What Can Body Contouring Do For Me?w

Bariatric surgery has become a popular method of losing weight quickly for the thousands of people suffering from weight problems today. But losing weight is not the only problem they face, one of the side effects seen after bariatric surgery is the loose skin visible after removing the fat deposits in the body. Aside from the unsightly appearance of hanging skin, these may also cause health problems if not taken care of properly. However, even when the proper steps are taken, the skin sometimes becomes sore and irritated that they begin to affect activities of daily life.

Society has placed great value on being slim, creating pressure on simple individuals to thin down just to look attractive. The reality is that people are just too busy at work or finishing their chores at home that they have little or no time left to exercise. Because of this, many of these people have turned to alternative methods just to lose weight or look attractive.

Cosmetic surgeons and medical professionals are currently developing alternative methods as a way of treating skin problems. Body contouring has become so common that 50,000 procedures were done last year in the US. The numbers of people undergoing this medical procedure is also expected to rise as information about body contouring and its benefits become available, making more people turn to them instead of traditional exercise and diet programs. Body contouring has its own share of risks and side effects but these pales in comparison to the benefits.

Excessive weight loss causes lose skin to appear where fat deposits were originally located. The fact is that no amount of diet or exercise can eliminate excess skin. Body contouring on the other hand removes excess fat deposits while eliminating the chance of developing loose skin with a shorter recovery time.

Infection is a possibility with any type of medical procedure but the common side effects seen in body contouring are pain, inflammation, nausea and tenderness in the affected area. These are temporary and usually disappear within a week or two after treatment. Body contouring does not eliminate your weight problems permanently. Proper diet and living a healthy diet is important for keeping yourself fit and looking great. The next time you consider undergoing expensive and out of insurance-coverage plastic surgeries why not talk to a health professional to find out about the benefits of body contouring procedures.

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Get rid of abdominal fat without liposuction

The fear of being naked will cause most men and women alike to want to get rid of belly fat. Belly fat, love handles, pot belly, or even that good ole spare tire symbol will lead many to search for ways to get rid of that awful and I mean awful apple shape body. If you look at all the male models on TV with their ribbed flat stomachs and a physique to die for, you begin to realize that the abdominal fat must go.

Good ole Dr Oz of the Oprah Show, has been talking for years on how being pear shape, like Oprah, is much healthier. Having a large stomach is the same as having cancer. A waist should be no more than 32.5 inches for women and 35 inches for women. As the stomach grows so does the omentum (front layer of fat over the stomach area). This abdominal fat can cause many illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


Read more: Get rid of abdominal fat without liposuction

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Treatments that beat liposuction

Before Natural Body SculptingBefore Natural Body Sculpting

While which - or if any - treatments beat liposuction may be debatable, the truth is there are liposuction alternatives out there that do get the job done effectively. These liposuction alternatives are also often less costly and have little to no recovery time afterwards. These lipo without surgery options are popular because you can often see results immediately and they are non-invasive.

One treatment that could be considered to beat liposuction, is Zerona3  This lipoalternative option involves six treatments in a two week time period. Zerona utilizes a laser to reduce fat. Some patient's have lost as much as 9 inches, though the average is around 3.64 inches. It is a non-invasive lipoalternative. There are other more well-known lipo without surgery treatments, including: Lipodissolve™, Thermage® and Mesotherapy. These methods are non-invasive lipo alternatives and often show results immediately.  They can also be cost prohibitive.

After Natural Body SculptingAfter Natural Body Sculpting

The natural sculpting system has claimed to beat liposuction because it's very non-invasive and much more affordable. It is a chin natural sculpting system and can be used on other parts of the body If you are thinking natural sculpting system does it work, the answer might be hard to come by. When it comes to natural sculpting system reviews, some individual's report results, while others do not. Many people remain skeptical. The natural sculpting system treatments it offers is a cream and a cloth treatment. It is supposed to eliminate fat. Whether it beats liposuction may remain unknown until this is tested more and more individual's have reported positive results. If you are looking for a body slimming lipo alternative, consider all options and choose one that fits your needs and budget.

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Nuphedrine and other diet pills

How to choose a diet pill
How to choose a diet pill

In the highly competitive and ever growing market of diet pills and weight loss products, very few products receive any level of acclaim for their great results. In reality, it's easier to find reasons as to why a particular product does not work than it is to find consumer comments promoting any diet product. Nuphedrine is one of those very rare products where more users have found positive results than negative and are happy to post those results all over the Internet. It's a great alternative to liposuction and other surgical weight loss measures and is relatively affordable.

What Are The Main Active Ingredients In Nuphedrine?

The manufacturers of Nuphedrine boast their three main ingredients to be Advantra Z, Hoodia Gordonii, and Slimaluma. These three ingredients are thought to be the most effective and most potent factors in any weight loss formula. Combining the three is definitely a huge factor in the success users of Nuphedrine are finding.

Hoodia Gordonii is native to the Kalahari desert and has a rich history of use among the natives of the region as an appetite suppressant and thirst quencher. P57 presence in this plant sends messages to the brain by affecting the hypothalamus gland, relaying that the body is not hungry or thirsty.

Advantra Z is a form of Bitter Orange, which contains Synephrine. Synephrine is an Ephedra alkaloid, offering many of the same effects as the FDA banned substance without the unwanted side effects or risks involved. This is the ingredient that backs Nuphedrine's advertising of helping users to "burn hundreds of more calories per day". Users find they do not feel drained as so many dieters due to lack of food intake due to this element of the Nuphedrine formula.

Slimaluma, a form of the native-Indian plant Caralluma Fimbriata, is theorized to suppress the appetite and promote stamina in those who ingest it. In individual studies of Slimaluma, this was not proven but when combined with real South African Hoodia Gordonii and Advantra Z, the effects are certainly present.

Is Nuphedrine Dangerous?

Like any appetite and thirst suppressant, Nuphedrine certainly has risks associated with its use although they are minimal. Ultimately, this weight loss aid becomes more dangerous if it is abused. Users must remember that although they may not feel hungry or thirsty, they must offer their body nourishment in the form of food and water. No diet pill, vitamin or supplement can offer everything the human body requires to be healthy.

Nuphedrine also contains ingredients that are not native to Europe and North America, where the product is most frequently purchased. This puts users at risk for allergic reaction as they are not exposed to these foreign ingredients. Thus far, serious complications outside the user's control have been rarely reported.

How To Properly Use Nuphedrine

Nuphedrine's website guides users to take three Nuphedrine capsules per day - two first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach or within 2 hours following your first meal and another mid-day to curb hunger through the evening. The website does guide users to incorporate healthy eating habits and daily exercise in order to garner the best results possible from the product and also deters use by those who suffer from the following medical conditions:

◊ diabetes ◊ high blood pressure ◊ any heart problems ◊ any eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia ◊ any woman who is pregnant, breast feeding or is planning to become pregnant in the near future.

All of the evidence presented suggests that Nuphedrine is indeed effective when combined with healthy eating habits and daily exercise. However, if you suffer from any health conditions whatsoever, you would be wise to discuss the use of Nuphedrineor any other diet pills with your physician before beginning use. Nuphedrine is not designed to be a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, but a booster system for those who find difficulty in weight loss.

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Why Cosmetic Surgery Is In Such High Demand


Are you happy with your body?Are you happy with your body?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Does your vision focus on parts of your body that you feel good about? Do you think "Wow, I really am happy with my body.” If you are, you are certainly of a rare breed. Recent reports estimate that the vast majority of people, regardless of age or race, cannot look at themselves in the mirror without wanting to improve some part of their body. Reportedly, this is more common in upper class society. The fact that we, as a society, are unhappy with our appearance feeds a demand for ways to fix our shape, tone and color according to our ideals. Science and technology have delivered to us a plethora of products and procedures designed to fix what we don't like.

In short, cosmetic surgery is in such high demand simply because humans cannot accept and love themselves the way they are. We want to conform to what our society and media have told us is "ideal". Hence how Angelina Jolie's lips have affected the lip augmentation industry and Pamela Anderson has unwittingly supported the breast augmentation industry. These women have "ideal" bodies in our minds, so we pay dearly to shape our own bodies to look like theirs. The bigger question at hand is how has society become so preoccupied with appearances that we are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a single cosmetic surgery, with no guaranteed results?

However, many people do not realize that cosmetic surgery does not exist solely to resolve our physical insecurities with ourselves. Cosmetic surgeries are also used to help accident and trauma victims. Without these cosmetic procedures, which rebuild structural integrity of various parts of the body, there are many people who would die from the after-effects of infection and susceptibility to illness. In other cases, liposuction and laser treatments, collagen injection, graphing and skin tone bleaching can all be used in emergency situations that have saved lives.

Cosmetic surgery is in high demand for many reasons, but the number one reason is that people are insecure in themselves and the media supports this. We've heard of reality show contestants being turned away because they are too fat or don't look a particular way, however talent-less but beautiful people have made top ranks in certain competitions simply because of their looks. This feeds the insecurities of people all over the world.

There are so many alternative methods to cosmetic surgery available on the retail market and so widely available that it is easy to see the time has come to start phasing out these dangerous and invasive procedures. By spending a bit of time researching a product and living a healthy lifestyle, anyone can save thousands of dollars and still feel great about themselves.

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What Is Leptopril?

Like the world of weight loss in general, in the world of diet and weight loss products, there are a wide number of brands to choose from, and many are excellent alternatives to liposuction. Each is designed differently and what may work for one may not work for another. There have been many questions circulating around weight loss products, but a very popular topic is Leptopril. What is it?

Of course, we understand that Leptopril is a weight loss aid available in the form of a pill, and recommended above cosmetic surgery in most cases. What we need to know is Leptopril's ingredients and to learn how it works? Or does it actually work?

Leptopril is the generic brand of the weight loss drug Leptoprin, made available by Generix Laboratories. Their website boasts the use of powerful stimulants in order to "overcome diet, fatigue and provide the energy wanted and needed throughout the day." Knowing how potentially harmful stimulant abuse can be, this should be cause for caution.

This is a drug designed for people who are considered significantly obese (have a BMI of twenty-seven or higher), or those who need to lose at least twenty pounds. The pill works by inhibiting the secretion of blood sugars, which is believed to, in turn, encourage to body to burn existing fat mass in order to create energy.

Leptopril also uses one of the body's amino acids, L-Tyrosine, as a main active ingredient. This particular amino acid is instrumental in the functions of the thyroid, and thus directly related to a person's metabolism rate.

Leptopril--a wonder drug?Leptopril--a wonder drug?

Another important ingredient to note is guarana. While it sounds like a harmless, natural filler this ingredient could be the cause of some nasty side effects. Guarana is a natural provider of ephedrine, a stimulant banned from use in weight loss aids by the United States Food and Drug Administration due to the rates of adverse health effects that were surfacing.

Ephedrine is used in the creation of many street drugs, such as ecstasy, as well as cold and flu treatments, and is also used in simulated adrenaline, known as epinephrine.

The combination of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements within Leptopril work to suppress the appetite. If used appropriately, this helps the consumer to eat less and burn more calories but essentially still receive their daily nutritional requirements. However, the addictive properties within the drug can actually cause a person to subconsciously eat less than they really should and actually begin to abuse the drug.

In short, Leptopril is a drug. It is not a herbal supplement or natural appetite suppressant. It contains ingredients that could prove potentially harmful and addictive, and should be taken with great care. Those who have found success with Leptopril have found it by great measure, but there have been cases of detrimental results.

Another notable fact - those who have found success with Leptopril have also incorporated healthy eating habits and regular exercise into their daily lives. Before beginning a weight loss program involving Leptopril, Leptoprin, Anorex or any similar product, be sure to discuss your plan with a qualified health care professional to ensure you take the safest route possible. While it may be a good alternative to liposuction, it may not be the best option overall.

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Bigger Breasts Through Abdominoplasty?

Tummy tucks can cause an increase in breast size.

Here's an odd thought: can a tummy tuck create bigger breasts? Strangely, the answer is quite possibly yes. There have been new studies that have linked larger breast size with liposuction, especially procedures performed below the waist. Although it is believed that it may take up to one full year to see the difference, clinical studies have shown that nearly half of female liposuction patients do, in fact, increase significantly in bust size after liposuction (without breast augmentation).

A Netherlands-based medical center did a clinical study involving patients receiving abdominoplasty or similar procedures. One hundred four patients participated in the study, each having to confirm reported results with follow-up visits. Of these, nearly 50% reported and confirmed a slight increase in breast size, with as many as 19 improving by one full cup size. While for some women this was magnificent, for others, it was a curse in itself.
Similarly, nearly one quarter of tumescent liposuction patients reported the same results. Of twenty-two participants, four definitely showed an increase in breast size. Results like this are hard to argue with, and this is an odd side effect to think about for any woman.
We all knew that bigger breasts were available through liposuction and similar cosmetic procedures, but who could imagine that going in for a tummy tuck would result in a bigger cup size? It is definitely a thought for women considering these procedures, especially for women who already have large or bigger-than-average breasts to begin with. Solving one body problem could well lead to creating another, worse problem. In turn, it may become necessary to have a breast reduction to counter the after-effects of the tummy tuck.
There has never been a better time to stop and consider home-based and all-natural solutions to body problems, especially for women. With all of the risks and complications associated with cosmetic procedures, alternatives should always be the first option. If, and only if, these fail, consult a doctor before deciding that cosmetic surgery is your best option.
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Weight Loss Options

Losing weight can be a challenge for many people. It requires dedication, perseverance and planning. One of the main things that people should consider before beginning a weight loss program is what the program requires and if that person's lifestyle can accommodate it.

Here are five ways to consider approaching weight loss before you begin.

A weight loss program such as Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.

These programs offer specialty foods designed to taste great but promote weight loss, points systems, and regular meetings. The weekly meetings offered by Weight Watchers are great support networks and many people who attend find they make wonderful friends there.

Surgical Procedures

Let's face it, this is a society where plastic surgery to improve one's appearance is becoming more and more common. Many people consider the practicality of liposuction, lipodissolving, gastric bypass surgery or even products like The Lap Band and The Gastric Balloon.

Surgical weight loss is costly, and the recovery times differ for everyone. Tummy tucks are becoming common place for those who have lost weight and have loose skin. Liposuction is occurring more frequently, and new procedures are being developed frequently.

Body Wraps

By covering the body with a paste made of mineral salt and clay, then wrapping the body with cotton strips pre-soaked with a solution made of the same ingredients, body wraps cleanse the skin of toxins and exfoliate it. The cotton wraps promises to tighten skin and reduce your appearance by up to six inches. Since the clay and mineral salt hardens on the skin, it holds soft tissue in place for a period of time. It's effects are not permanent.

Diet Plans

Atkins, South Beach, Slimfast, they come and go so quick who can keep track of them all? There's no denying though, some people do find great success in these plans when they follow them correctly and get lots of exercise in their daily lives. Sometimes, a diet plan is great for someone who just isn't sure how to make the right changes in their life but doesn't care for surgical weightloss. Do your research, ensure the diet plan you consider meets your daily nutrition requirements. Consult with your physician before beginning any diet plan and make sure it works for you.

It's Not A Diet, It's A Lifestyle Change

Tried and true, this is the only diet plan that has passed the test of time. Ask anyone who has tried it - it took lots of patience, lots of hard work, and lots of diligence, but it worked. By changing your lifestyle to include healthier eating and living habits, ensuring you get lots of exercise and cut out processed foods, you'll not only lose weight but will be all around healthier. You'll live longer, feel happier and more energetic. Talk to your physician about developing a new lifestyle that will curb your ailments and keep you healthy for years to come.

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