Liposuction and After Care

Liposuction has given us the ability to shed those unwanted pounds quickly. And this is so important especially today when having a healthy body often translates to having a slim shape. This is perhaps why medical science has introduced different liposuction techniques. Procedures usually take anywhere from under an hour to couple of hours depending on the technique used and the amount of fats to be removed.

Tumescent or Wet Liposuction

This weight loss procedure involves the use of a saline solution mixed with local anesthetic. The target area is injected with a fat removing solution that breaks down fat cells. This is considered as a gentler alternative to traditional liposuction because it minimizes tissue trauma, bleeding and swelling.

The surgeon makes a small incision and inserts a cannula or a small metal tube into the target area. The saline solution and anesthesia is then introduced. A vacuum attached to the cannula is then used to siphon off broken down fat deposits. For patients with large fat deposits, more than one incision may be required to remove all the fats effectively.

 Traditional or Dry Liposuction

This type of liposuction is of the more traditional type where an incision is made for the cannula. Unlike wet liposuction, it does not use solutions to break fat. These are removed by suctioning fat areas directly. Common side effects include bleeding, tissue trauma and swelling.

Power-assisted Liposuction

Similar to wet liposuction, the only difference is it uses another device to hasten fat removal. This drastically shortens the time required to perform the procedure. It also gives the surgeon better control and enhances the results of liposuction.

Ultrasound Liposuction

One of the more modern liposuction techniques available today. This procedure is an effective body contouring technique that can more accurately remove stubborn fat deposits. Ultrasound liposuction however cannot be used to remove large volumes of fat. It is one of the non-invasive liposuction procedures being employed today as an alternative to traditional liposuction.

Recovering from Liposuction

Bandages and elastic support garments are usually used after liposuction. This is worn for several weeks to help reduce swelling and prevent bleeding. It is also used to enhance body shaping during the recovery period.

Anesthetics are used to desensitize the patient and to make the procedure painless. But depending on the type and amount of anesthetics used, the patient is required to stay in the hospital until the full effects of anesthesia disappears. It would also be a good idea to have a friend or family member with you during the first day after being released from care.

Anesthesia has a direct effect on our coordination. This is why activities such as driving or any activity that requires our full mental abilities are discouraged after treatment. The effects of anesthesia may linger for a few hours after the operation and sensation on the treated area is only regained afterwards.  Health teachings on proper wound care are also given to prevent complications such as bleeding and infection.

It is important that you discuss with your surgeon all the effects of liposuction and how the procedure is performed. This is given by the surgeon before surgery to mentally prepare you for liposuction.

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Factors Affecting Liposuction Surgery Cost


Unlike traditional fat burning methods, liposuction does not require any sweat time. Compared with exercise and dieting, liposuction can give you a slimmer body almost instantly. This is especially useful for people who have little time to spend for going to the gym or preparing healthy diets.

Liposuction is the process of removing fat through the use of a vacuum-like device or a large syringe. There are many types and liposuction surgery cost may vary accordingly.

This may or may not include other fees such as operating room fee, anesthesia, or follow ups. Stomach liposuction for example may cost into the thousands of dollars. Liposuction surgery cost may also depend on how much fat is removed.

There are so many other types of liposuction. Since liposuction is a cosmetic procedure, do not expect that your insurance plans will cover the costs. Your surgeon will give you an assessment of how much will you pay for on your initial visit.

If you want to look for a clinic that offers liposuction at a rate you can afford, here are some tips to help you whittle down your liposuction surgery cost:

• Research. The most common research tool is the internet. Most of these clinics that offer liposuction have websites. With just a few clicks, you will be able to find a clinic offering liposuction services near you. • Ask. Your families, relatives, and friends might know a surgeon offering such services. If you have a friend who underwent such procedure, ask her and she could refer you to the surgeon. • Medical board. Asking the medical board will give you the information you need in terms of costs and equipment. • Online forums. There are forums discussing liposuction. More or less, you can get a better understanding on how much it will cost you.

There are a lot of liposuction clinics that offer a lower liposuction surgery cost. Neither should you base quality from the price expecting that more expensive treatments are more effective. You must choose wisely before you waste your money and put your health on the line.

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Shaping your body with Abdominal Liposuction, Cost and Treatment

Abdominal Liposuction

The abdomen is one of the most problematic areas when it comes to fat deposits. It is so common that even people who don’t have weight problems find themselves being plagued with a bulging waistline. Getting rid of them is no easy task either this is why thousands of people every year undergo abdominal liposuction. Cost may vary according to many factors but the amount of fat to be removed is the one main concern for those who wish to undergo liposuction surgery.

Abdominal liposuction cost may cost you an arm and a leg but if you’re searching for an instant way of removing hard to eliminate fat deposits then it’s the only way to go. Final medical bills for liposuction surgery may run into the thousands of dollars. Getting it done in a major medical facility could even pad it up by a few hundred dollars more.

Although liposuction surgery is one of the most popular methods of fat reduction, abdominal liposuction cost remains to be the single most concern why people opt of treatment. However, getting the cost of liposuction a little bit lower is still possible. Undergoing abdominal liposuction in a cosmetic surgery clinic can help drive down cost a few hundred dollars lower.

Liposuction surgery has become so common that finding a qualified cosmetic surgeon to perform this is not that difficult. Aside from lowering abdominal liposuction cost, people should also be aware of safety. Getting the services of a competent cosmetic surgery could determine how well or how safe your liposuction surgery is.

If you’re still concerned about abdominal liposuction cost then getting alternative liposuction treatments could be a more cost effective option for you. Scouting for qualified cosmetic surgeons who are in your price range is not impossible and could easily be done by a few clicks of a mouse. You could also ask your physician to refer one if possible.

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Laser Liposuction: Cost and Effectiveness

Liposuction remains to be the most popular choice for people seeking for a cosmetic surgery treatment to get rid of those hard to remove fat deposits. However, concerns about safety and the time of recovery has left others searching for an equally effective but safer method of treatment. Advancements in medical science have introduced newer safer methods to traditional liposuction surgery.

One of the new alternatives currently being used today is Laser Liposuction. Cost for this type of treatment may be a little bit higher compared to traditional liposuction but their give people a less invasive and shorter time for recovery. These treatments could be performed in specialty clinics doing away with expensive hospital treatments. Because of smaller incisions required to insert the medical equipments, people are able to recover faster and get back to their normal lives more quickly.

Effectiveness and safety remains to be laser liposuctions best selling points. Even with laser liposuction cost it continues to be the best alternatives to conventional liposuction surgery. Those seeking a slimmer and shapelier figure can benefit from laser liposuction. It can target problem areas in the body including the face, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, neck and arms.

Another advantage that laser liposuction has over other types of liposuction surgery is it offers minimal trauma to the skin and tissues. This is because it breaks down fat deposits before these are suctioned out of the body. The result is a shapely and highly targeted treatment.

Some of the side effects of liposuction surgery are the presence of sagging and loose skin after the fat has been removed. Compared to conventional liposuction surgery and other types of less invasive procedures, laser liposuction people notice skin tightness in the area minimizing skin sagging.

Laser liposuction cost may have a higher price tag compared to its counterparts but the savings come in fewer treatments and the short time of full recovery for patients. Because of its less invasive nature, general anesthesia is replaced by milder local anesthesia. It also does not require any sutures and minimal discomfort is experienced by the patients.

Laser liposuction gives cosmetic surgeons the ability to create individualized, highly successful and realistic outcomes. It also gives people wishing to undergo liposuction surgery a less painful option. Because of its less invasive nature, treatments are also quicker compared to conventional liposuction. Given all these benefits this makes laser liposuction cost a price worth paying.

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Liposuction of the Stomach, Is it for you?

Having a perfectly sculpted body is never complete without a flat and firm stomach. Contrary to the many commercials that constantly bombard us with the notion that having a perfectly shaped stomach can be achieved with just a few minutes in the gym or a healthy diet, the abdominal area is one of the most difficult areas to target.

Liposuction of the stomach is often the last resort when exercise and the right diet isn’t doing the job or just taking too long to take effect. Let’s face it, spending hours in the gym targeting the abdomen without seeing little or no results could be frustrating.

The stomach area has always been a problem area for many women. It is one of the areas that fat is first deposited. It is not uncommon to find skinny women who have a large distended disproportionate abdomen. Flab and love handles are often seen in older women. Fat deposits that have accumulated over time or a slower metabolism contribute to the high concentration of fat in the stomach area.

Genetics also play an important factor in the development of a flabby stomach. Women who keep a healthy diet and even go to the gym sometimes find themselves with love handles. Liposuction of the stomach is a quick effective way of removing hard to remove fat deposits.

Liposuction of the stomach can help those who find themselves with small pockets of fat deposits that seem to be immune from healthy diets and exercise. This presents women an excellent method for sculpting these stubborn areas to achieve a figure perfect body.

The main problem with liposuction of the stomach treatments is the permanency of results. Liposuction maybe the best in terms of the speed of results but these usually last only for a few months to a year. Making exercise and eating a healthy diet still the best solution for keeping your stomach toned and keeping fat away from this problem area of the body.

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No Lipsouction unless you know 5 Facts About Liposuction

With any surgery there are risks and side effects.  The risks involved with liposuction procedures can be dangerous and deadly though.  Studies have shown that the major complications came when the patient needed to remove large areas of fat, used general anesthesia and had multiple procedures done along with liposuction.  The ultimate clue is to use a local anesthesia, have a small amount of fat removed at one time and not to combine procedures together.  The time under anesthesia is the main factor in deaths and complications.

Here are some facts to be concerned with; approximately 19 patients out of 100,000 operations will die.  That is more than the statistics concerning car accidents. 16.1 people per 100,000 die in car accidents.  This is an alarming figure.  It also appears that people having liposuction in the hospital were at greater risk than people having liposuction in clinics.  Between 1995 to the year 2000 300,000 liposuction procedures were done in clinics and there were zero deaths reported.

1. Liposuction does not work immediately

You will be able to see a more contoured body immediately after the procedure and may lose as much as 8 to 10 pounds of fat.  But the swelling and bruising will take longer to subside.  It can take up to three months to allow all the inflammation to go and as much as six months before the skin is tightened and be seen as perfected over the area the fat was removed  With this in mind, isn't it time to consider liposuction alternatives?

2. Some patient end up with some form of unwanted scarring

Scarring from liposuction may be permanent.  Although with the new procedures, claims are made that there is little or not scars, scarring is one of the complications noted by patients. Scars are inevitable when it comes to any surgical procedure, liposuction included. Surgeons will usually try to place incisions discretely, but sometimes this may be hindered in a particular treatment zone or not possible at all. An experienced surgeon will have the expertise to make the potential of unwanted scarring minimal.

3. Tissue, nerve and organ damage is possible

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Liposuction: Then And Now

Ancient techniques--A Risky Choice At Best!Ancient techniques--A Risky Choice At Best!

Have you ever stopped to think about how much liposuction techniques have changed over even the last twenty years? The ways that our parents and grandparents saw liposuction was drastically different than the way we often view it. There are good reasons for this, and most are excellent arguments to prove that liposuction is a very different thing than it used to be, but still may not be the best option.

Before the introduction of laser-assisted liposuction, Botox injections, and similar methods, there was just liposuction. There were two basic techniques utilized for fat elimination during surgery, and both represented serious issues for patients of all ages. In many cases, the only people brave enough to risk the surgery were those with physical deformities, the rich and famous, or those who didn’t do their homework first and probably knew no better.

The dry method was as archaic and barbaric as it sounds. This method caused a lot of blood loss, and could be lethal much easier. For each section of tissue that was surgically removed, nearly thirty percent of the tissue’s composition was blood. It is not difficult to imagine that this would quickly result in some massive blood loss.

Similarly, the wet method introduced adding epinephrine to the anesthesia solution, but still resulted in a lot of blood loss. However, the ratio of blood to tissue was cut in half, and patients saw only fifteen to twenty percent instead of the thirty percent tissue-to-blood composition ratio. This may not seem like much, but it could be the difference between life and death!

In almost all of the free world today, the dry method is not used by licensed, board-certified plastic surgeons. The risks far outweigh any potential benefits, and doctors are well aware of the dozens of more modern and innovative methodologies of approaching liposuction.

Imagine choosing a plastic surgeon simply because he or she was cheap, without first asking what method(s) they use, and how that affects you. You sign all of the paperwork, pay the fee for the surgery, and begin the preparations, only to discover that the surgeon uses ancient techniques like these to perform liposuction. This could result in tragedy!

There are much safer methods available to surgeons all over the world today, including laser assisted liposuction, ultrasound technology, and power assisted methods that make the surgery a much safer choice than it was in yesteryear. Less invasive methods are better, and liposuction should only be chosen as a last choice in most cases, but the most important thing is choosing a surgeon who really understands what he/she is doing.

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