautious about. It happens when the blood vessels inflame and swell abnormally. It usually lasts for up to 1 month depending on how much fat was taken out. It also gradually disappears on its own.

Liposuction is indeed an effective surgery. If you think the gym cannot help with those excess fats, Lipo sure can do magic. However, you should also realize that it's not all positive. Risks and side effects will always be present. Not to mention the wounds that you have to take good care of if you don't want to deal with infections. Keep in mind that liposuction is just an operation. Maintaining a good-looking physique will still rely on your diet and physical activities.

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How to Prepare for Liposuction (Ideal Qualities of a Liposuction Patient)

Diet pills that really workRisk is always a part of every decision we make. Liposuction surgery is no different. There is that silver lining which we have to be reminded about. That is why learning the qualities of a liposuction patient are essential. Normally, your surgeon would encourage you to prepare. But how to prepare your mind is the real challenge.

There is a plan to success, there is a mind to plan, and there are qualities of the mind. Preparing for a liposuction requires certain qualifications -qualifications that a patient must possess in order to surpass any unexpected turn of events.

Here are some qualities you must have:

Healthy conscious

Yes, that means you should quit smoking. It is recommended to stop smoking two months before your surgery. But fighting the urge is stressful and thus defeats the purpose. That is why it’d be best to quit before you think about having an operation. Of course, the usual healthy diet and daily dose of exercise would certainly help you in the process. Here are a couple more reminders for you:

  • You should not take any medication that would slow down your blood clotting. Vitamin E and aspirin are examples of which. If you’re taking medication at the time, you should inform your surgeon early on to avoid complications.
  • Do not shave the area where the operation will be conducted twenty four hours before the scheduled operation. There is a good chance that the hair will grow inwards, which can lead to various complications later.
  • Do not eat 3 full meals before the scheduled operation, especially if it’s your first operation to date. Chances are that you’d be nervous on the day of operation, and the last thing you wanna do is puke.

Master of anxiety

Mental battle is won by gathering information. But being well informed does not mean you have the upper hand. Preparing for a surgical operation also requires mental strength. Being knowledgeable is okay, but it still best to listen to some advises like these:

  • Anxiety is inevitable, especially with surgical operation. That’s one thing you should educate yourself about. Keeping a good disposition alleviates the situation. Make a list of affirmations regarding your upcoming surgery and burn that to your head until it scars. Just remember to think about the positive results.
  • Regular checkup can also lighten you up. Seek advice from your physician and ask as many questions as possible. It’s a good exercise to express your fears, and no one does it better than the experts.
  • Talk to friends or coworkers who have undergone the same operation. Doing so help you assess how mentally prepared you are compared to when they had their first surgery.
  • Strengthen your faith if you’re a religious person. Seek moral support by surrounding yourself with people that are close to you spiritually. It’s a proven method after all.

Be committed

For one, liposuction is not a one-fits-all solution. That means being able to maintain your weight after the operation is essential; otherwise it’s pointless to start with. Scheduling for a liposuction surgery is like marrying a life full of veggies and training.

Play the odds

It is unhealthy to think about the negative things that may happen, but it pays a lot to be prepared in case things don’t go the way you wanted to be. Even two surgeons would have different opinions about one particular case... And so should you.

Call the shots

Being able to assess the situation helps a lot especially when it comes to the recovery period. The same is true when assessing your financial capabilities. Ask if you’d need a major or minor surgery. Although there is little difference when it comes to the recovery period, it helps to ask things initially. It’s easy to plan that way when you have a clear sail up ahead.  You should also consider the time it’d take to recover.

Regret should never be an option, and you should know this more than anyone else. Following the tips above should prepare you with whatever outcome there maybe. Once you get a feel of the whole process, future surgeries won’t be as daunting as your first one.

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How to Recover from Liposuction Quickly and Prevent Complications

Liposuction may be considered a type of cosmetic treatment but it is far from being a simple medical procedure. Just like any type of invasive medical treatment, it dose pose serious medical complications. The risks of surgery do not end with the surgical procedure but also what happens during the recovery period. When wounds are not treated properly, it could lead to serious infections or bleeding.

The complications of liposuction can vary from mild, moderate to severe. This could be traced back to what the patient does during the recovery period. It could also be due to the physical changes or medications after surgery. Patients are required to go through a plethora of physical checkups before surgery. This is to prevent medical complications and reduce health risks.

Regular Checkup Sessions

Patients are usually discharged from hospital care a few hours after liposuction. Recovery is usually done at home and medications are prescribed for pain management. However, for patients with more complicated surgeries, a few days in the hospital are usually the norm.

Liposuction patients may also be requested to check in with their doctors upon request. This is done to monitor a patient’s recovery and to prevent the onset of complications. Patients are requested to visit the clinic during the first couple of days after surgery but the frequency decreases with time.

Visiting your doctors helps them identify the early symptoms of medical complications. It could help your doctor give more targeted treatment to help your recover faster. Patients are given after care instructions after discharge and are advised to consult with their doctors when the first sign of complications are seen.

Physical Activities

Patients are discouraged from performing heavy tasks after liposuction. Wounds might open which can lead to bleeding. Performing physical activities might also expose wounds to infection. Doctors usually advise their patients to take a few days after surgery. Although liposuction does not affect a person’s normal daily activities too severely, taking precautions prevents unexpected complications.

Patients are able to resume walking and other light activities a few days after surgery. It is also advised that patients perform light physical activities to prevent the formation of blood clots. Recovery period could be shortened by promoting the flow of nutrients into the surgical areas.

The patient must allow his body to recover fully before returning to his daily activities. It is recommended that the intensity of physical activity be gradually increased to prevent wounds from opening and allow tissues to heal properly.

How soon could I travel?

People who have undergone major liposuction treatment are discouraged from long distance travels. This usually covers a period of 2 to 3 days after treatment. Travelling by airplane or trains is totally safe. Travelling to another location might expose the patient to extreme temperature changes increasing their risks for fever and infection. A weakened immune system coupled with a drastic change in temperature can lead to medical complications.

Eating healthy after surgery

Protein is needed for proper wound healing. It is needed for tissue repair and restoring the body’s nor mal functioning. Just because you've eliminated fat it does not mean that fat is no longer required by the body. Fat is essential for many of the body’s normal functions. It is needed for energy and just about any activity. However, this does not give you the license to eat your way back to health. The success of liposuction treatments does not end with the amount of fats removed. It also depends on how we could maintain our ideal body weight.

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Smart Lipo for Men

Smart lipo for menSmart Lipo is a fairly new technique of removing stubborn fat deposit without the need for invasive surgery. It is being advertised as a safer alternative to conventional liposuction surgery. It could help people get rid of cellulite deposits while supporting healthy practices such as living an active lifestyle and healthy eating.

Liposuction treatments have traditionally been associated with women hoping to lose weight. But this is no longer true as more men are also looking to liposuction procedures that enhance their figure. Whether it is chiseling their abs or removing those stubborn love handles, liposuction has proven itself to be an effective treatment for men and women.

The great thing about modern liposuction alternatives is that these procedures are less invasive. They don’t require long recovery periods and don’t pose the same medical complications seen in surgical liposuction. Local anesthesia is used and the procedure is painless.

Liposuction treatments are one of the most common cosmetic procedures being performed today. It is used to improve the person’s appearance by giving them the figure they have always wanted. Although many medical professionals still consider this to be cosmetic treatments there is no denying the medical benefits they give to the patient.

Smart Lipo for men offers a more targeted approach to fat removal. It is able to remove fat deposits that exercise and diets have been unable to melt. The result is a chiseled, muscular figure just after treatment. There has been a steady increase in men undergoing liposuction treatments in recent years. This reflects a changing attitude that liposuction was a treatment reserved for women.

Why is liposuction for men effective?

All fat removal done with liposuction is permanent

Although it is possible to gain weight after treatment, it does not necessarily follow that these would return to their original location

New fat cells are not produced by the body after puberty

Who are good candidates for liposuction?

Liposuction has its limitations and those found to be severely overweight are discouraged from undergoing surgery. Ideal candidates for liposuction are those near their ideal body weight. This is because medical complications increase when person’s with every pound of fat removed.

One of the problems associated with liposuction is loose or sagging skin. This is especially true for people who have removed a considerable amount of fat in their body. However, those with good skin tone are able to cope with the sudden removal of fat and maintain their normal appearance. Poor skin tone can increase the chances of having loose skin after treatment.

Smart Lipo is effective in removing stubborn fats that is resistant to exercise and diets. It is also useful in targeting areas that liposuction surgery could not remove. This includes areas such as the inner thighs, upper abdomen, neck and back of the arms. Smart Lipo is more suited in these areas because it is less invasive compared to liposuction surgery. This treatment produces lesser tissue trauma and reduces the chance of damaging nerves and blood vessels.

Smart Lipo treatments are usually done in less than an hour. Patients are usually discharge a few hours after treatment after being assessed for complications. Because it is done under local anesthesia, patients are conscious during the procedure. Only a mild sensation could be felt but is painless.

Smart Lipo is ideal for men who may have problems removing stubborn fat deposits after spending countless hours in the gym and eating a healthy diet. However, it does not prevent you from gaining weight in the future again. Any weight loss treatment is only as effective as what you do after treatment. The best way to keep this from coming back is to stick to a healthy diet and live an active lifestyle.


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Building Your Muscle Tone After Liposuction Surgery

Do your arms need liposuction?

So, you finally got through liposuction. Congratulations! You think you’ve said goodbye to your fat cells for good. But, did you know that even though fat won’t be there where it was taken, your body might compensate for the loss in other parts? It’s therefore important that you take some necessary steps after liposuction if you want to keep that slimmer body.

Liposuction does not guarantee 100% fat-free Bodies

Liposuction has been a popular cosmetic procedure in the United States for some time now. People are getting more and more into it, thinking that it’s the quickest way to lose fat. It isn’t true that liposuction takes out your fat cells and they prevent it from coming back ever. But a recent study in Brazil concluded that the procedure actually triggers your system to produce fats in other parts of your body. Visceral fat enveloped themselves around the subject’s muscles, and these fats are even more harmful than the ones you had taken out.

The Solution

Let’s face it: there really are no guaranteed shortcuts for weight loss. Liposuction can only make you lose a little fat. The rest is still up to you. So if you really want a healthier and slimmer you, then you have to go back to good old exercise and diet.

Why exercise?

People might ask, why would you need to work out when you just had fat taken out? Aside from preventing visceral fats from forming, activity is also needed by your body so that your blood wouldn’t clot. Too much rest after surgery would make the blood clot at vital organs like the lungs, causing more problems for you. You can ask any doctor about this – in any surgical procedure, you only need a few days rest and then you need to get back on your feet.

After liposuction, your skin would become loose and sag in some places. You can always wait until your skin rights itself back to normal. But, with exercise, a proper diet and massage, your skin would tighten up faster and would yield better results.

Exercise After Surgery

Exercise after liposuction does not necessarily mean you literally need to run after the procedure itself. You might run into the risk of opening your wounds or having internal bleeding. Doctors recommend that you take a brief stroll a couple of days after surgery. After a few days of walking, you can kick it up a notch by doing a quick run or a short jog. Normal exercises can be resumed after a couple of weeks.

The best form of exercise after liposuction is light aerobic exercise. A simple walk around the block would also do. Trainers and physical therapists recommend you start with 25% of what you used to do before, then gradually increase the work you put on your body. Also, be wary of what your body tells you while you’re walking. If you feel too tired or if there is pain, then you need to stop. There’s no need to push yourself more than what you can handle.

Resistance Exercises

A rather unpleasant side-effect of liposuction, aside from the scars is the presence of sagging skin. While you were storing all that fat, your skin stretched. Now that the fat was taken out, your skin would be loose and you now bear stretch marks. As mentioned above, you can always wait for them to disappear. But the quickest way to get rid of stretch marks is to have massages and do muscle toning.

Resistance exercise, or basically carrying a load, is the quickest way for your skin to recover from being stretched out. It also helps you burn more calories and thus, decrease the risk of your body to store up visceral fats.

You can start slowly with some small weights at first, particularly focusing on the arm and thigh area. It should be introduced slowly, like aerobic exercise, and should be started about a couple weeks after surgery. Again, let your body guide you as to how much weight you can lift. The moment you feel any discomfort, stop for a while and continue the next day. After a month, you can resume with normal training weights, or as much as your body can handle. Here’s a site that has a simple resistance exercise program that you can follow.


Exercise alone is not enough to make sure those fats won’t reappear. A proper diet must also be observed. Here are some tips on what to eat and what to avoid:

  • Avoid fatty food and those rich in calories. You may want to start calorie-counting, just to be sure. Remember, you’ll be doing exercise as well. Take that into account when you’re counting in calories.
  • Eat foods that are rich in fiber and protein. If you want to have more muscles and a toned body, focus on your protein intake.
  • Drink plenty of water. Aside from reducing the risks of dehydration while working out, water returns the skin’s elasticity. In short, it hastens the process of skin firming.

Other methods

If you don’t mind going through another procedure, you can always undergo laser treatment. It’s absolutely needle-free, but it will cost you. You can also have your skin tucked. Then again, it’s another surgery and you’ll have to spend even more. Just remember, the key is exercise and a healthy diet. If you follow all these steps, you can permanently say goodbye to those body fats.

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Liposuction Surgery – Understanding the Process

Burn Stomach FatCandidates for liposuction surgery are first asked to undergo a complete physical checkup to assess if they meet the physical requirements for surgery. It is here where your doctor discusses the surgical procedure in general and tries to explain each step taken during the medical procedure. Surgeons also try to inform the patient about the possible complications and expected results.

Patients are expected to submit their complete medical history as well as all medications being taken. This is to reduce or eliminate possible complications brought by surgery. Those with delicate health conditions for example are discouraged to undergo liposuction until such time that their personal physicians gives them clearance for surgery.

It is expected that surgeons discuss in detail the pros and cons of surgery. This is to prepare the patient both mentally and physically for surgery. Patients are encouraged to discuss any concerns with their physician during this stage. This is done to help the patient decide if liposuction surgery is something they would like to have and alleviate some of the stress prior to surgery.

What Happens During Liposuction Surgery

After the patient is prepared for surgery, the surgeon identifies the area where fats are to be removed and marks it with a pen. Anesthesia is then administered to eliminate pain during surgery. Local or general anesthesia is used according to the extent of surgery. This is sometimes administered directly over the target area and includes medications that reduce bleeding.

When local anesthesia is administered the patient is awake during the operation. However, no pain is felt in the treatment area. For those which require longer periods for surgery, general anesthesia is used to put the patient to sleep during treatment.

The patient vital signs are constantly monitored during surgery. An incision is made once the anesthesia takes effect. A hollow tube or canula which is about the size of a pen is then inserted. This is done by using gentle rocking motion where fat is suctioned out.  Fats and liquids are then collected in a flask for disposal. An intravenous line or I.V. is used to replace lost fluids during surgery.

After Surgery

Patients are usually released from hospital care after surgery. They are immediately sent for a few hours to a recovery room and assessed by the doctor. When no medical complications are seen, the patient is sent home for recovery. But before patients are sent home, the doctor provides after care instructions. This includes medications and activities to be avoided. The surgeon also gives an estimated time for recovery and when the patient is able to resume their normal daily activities.

Patients are advised to wear compression garments for proper healing. This is to prevent wounds from opening and promote proper tissue healing. Doctors also usually provide medications to relive pain and prevent infections. However, for prolonged pain or bleeding it is advised that you consult with your doctor immediately. Expect scars where fats have been removed or where instruments have been inserted.


Some medical experts still do not consider liposuction as a treatment for obesity. These are still considered as cosmetic surgery procedures that are only done to enhance a person’s appearance. But the fact that people start to believe and feel good about themselves is a benefit that could not be denied.

Some people become disappointed with the results of liposuction when the doctor is unable to set expectations before surgery. They might think that liposuction surgery is a miraculous cure that would instantly give them the figure they have always wanted.

For some people with severe weight problems, multiple treatments are advised. Although liposuction is the fastest way to lose unwanted fat deposits it still has its limits.


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