Tummy Tuck or Abdominal Liposuction – Which is Better

Before choosing liposuction, ask about options. Before choosing liposuction, ask about options.

Tummy tucks and abdominal liposuction are two of the most popular ways of eliminating stubborn fat from this area. The abdomen has often been described as a fat magnet that continuous to pose problems for those seeking a swimsuit-perfect body. These modern procedures after all are capable of eliminating hard to remove fats that are almost impossible to remove with diets and exercise. But before you schedule an appointment, let us first take a look into both medical procedures.

Tummy Tuck

Although liposuction has been around for awhile, tummy tucks were originally the medical procedure of choice when removing stubborn abdominal fat deposits. Also referred to as abdominoplasty, this is a surgical procedure that also requires the use of general anesthesia. An incision is made in the abdominal area and serves as an entry point for removing cellulite deposits.

Tummy tucks may not be as efficient compared to liposuction in terms of the volume of fat cells removed. It is usually done for mothers who just gave birth and want to restore their figures. Tummy tucks are more precise. It could restore normal skin tone and produces better visual results.

Abdominal Liposuction

Abdominal liposuction is a surgical procedure that is capable of removing larger amounts of fat compared to tummy tuck procedures. An anesthesia is used to desensitize the target area. An instrument is then inserted to the area that serves to introduce a saline solution. A suctioning instrument is then inserted to remove fat deposits in the area. Incisions are usually small and do not require skin removal. Stitches are used to close the wound and allowed to heal naturally. Skin reverts to its original condition and elasticity.

Disadvantages of Tummy Tuck Procedures

Tummy tucks are surgical procedures that require anesthesia and incisions. Hence, patients have to undergo considerable recovery periods.

Because of its nature, tummy tucks are not devoid of the medical complications seen in surgery. Hemorrhage, infection and pulmonary embolism are just some of the common complications seen in any type of surgery.

Scars are usually seen in the target area. This could be as big as a line that stretches from the abdomen to the pubic area. Modern tummy tuck procedures however, have minimized scars.

The rewards of tummy tucks include having a slimmer figure but it may also require surgical reconstruction of the belly button. If not done properly, this disfigurement could be visible when wearing a swimsuit.

Tummy tucks might not be as extensive or complicated as major liposuction procedures but this does not diminish the price tag that comes with it. Because it is a surgical procedure, it also comes with a higher medical bill.

Advantages of Tummy Tucks

Tummy tucks are very good in restoring normal skin tone and appearance. This is because it is capable of removing extra skin after the procedure. Women who just gave birth could benefit from this procedure because it could lessen stretch marks or loose skin.

Tummy Tucks versus Abdominal Liposuction

Abdominal liposuction is less complicated and is quicker compared to tummy tucks. Because there is less tissue trauma or smaller incisions, the patient is able to recover quicker, easier and safer.

The visual results are also much better since there are no large scars unlike tummy tucks. The skin is allowed to heal naturally making the appearance much better. However, in cases where an abnormally high level of fat deposits is removed in the abdominal area, people might find themselves with sagging skin. But all in all, people are generally satisfied with the results of abdominal liposuction.



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Is liposuction a healthy way to lose weight?

Flat absOver the years, countless of methods are being developed to help people lose weight. And one that is quite popular today is thru a surgical procedure called liposuction. There have been many speculations about liposuction and how safe it is. This is the question that has been burdening people with weight problems for a long time already.

Liposuction is done by inserting tiny tubes into small cuts into the skin and extracting the fats in the body. It is usually done as an outpatient procedure, and thus hospitalization is out of the equation. Through the years there have been techniques developed to make the procedure safer and less painful.

Some of these techniques are the following:

  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction-is being done by using an ultrasound to soften and make the fat liquid. This will provide a much easy way to remove the fats in the body.
  • Tumescent liposuction-is done by administering a local anesthesia to numb the part of the body and where the tube will be inserted.

How effective is Liposuction?

Generally, liposuction is an effective method of removing unwanted fats that are deposited in the body. This process shorten the amount of pain you have to endure with training at the gym since the fats are expelled in the body in a matter of minutes. The only disadvantage is that the skin to where the fat has been removed may appear sloppy. The bad news is that it takes up to 6 months for the skin to tighten back again.

Are there any side effects?

When the procedure has been successfully done, the patient may experience pain, swelling and bruising. The swelling and bruising may last for 2 weeks. There may be secretion of fluids in the area of incision. Doctors may require you to take antibiotics to avoid infection. An elastic bandage and tape is used to cover the area to where the incision has been done.

Almost all patients will be able to stand and move around after the procedure has been done. The recovery period may last for 2 weeks or more, depending on the patient’s condition.

What are the reasons why people undergo liposuction

A lot of people are conscious of their body figure, and most of them do not have time to exercising and visiting the gym every now and then. Liposuction provides a quicker way of reshaping the body. People who have floppy buttock, abdomen, neck and upper arms, are more likely to undergo liposuction. The procedure is also used to treat certain medical conditions like:

  • Abnormal large breast for male
  • Benign fatty tumours
  • Excessive sweating in the armpit area
  • Metabolic problems that cause body fat

Is it dangerous?

Liposuction should be done by a well experience doctor that has the proper equipment and facility.  There is a high risk of complications if liposuction is done in many areas of the body. It is also dangerous if there is too much fat removed in the body. Some people who undergo liposuction has experience permanent changes in skin color, uneven skin surface in the treated area and damages to skin.

Even though, death caused by liposuction is rare, still there is no guarantee it won’t happen. Especially if, there is a large amount of fat to remove. It may be also dangerous if the procedure is done in an unsterile area and not by a professional. Some complications that can occur are:

  • To many blood and fluid loss
  • Creation of blood and fat clots that go to vital organs, which may be extremely dangerous.
  • Fluid in the lungs
  • Reaction to solution injected
  • Damages to the organs

NOTE: People who have a heart problem should not undergo liposuction. It is also dangerous for women who are pregnant to undergo liposuction.

Making the decision

Keep in mind that even though liposuction offers new and safer techniques, it still involves risky surgical operation. You may lose some unwanted fats in your body, but it does not guarantee an absolute solution to your weight problem. Liposuction will not have an effect to a person if he/she still maintains the same unhealthy lifestyle. The best way to lose weight is through making behavioural modifications. Lastly, if you decide to undergo liposuction, make sure that you have it done by an experienced doctor.

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Liposuction – Making Results Last

FitLiposuction is not cheap and the results of the procedure are far from perfect. So how do you maximize the benefits of liposuction and keep those stubborn bulges away forever?

There’s no secret to keeping your body swimsuit perfect. Eating a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle remains to be the most effective way to keep your body slim.

Liposuction and Fat Cells

Our body has a finite number of fat cells. We gain weight as these fat cells grow or shrink accordingly. The number of fat cells and how it is distributed in the body is set as our body matures. And a person’s trouble areas are determined by how our body distributes these fat cells. This is why some of us have different problem areas. Some might experience having difficulty in keeping their abdomens fat free while others have flabby thighs and arms.

Liposuction removes fat cells and eliminates them from the body forever. The patient is able to enjoy visible results immediately after treatment. This gives them a shapelier look and trims trouble areas instantly. However, liposuction is not a magic bullet that removes all fat cells. We must also remember that treatment is only limited to the target area and not the entire body. Remaining fat cells would also continue to grow if healthy lifestyle habits are not maintained.

Fewer fat cells translate to smaller weight gain. Because there are lesser fat cells that would be able to grow, the person is able to maintain his body’s proportion easily. But we should not only focus on the areas treated. Remember that areas that have not been subjected to liposuction are still prone for fat buildup.

Maintaining Results

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that could horribly go wrong is not performed by a professional cosmetic surgeon. But even with its risks, it still remains to be popular among overweight people because of its almost dramatic transformation. People are able to enjoy a slimmer body immediately after treatment. Health experts remain skeptic about the real benefits of liposuction. After all it is not designed to replace a healthy lifestyle but could be a good starting point.

Those who have undergone liposuction are strongly advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although liposuction is highly efficient in eliminating fat cells from problem areas, it does not prevent weight gain in other areas. If you have undergone liposuction or planning to get one, here are a few tips on how to maintain the results and how to keep hard to remove cellulite deposits from returning.

Create an exercise program

Health experts and medical professionals have made several studies regarding how people have managed to keep the results after liposuction. Results have shown that almost half of those who have managed to keep their weight within ideal limits practice an active lifestyle. This was done by enrolling in the gym or just being active. Walking a few block to your office or playing sports are easy ways of burning fats.

Monitor your eating habits

The best way to keep track of your eating habits is to create a food journal. Spending time to create and writing down what you eat helps you maintain a high degree of health consciousness. Keep your food cravings at bay by having a list that tells you what you should and should not eat. It also makes it easier for you to identify potential problem foods causing your weight gain.

A study conducted by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center showed that a great majority of patients that have undergone liposuction were satisfied with the results. However, it also showed that poor eating habits were the culprit of their subsequent weight gain. This coupled with an inactive lifestyle increase their risk ten folds for recurring weight problems.

Drink more water

The body is mainly composed of water and is required for the many body processes. It prevents cells from shrinking and eliminates toxins. It also promotes healthy body functioning and improves metabolism. Slower metabolic rates means the body is not able to burn fats efficiently. Slowing metabolic rates can be caused by aging.

Reduce stress

Relaxing a few minutes a day helps release pent up stress, a leading cause of binge eating and other eating disorders. This improves your blood circulation and the makes your body more efficient. Stretching for example is a good stress reliever. It helps release stress while helping you burn extra calories. Going to the sauna is another great way to relax. It aids in your body’s detoxification while maintaining a healthy metabolism.

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Non-invasive Liposuction Procedures – Are these effective?

Stomach Liposuction Cost Stomach Liposuction Cost

Going under the knife is something that many of us would like to avoid at all costs. The thought of undergoing surgery and laying unconscious for hours can be scary even for those searching for ways to get that swimsuit perfect body they have always wanted. Liposuction after all is a surgical procedure that comes with all the medical complications and hazards of surgery.

In response to this, medical science has developed non-invasive weight loss techniques that aim to provide all the benefits of liposuction without the complications. But before you opt for these techniques, let us first take a look into some of these procedures and determine if these are truly effective.

Cold Sculpting and RF liposuction are just two of the modern non-invasive liposuction procedures that aim to provide people with an easy way to lose stubborn fat deposits without surgery. But supporters are quick to reply that weight loss may not be as dramatic as those seen in liposuction. These might only be effective in targeting small pockets of fat. But even with its limitations these provide a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

Although both are considered as non-invasive weight loss procedures, these techniques do have difference in how they eliminate hard to remove fat deposits. Cold Sculpting destroys fat cells by freezing while RF liposuction utilizes the power of sonic technology to break down fat cells. Instead of being suctioned off like those seen in liposuction, fat cells are eliminated through the body’s natural processes. Because they are limited in the amount of fats they can destroy, multiple treatments are advised for people who have extensive fat deposits.

Cold Sculpting

Cold sculpting uses the power of freezing to destroy cellulite deposits. It kills fat cells, through a process called apoptosis. These are then eliminated from the body naturally. This procedure is approved by FDA for targeting small fat deposits. The aim of this treatment is to kill fat cells without harming any of the surrounding tissues. It is reported that this treatment could reduce fat thickness by as much as 20 percent in the target area.

Treatment is done by applying a device directly on the target area. Patients have reported intense cold during the first minutes. However, this feeling usually goes away. Side effects of treatment include bruising, redness, numbness and tingling. Results may not be as dramatic as those seen in liposuction and usually requires multiple treatments are advised for patients to enjoy the full effects of treatment.

RF liposuction

This procedure combines ultrasound technology and heat to reduce fat cells non-invasively. The procedure is FDA approved and is effective in reducing fat deposits in the flanks and abdomen. Results could be seen 2 to 3 weeks. Dead fat cells are eliminated naturally by the body.

Ideal candidates for RF liposuction are people who are close to their ideal body weight and are in good physical condition. In order to effective, patients must be able to pinch 2.5 cm on the area to be targeted.

Treatments usually last for around an hour. A RF liposuction device is used on the target area. Patients report a slight discomfort, tingling and warmth on the target area. Immediately after treatment, redness, swelling and bruising is also reported. Pain medication can be prescribed for patients with low pain thresholds.

Disadvantages of treatment

There are no medical studies that have conclusively proved how long the effects of these treatments last. However in theory, these should be permanent since fat cells are eliminated from the body. The true success of any weight loss treatment could be based on the patient’s lifestyle after treatment.

Those searching for a quick way of losing fats or a treatment that could replicate the effects of liposuction may not see the same with these treatments. Although a slimmer body could be achieved, it usually requires multiple treatments before any visible results could be seen. Results may also vary from patient to patient making it hard to gauge its effectiveness.

Both of these treatments continue to show improvement in their effectiveness in removing fat cells. It might take more years before these are perfected. But these could be used as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.


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Liposuction – Dispelling the Myths

ID-100146556Liposuction has become one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery procedures being performed today. But even with its popularity, some liposuction myths continue to persist despite the vast availability of information available about the procedure.

Liposuction is a quick way of getting slimmer

Some might think that liposuction is like a magic bullet that could transform people into a model of health overnight. But even if liposuction remains to be the fastest way of getting rid of cellulite deposits, it still has its limitations. The amount of fat that could be safely removed is limited and it is still advised that those who are suffering from severe obesity reduce their weight naturally.

It may also require multiple liposuction treatments before a slimmer body could be achieved. This debunks the myth of liposuction as an overnight miracle to achieving a slimmer body.

Liposuction is a simple cosmetic procedure and not surgery

People may be tricked into believing that liposuction is a common cosmetic treatment. But liposuction should never be taken lightly and a lot of planning should be done before going treatment. Liposuction is a type of surgery and the dangers are real. Just like any type of surgery, risks and complications are present. Incisions are made, anesthesia is administered and bleeding could always be a constant threat.

Liposuction is an effective weight-loss technique

Effective weight-loss techniques are those that help you lose weight naturally. This includes exercise and the proper diet. Liposuction may be able to remove cellulite deposits quickly but does not prevent it from coming back. Recommended weight-loss techniques are those that train the person mentally and physically to live a healthier lifestyle.

Liposuction could also work as a breast lift procedure

Some cosmetic surgeons perform liposuction to improve breast appearance. But there is still no conclusive evidence that this fat-removal treatment could also work as a breast lift procedure. Skin tightening might result after removing cellulite deposits in the breast area but this do not have the same dramatic results seen in actual breast lift procedures.

Patients could return to their normal routines immediately

While some patients could return to their jobs a few days after surgery, it all still depends on the type of liposuction performed and the nature of the patient’s job. For those who had simple liposuction treatments, they could return to their normal daily activities in a few days but those with more complex treatments may require weeks of rest. Bleeding is a constant threat when wounds are not able to properly heal.

Liposuction is only for females

Liposuction may be a type of “cosmetic” surgery but its benefits are not only meant for women. The same improvements that liposuction brings for women could also be enjoyed by their male counterparts. It could be used to remove stubborn belly fats or love handles for example. For those who still believe that liposuction is only for women, the procedure is included in the top five cosmetic surgeries performed for men.

 Liposuction results are permanent

Cellulite removed from the body is permanently removed but liposuction does not prevent you from gaining those pounds back. Liposuction would not be able to remove all the cell fats in your body. You may have removed some of the cellulite cells but more cells could easily store more fat. The long term benefits of liposuction ultimately depend on what you do after the procedure.

You can have liposuction and go home immediately

The complexity of each procedure depends on the patient. Those who need minimum fat removal may require local anesthesia and could be sent the same day after surgery. For more complex procedures however, general anesthesia is administered and the patient is advised to stay in the hospital for observation.

Image credit: Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Cutting Edge liposuction techniques

What is the price of beauty? Apparently, it’s at least $50,000. Almost half of Americans, when asked, would gladly go under the knife just to change their appearances. Cosmetic surgery still has its pull on people, and the profits are more than enough proof. How much do they earn? Around $10 billion a year. Clearly, it’s still a thriving business. Liposuction has gone through many stages, from pain to painless fat removal, until the newest methods for this generation. With more options to choose from, people can now have the perfect body they want in a matter of hours.

Liposuction: a short history

When did man begin to change his appearance when he deemed it necessary? During the 1960’s curettage was being offered by European doctors, but were not popularized as it was morbid and caused excessive pain and bleeding. The birth of modern liposuction was in 1982, as introduced by a French doctor who used a suction-assisted lipolysis. Since then, Americans have seen the fast changes of bodies and faces.

From its painful origins of curettage to the modern laser techniques of today, liposuction, or lipo for short, has evolved into more expensive but less painful sessions that yield more beautiful results. A decade ago, skin firming and skin tightening techniques were not employed, and  brute force and scalpels were used. But now, most liposuction procedures use lasers, and also skin tightening techniques so the patient will have a slimmer body with little or no loose skin. The old methods may have been cheaper, but these new ones guarantee quick recovery and minimal bruising. Some of the newest and cutting edge lipo techniques are as follows:

Smart Lipo or Laser Lipo

In this surgery, a surgeon will direct a laser to vaporize fat cells then extract them from the body using a small suction tube or cannula. The lasers, because of their heat, also seal off blood vessels under the skin to encourage collagen growth, which makes the skin tight and firm. This method is the oldest among those stated here, although it still is better than the method decades ago which used scalpels to literally scrape off the fat. Compared to the knife, lasers take minimal time in procedure, and normal activity can be resumed with only days after the surgery. The only catch is the pain, because it’s an “awake” procedure, and often it turns out having uneven results.

Cool Lipo surgery

Cool Lipo surgery stimulates the formation of new collagen for the skin, but at the same time it removes unwanted fat from a small area of the body. The surgeons for this procedure would grant anesthesia to the patient, and then inserts a laser to dissolve fat cells and encourage collagen growth. This procedure is relatively new and is not practiced at many centers, but it’s considered less invasive than a face-lift.


In this procedure, medicine is injected deep in the pockets of fat tissue under the skin to dissolve unwanted fat. It works well with exercise and a healthy diet, and is actually the least expensive on this list. The results, however, are not immediate, and could take about a quarter of a year to 6 months before the patients see results. Nevertheless, it’s considered the “healthiest” and least invasive of all lipo procedures. The problem with lipolysis is a few small lumps often appear in the area where the medicine is injected, as fats are being dissolved.

Body Jet Lipo

Another relatively new surgery, body-jet technique is water-assisted. Meaning, during the procedure, a gentle, pulsating spray of water loosens the fat in the body, and then these are suctioned out. Its basic difference is that there is no lasers or medicine involved or injected – just plain and simple water is used to dislodge the fat, which effectively minimizes side-effects. It has reduced bruising, shorter recovery time, a quicker procedure, and a more precise operation.

With more advancements in technology, we can expect more advancements in cosmetic surgery as well. More procedures can be discovered that have minimal side effects, and have better results. Although, many doctors would advise people not to rely on liposuction alone. Exercise and a healthy diet are still the best ways to maintain a great-looking and healthy body.

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Diet Wars: Men, Women and Food

256px-Human_body_man_and_woman_with_numbers.svgIf one is to follow the social typecast, one is likely to conclude that men eat like lions and women, like birds. A typical male will favor red meat, pork, sausages, egg and starchy food, while a typical female will shy away from them. Meat, which represents virility is classified as “male food” while fruits and vegetables are considered “feminine.” Men also tend to eat more because society has given them the license to be fat while women should always be slim.  Men are more likely to admit that they eat for pleasure, while women will use food for a physique that will fall within socially accepted norms on beauty and fitness.

Such an observation is true based on several studies conducted about the eating habits of men and women. Both men and women have specific reason on why they eat certain food items but women put more weight on food as a source of nutrition. Women would also regard food as a source of comfort or a method for maintaining overall health and well-being.

The Numbers

A research conducted by the International Food Information Foundation in the US reveals that women are indeed more discriminating than men in terms of the kinds of food they eat. The study shows that women tend to benefit from and contribute to their overall fitness.

In addition, both men and women believe that specific foods and beverages target their unique gender-specific needs. The following are some of the observations made by the study.

  • 53 percent of women consume specific foods they believe will make them health while 48 percent of men believe the same.
  • 42 percent of women choose certain foods that make them full or satisfied. A lower percentage of men, 27 percent choose food for the same reason. In general, men believe that volume and not the type of food is the key to satisfying their hunger.
  • 41 percent of women pick food items that aid their digestive health and only 33 percent consciously make this choice.
  • 34 percent limit their diet to food that will lessen the effects of whatever disease or medical condition they presently have. 27 percent of men do the same.
  • 34 percent of women include food in their diet that boosts their energy or stamina. Surprisingly, only 27 percent of men who are actively engaged in sports are mindful of this.
  • 34 percent of women put a premium on the food items that increase their mental performance while 27 percent of men do so.
  • 33 percent of women utilize food that will prevent them from acquiring certain diseases. 25 percent of men have this level of awareness (the rest find out too late after consuming too much that they have acquired a life-style related disease).
  • 30 percent of women maximize the benefits of food to improve their overall appearance while 20 percent of men are equally conscious of this benefit.

Sex and Food Choices

Based on the study, one can conclude that men are not really that health-conscious when it comes to making decisions about the food they eat. The study also shows that women tend to be more satisfied with their health status but pay more attention to their weight than men. As a result, women are more likely to make more changes in their diet than men in order to improve their health.

In a survey conducted by the International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases in Atlanta, Georgia, it was shown that men are more likely to consume meat and poultry products. Aside from being potential sources of bacteria and viruses when poorly prepared, meat increases the risk factors for acquiring lifestyle diseases. These include cardio vascular, hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Women on the other hand prefer vegetables like carrots and tomatoes and fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and apples. A common denominator of all these plants is that they are rich in chemicals and anti-oxidants that possess anti-aging properties and prevent certain diseases. Women also prefer dry foods such as almonds and walnuts and consume more eggs and yogurt.

Freshness Factor

While women prefer fresh meat over frozen ones, they tend to shy away from undercooked items like burgers and steaks, runny or over-easy eggs, raw oysters and cheese made from unpasteurized milk. In general, men don’t mind if their food is under cooked. This gives an insight into women’s heightened alertness of food items that are potential sources of diseases. Women are also more likely to eat raw vegetables like salads and greens and sprouts.


When it comes to snacks, men and women’s preferences vary as well. Women consider themselves healthy “snackers.” Women choose fruits, nuts and vegetables over the over the counter kind. When dining out, men would usually go for burgers and pizza. In addition, women are on the lookout for healthier options in fast food or fine-dining restaurants.

Age Factor

As men and women age, their eating habits are likely to change or mature as well. A separate study conducted in Japan that focused on the eating habits of older citizens showed more middle-aged men took more nutrients from food rather than women. However, women took the lion’s share in consuming vegetables and fruits. Interestingly, despite the increased risks of acquiring lifestyle-related diseases, men still consumed high amounts of alcohol compared to women who preferred tea. Men were able to consume more nutrients simply because of the sheer volume of food they eat. Women despite eating less were able to show more variety in the food they ate.

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A Quick Look into Eating Disorders

hips - losing weight series

There’s nothing wrong with the desire of being thinner or at least losing a few pounds, but if you're doing certain things to lose weight excessively or perhaps the other way around, you might be experiencing a type of eating disorder. This is usually common in teens since high school life is the time when bullying and peer pressure arise, but eating disorders can also be present in younger or older individuals. So what is it anyway? What are the types and what symptoms are there?



Eating disorder is basically a general term that encompasses every cachexia which has something to do with food consumption. It is a group of serious conditions wherein the patient tends to be extremely caught up mentally with the food she's consuming and with her weight. If you think that eating disorders can be changed by simply changing your diet, betting think again. Aside from difficulty in treatment, it's also difficult to catch the disorder. Furthermore, having a type of eating disorder and refusing to treat yourself will make you prone to other serious health problems which are usually life-threatening.



Today, there are more than 8 types of eating disorders that are experienced by people around the globe. Most of it arises in women, but men also have their fair share. Treatment also depends on the type of disorder you have, hence, home remedy without consulting a physician or any other medical expert is not advisable.


Anorexia Nervosa

This is the most common type of eating disorder and is characterized by an unwillingness to eat. With this, you tend to feel extreme fear of gaining weight and end up wanting to maintain a weight lower than what is advisable for your age. Anorexia does not only affect your body and nutrition but also your mind and the way you think. In worse cases, it affects the emotion of the patient. Here’s a shortlist of its probable cause.

• Stressful events in life such as deaths, divorce, or losing good friends • Having a job that calls for perfect weight and shape like modeling or ballet • Family members also have an eating disorder • Attitude of extreme perfectionism


Bulimia Nervosa

This is yet another type of eating disorder where binge eating occurs. This is characterized by eating large amounts of food in a short span of time and afterwards, forcing yourself to eliminate all the food from your body. Forced vomiting is said to be the easiest way, but other people with bulimia engage in too much workout and consume laxatives. According to research, binge arises because people feel comfort from food, however, if you feel you have consumed too much, you end up forcing yourself to eliminate all the food. Causes are as follows:

• One or more family members have a certain type of eating disorder • One or more family member is obese • Extreme perfectionism • Extreme stress whether with life or with work


Binge Eating Disorder

BED or Binge Eating Disorder is a recently-acknowledged eating disorder. This is described by chain episodes of binge eating, however, unlike bulimia you don’t force the food you ate to exit from your body via vomiting. BED makes you extra conscious with the calories you consume.

Most people with this eating disorder appear perfectly normal and has proper weight as well, however, in due time, they may gain excessive weight and become obese. Until today, experts are still blank about the causes of binge eating.



This is an uncommon eating disorder wherein you don’t gain control over your workouts and food intake. It's somewhat installed in your mind that, after eating, you will have to have extreme workout until you assume that all fats you consumed are already burned. This is usually common in athletes, and unlike anorexia, hypergymnasia doesn’t fully focus on the physical image. This is also one of the eating disorders that have no exact cause.



Psychotherapy is one of the most common treatments for eating disorders. It will help you realize that what you're doing is wrong. It also helps you determine which are the right actions and the wrong ones in terms of eating and staying fit and healthy. This therapy also helps you obtain a better relationship with your mood.

Family therapy is another treatment done to those who are quite young yet already experiencing an eating disorder. With this treatment, your entire family should cooperate and should make adjustments to make you feel accepted and comfortable. Alongside both of these therapies are chemical-based drugs which may be prescribed depending on how worse your eating disorder is.

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Liposuction in a Box

Kratom_PillsIt’s almost a common thing to see, people obsessed with the way they look. Those who have been blessed with financial resources do it the easy way, with use of cutting edge medical procedures such as liposuction. However, liposuction isn’t for everyone.

There are people who are deathly afraid of needles, and those who simply can’t afford such a luxury. That’s why these people turn to the classic method – workout, diet, exercise and diet some more. However, science has slowly bridged the gap between these two extreme methods. And this is through the miracle diet or liposuction pills. You can get lipo in a box. Or bottle.


Liposuction is the removal of excess fats from the body through surgery. The use of the needle for weight loss started at around the 1980’s. Every few years, the method has evolved and had been refined until it reached the present form today. There is only so much fat that can be removed from the body safely, and what some people fail to see is that lipo is an expensive shortcut that still requires exercise. So, the search was still on to find the quickest and easiest way to lose fat.

Diet pills

Diet pills came in the picture at around mid 1900’s, but there was a boom on diet pills starting 1990s until past 2000. These pills are dietary supplements, so they should be treated as such. They were not made to replace real food or nutrients. Although some of them claim that people don’t need exercise to lose weight, doctors discourage the excessive use and sole use of diet pills without exercise. The function of diet pills is to increase weight loss, but not replace exercise and diet. One still needs to eat healthy and do exercise to maximize the effects of the pill.

Pros and Cons of the pill

Doctors sometimes recommend diet pills to people who have strange fats in their bodies without showing any signs of obesity. Others serve a different purpose, like curing a disease or righting a body function, and weight loss is just a sort of side effect. Either way, diet pills are essentially made to benefit the body. They are easy and very comfortable to use. You can also experience weight loss without dieting so much. Furthermore, you don’t need to prepare special diets to maximize weight loss.

However, diet pills are not 100% safe. There could be unforeseen reactions in the user’s body, and there is also the factor of effectiveness. Some diet pills work for a group of people while they won’t work properly on another group. It’s very unstable.

Revolutionary lipo pills

Recently, rumors have been spreading about this new lipo pill. These lipo pills have three main functions: either they reduce the amount of fat carried and stored in the body, reduce your appetite, or increase the amount of fat burned by the body. People use these pills to speed up their weight loss or when they hit that body shape in which no matter what they do, they don’t lose weight anymore. These “healthy” pills claim to be the safest, and the quickest way to achieve that dream body shape.

Lipo vs lipo pills

Though many people still undergo liposuction, it cannot be denied that it has become a luxury. Meaning, not all people can afford lipo sessions, especially with the present economy. This is the main reason why people choose the pill over lipo. Also, these pills have claimed to yield better results than liposuction.

With the rave of weight loss combined with the organic trend, these dietary lipo pills are exactly what the people want and think they need. Liposuction may be faster, but lipo pills are healthier and have less risk for the users.

No matter what method it is you prefer on how to lose weight, the end product is the same: you still have to sweat it out. You also still need to watch what you put in your mouth. There is no shortcut for that beautiful bod you’re dreaming of. It takes discipline, self-control, and a strong will to get what you want. You may rely on science, but doctors still recommend the good ol’ diet and exercise. After all, you won’t just lose weight. You’ll live longer, too, and you can reap the benefits of your great body longer.

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Health Insurance and Liposuction Procedures

USCurrency_Federal_ReserveSome studies show that thinner people have an easier time getting jobs than people on the heavy side. This is because employers see the difficulty of hiring overweight people in performing every day office jobs.

These are only few of the many reasons why more and more people are now considering liposuction. A procedure in which excess fasts in the body will be removed without dieting or taking weight loss pills. Furthermore, there are people who want to get themselves a health insurance to lessen liposuction expenses.

Overview on liposuction

Prior to consulting a medical practitioner, you should already have a good idea about liposuction and what you'll be expecting before, during, and after the procedure. Basically, it is a kind of cosmetic surgery wherein excess fats in the body are broken down and removed via suction. An instrument called Cannula is inserted in the patient's body, depending on which part she wants to eliminate fats and such instrument will then suck the fats. A high-pressure vacuum is applied to the instrument for the suction to be effective. According to the statistics, over 400,000 Lipo procedures are carried out in the U.S. annually.

Do health insurances cover it?

This is where the health insurance concerns enter the picture. With the popularity of such products in the America, it's quite typical for us to wonder if liposuction procedure is covered. Unfortunately, most health insurances do not include any type of cosmetic surgery in their coverage. There’s also no particular insurance, policy, or add-on that can be purchased to maybe you covered and take advantage from the insurance's benefits.

Nevertheless, there are few insurance companies that are now starting to support those who want to undergo a cosmetic surgery. With more and more people inquiring about this aspect, and not only on the field of Lipo but also on other cosmetic procedures, some insurance providers are now offering coverage on such procedures.

Importance of being covered

Apparently, medical procedures have their own share of risks, as well. Although cosmetic procedures are more on beautification, every surgery - especially the invasive ones - under it still has risk factors. Apart from that, such procedures tend to be expensive, as well.

Assistance on excessive payment

Having assistance when it comes to expenses is of considerable help. With liposuction surgery, which ranges from $2000 - $20,000, it's quite importance to be covered and take advantage of the financial assistance. Aside from the procedure, there are also some insurance companies that cover the after-procedure medication. This is quite crucial to those who underwent major Lipo procedure and calls for other medications to aid the discomfort brought by the surgery. Furthermore, there are instances wherein there are underlying costs that you may not know about. By being covered, you will have something to use to deal with the excess payment.

Likable physique without spending too much

Aside from assistance on potential excessive payment and after-procedure expenditures, being covered with a health insurance is also beneficial when it comes to the pricing of a better figure. Most people perceive that being pretty calls for extreme spending. With insurance coverage, you can erase such thought and achieve the figure you've been wanting for an affordable price. This is, without compromising your safety and health.

How to find the right insurance provider

Since most companies do not cover cosmetic procedures, it can be a bit difficult to find an insurance provider. It's wise to first contact your health insurance company and ask about the coverage they offer on cosmetic procedures if they don't have any, the next step would be to search online. Look for coverage providers that support liposuction. You should list down the contact details, including their address. If you don’t have time to visit them, might as well call them and ask further information about the coverage they offer, and it’s pricing.

When looking for insurance companies, do not forget to compare the price quotes you got. This will spare you from spending a lot when, in fact, you can spend less. Furthermore, you should also ensure that everything entailed with a Lipo surgery is covered with the insurance. It’s also helpful to conduct a background check of the company prior to buying a health insurance. This will save you from being a scam victim.

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