Smart Lipo for Men

Smart lipo for menSmart Lipo is a fairly new technique of removing stubborn fat deposit without the need for invasive surgery. It is being advertised as a safer alternative to conventional liposuction surgery. It could help people get rid of cellulite deposits while supporting healthy practices such as living an active lifestyle and healthy eating.

Liposuction treatments have traditionally been associated with women hoping to lose weight. But this is no longer true as more men are also looking to liposuction procedures that enhance their figure. Whether it is chiseling their abs or removing those stubborn love handles, liposuction has proven itself to be an effective treatment for men and women.

The great thing about modern liposuction alternatives is that these procedures are less invasive. They don’t require long recovery periods and don’t pose the same medical complications seen in surgical liposuction. Local anesthesia is used and the procedure is painless.

Liposuction treatments are one of the most common cosmetic procedures being performed today. It is used to improve the person’s appearance by giving them the figure they have always wanted. Although many medical professionals still consider this to be cosmetic treatments there is no denying the medical benefits they give to the patient.

Smart Lipo for men offers a more targeted approach to fat removal. It is able to remove fat deposits that exercise and diets have been unable to melt. The result is a chiseled, muscular figure just after treatment. There has been a steady increase in men undergoing liposuction treatments in recent years. This reflects a changing attitude that liposuction was a treatment reserved for women.

Why is liposuction for men effective?

All fat removal done with liposuction is permanent

Although it is possible to gain weight after treatment, it does not necessarily follow that these would return to their original location

New fat cells are not produced by the body after puberty

Who are good candidates for liposuction?

Liposuction has its limitations and those found to be severely overweight are discouraged from undergoing surgery. Ideal candidates for liposuction are those near their ideal body weight. This is because medical complications increase when person’s with every pound of fat removed.

One of the problems associated with liposuction is loose or sagging skin. This is especially true for people who have removed a considerable amount of fat in their body. However, those with good skin tone are able to cope with the sudden removal of fat and maintain their normal appearance. Poor skin tone can increase the chances of having loose skin after treatment.

Smart Lipo is effective in removing stubborn fats that is resistant to exercise and diets. It is also useful in targeting areas that liposuction surgery could not remove. This includes areas such as the inner thighs, upper abdomen, neck and back of the arms. Smart Lipo is more suited in these areas because it is less invasive compared to liposuction surgery. This treatment produces lesser tissue trauma and reduces the chance of damaging nerves and blood vessels.

Smart Lipo treatments are usually done in less than an hour. Patients are usually discharge a few hours after treatment after being assessed for complications. Because it is done under local anesthesia, patients are conscious during the procedure. Only a mild sensation could be felt but is painless.

Smart Lipo is ideal for men who may have problems removing stubborn fat deposits after spending countless hours in the gym and eating a healthy diet. However, it does not prevent you from gaining weight in the future again. Any weight loss treatment is only as effective as what you do after treatment. The best way to keep this from coming back is to stick to a healthy diet and live an active lifestyle.


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