Liposuction – Dispelling the Myths

ID-100146556Liposuction has become one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery procedures being performed today. But even with its popularity, some liposuction myths continue to persist despite the vast availability of information available about the procedure.

Liposuction is a quick way of getting slimmer

Some might think that liposuction is like a magic bullet that could transform people into a model of health overnight. But even if liposuction remains to be the fastest way of getting rid of cellulite deposits, it still has its limitations. The amount of fat that could be safely removed is limited and it is still advised that those who are suffering from severe obesity reduce their weight naturally.

It may also require multiple liposuction treatments before a slimmer body could be achieved. This debunks the myth of liposuction as an overnight miracle to achieving a slimmer body.

Liposuction is a simple cosmetic procedure and not surgery

People may be tricked into believing that liposuction is a common cosmetic treatment. But liposuction should never be taken lightly and a lot of planning should be done before going treatment. Liposuction is a type of surgery and the dangers are real. Just like any type of surgery, risks and complications are present. Incisions are made, anesthesia is administered and bleeding could always be a constant threat.

Liposuction is an effective weight-loss technique

Effective weight-loss techniques are those that help you lose weight naturally. This includes exercise and the proper diet. Liposuction may be able to remove cellulite deposits quickly but does not prevent it from coming back. Recommended weight-loss techniques are those that train the person mentally and physically to live a healthier lifestyle.

Liposuction could also work as a breast lift procedure

Some cosmetic surgeons perform liposuction to improve breast appearance. But there is still no conclusive evidence that this fat-removal treatment could also work as a breast lift procedure. Skin tightening might result after removing cellulite deposits in the breast area but this do not have the same dramatic results seen in actual breast lift procedures.

Patients could return to their normal routines immediately

While some patients could return to their jobs a few days after surgery, it all still depends on the type of liposuction performed and the nature of the patient’s job. For those who had simple liposuction treatments, they could return to their normal daily activities in a few days but those with more complex treatments may require weeks of rest. Bleeding is a constant threat when wounds are not able to properly heal.

Liposuction is only for females

Liposuction may be a type of “cosmetic” surgery but its benefits are not only meant for women. The same improvements that liposuction brings for women could also be enjoyed by their male counterparts. It could be used to remove stubborn belly fats or love handles for example. For those who still believe that liposuction is only for women, the procedure is included in the top five cosmetic surgeries performed for men.

 Liposuction results are permanent

Cellulite removed from the body is permanently removed but liposuction does not prevent you from gaining those pounds back. Liposuction would not be able to remove all the cell fats in your body. You may have removed some of the cellulite cells but more cells could easily store more fat. The long term benefits of liposuction ultimately depend on what you do after the procedure.

You can have liposuction and go home immediately

The complexity of each procedure depends on the patient. Those who need minimum fat removal may require local anesthesia and could be sent the same day after surgery. For more complex procedures however, general anesthesia is administered and the patient is advised to stay in the hospital for observation.

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