Thermage as a Liposuction Alternative

While there are several liposuction alternatives that offer minimal recovery time, no use of anesthetic and non-invasive techniques, thermage is one of the most popular ways to contour the body and produce the look of liposuction without the drawbacks thereof.  It is also the most non-invasive technique available on the market today, making it a very desirable choice for those wishing to remove fat or cellulite and sagging skin.

Thermage--A Rear TightenerThermage--A Rear Tightener

Thermage is a painless procedure accomplished by use of a heated laser. The heated laser melts the fat and allows it to be removed through natural methods. The most commonly utilized version of Thermage is on the face, and results are very similar to those of a traditional face-lift (without the pain and recovery time). However, Thermage is also a very popular way to tone the abdominal area, arms, thighs, and rear.

This technique is performed by a plastic surgeon, and one should never allow someone who is not a professionally trained plastic surgeon to perform this procedure.   A session is usually all it takes to see maximum results, and one session can last between thirty minutes and two hours.

Those who suffer from mild acne scars or from rough skin have also found relief in Thermage. It is a highly effective way to smooth and shape skin, and can even be used to remove the appearance of sagging skin or stretch marks due to pregnancy.

No recovery time, no invasive surgery, no anesthetic, and limited session time are very large benefits of Thermage. The old saying “No pain, no gain” has lost its meaning with this procedure, as it is no longer required of men and women to go through painful invasive surgery to look and feel their best.

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Liposuction Alternatives--What Alternatives are Best

Concerned about your appearance?

Many who suffer from the effects of being overweight or having skin sag in unsightly places wonder if there are alternatives to costly and invasive liposuction procedures. There are other options available for those unwilling to undergo anesthesia, invasive procedures, and what could be a lengthy recovery time (especially if there are complications).

One alternative is the injection of chemicals into the body that dissolve the fat. The fat is then excreted by urination, making the procedure very simple and minimally invasive. This is one of the most popular liposuction alternatives in the United States, offering a speedy recovery time and very little risk of side effects. In addition, this procedure is popular worldwide for its ability to tone tough skin around the neck and face area, where patients may be more worried about scarring or scar tissue forming.

Mesotherapy is another liposuction alternative that is gaining popularity in the United States. Similar to chemical injection methods, doctors instead inject more holistic versions of medications into the body, with the same effect. The biggest difference between the two methods is that the needle used to inject the mesotherapy chemicals is drastically smaller than that of the other method, meaning that recovery time and injection site pain are minimized.

There are alternatives to liposuction that can offer the same (or at least very similar) results with less pain and no anesthesia. Shorter recovery time and smaller cost are also benefits, allowing more people to look and feel their best in their own skin.

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