Non-invasive Liposuction Procedures – Are these effective?

Stomach Liposuction Cost Stomach Liposuction Cost

Going under the knife is something that many of us would like to avoid at all costs. The thought of undergoing surgery and laying unconscious for hours can be scary even for those searching for ways to get that swimsuit perfect body they have always wanted. Liposuction after all is a surgical procedure that comes with all the medical complications and hazards of surgery.

In response to this, medical science has developed non-invasive weight loss techniques that aim to provide all the benefits of liposuction without the complications. But before you opt for these techniques, let us first take a look into some of these procedures and determine if these are truly effective.

Cold Sculpting and RF liposuction are just two of the modern non-invasive liposuction procedures that aim to provide people with an easy way to lose stubborn fat deposits without surgery. But supporters are quick to reply that weight loss may not be as dramatic as those seen in liposuction. These might only be effective in targeting small pockets of fat. But even with its limitations these provide a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

Although both are considered as non-invasive weight loss procedures, these techniques do have difference in how they eliminate hard to remove fat deposits. Cold Sculpting destroys fat cells by freezing while RF liposuction utilizes the power of sonic technology to break down fat cells. Instead of being suctioned off like those seen in liposuction, fat cells are eliminated through the body’s natural processes. Because they are limited in the amount of fats they can destroy, multiple treatments are advised for people who have extensive fat deposits.

Cold Sculpting

Cold sculpting uses the power of freezing to destroy cellulite deposits. It kills fat cells, through a process called apoptosis. These are then eliminated from the body naturally. This procedure is approved by FDA for targeting small fat deposits. The aim of this treatment is to kill fat cells without harming any of the surrounding tissues. It is reported that this treatment could reduce fat thickness by as much as 20 percent in the target area.

Treatment is done by applying a device directly on the target area. Patients have reported intense cold during the first minutes. However, this feeling usually goes away. Side effects of treatment include bruising, redness, numbness and tingling. Results may not be as dramatic as those seen in liposuction and usually requires multiple treatments are advised for patients to enjoy the full effects of treatment.

RF liposuction

This procedure combines ultrasound technology and heat to reduce fat cells non-invasively. The procedure is FDA approved and is effective in reducing fat deposits in the flanks and abdomen. Results could be seen 2 to 3 weeks. Dead fat cells are eliminated naturally by the body.

Ideal candidates for RF liposuction are people who are close to their ideal body weight and are in good physical condition. In order to effective, patients must be able to pinch 2.5 cm on the area to be targeted.

Treatments usually last for around an hour. A RF liposuction device is used on the target area. Patients report a slight discomfort, tingling and warmth on the target area. Immediately after treatment, redness, swelling and bruising is also reported. Pain medication can be prescribed for patients with low pain thresholds.

Disadvantages of treatment

There are no medical studies that have conclusively proved how long the effects of these treatments last. However in theory, these should be permanent since fat cells are eliminated from the body. The true success of any weight loss treatment could be based on the patient’s lifestyle after treatment.

Those searching for a quick way of losing fats or a treatment that could replicate the effects of liposuction may not see the same with these treatments. Although a slimmer body could be achieved, it usually requires multiple treatments before any visible results could be seen. Results may also vary from patient to patient making it hard to gauge its effectiveness.

Both of these treatments continue to show improvement in their effectiveness in removing fat cells. It might take more years before these are perfected. But these could be used as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.


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