What Is Leptopril?

Like the world of weight loss in general, in the world of diet and weight loss products, there are a wide number of brands to choose from, and many are excellent alternatives to liposuction. Each is designed differently and what may work for one may not work for another. There have been many questions circulating around weight loss products, but a very popular topic is Leptopril. What is it?

Of course, we understand that Leptopril is a weight loss aid available in the form of a pill, and recommended above cosmetic surgery in most cases. What we need to know is Leptopril's ingredients and to learn how it works? Or does it actually work?

Leptopril is the generic brand of the weight loss drug Leptoprin, made available by Generix Laboratories. Their website boasts the use of powerful stimulants in order to "overcome diet, fatigue and provide the energy wanted and needed throughout the day." Knowing how potentially harmful stimulant abuse can be, this should be cause for caution.

This is a drug designed for people who are considered significantly obese (have a BMI of twenty-seven or higher), or those who need to lose at least twenty pounds. The pill works by inhibiting the secretion of blood sugars, which is believed to, in turn, encourage to body to burn existing fat mass in order to create energy.

Leptopril also uses one of the body's amino acids, L-Tyrosine, as a main active ingredient. This particular amino acid is instrumental in the functions of the thyroid, and thus directly related to a person's metabolism rate.

Leptopril--a wonder drug?Leptopril--a wonder drug?

Another important ingredient to note is guarana. While it sounds like a harmless, natural filler this ingredient could be the cause of some nasty side effects. Guarana is a natural provider of ephedrine, a stimulant banned from use in weight loss aids by the United States Food and Drug Administration due to the rates of adverse health effects that were surfacing.

Ephedrine is used in the creation of many street drugs, such as ecstasy, as well as cold and flu treatments, and is also used in simulated adrenaline, known as epinephrine.

The combination of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements within Leptopril work to suppress the appetite. If used appropriately, this helps the consumer to eat less and burn more calories but essentially still receive their daily nutritional requirements. However, the addictive properties within the drug can actually cause a person to subconsciously eat less than they really should and actually begin to abuse the drug.

In short, Leptopril is a drug. It is not a herbal supplement or natural appetite suppressant. It contains ingredients that could prove potentially harmful and addictive, and should be taken with great care. Those who have found success with Leptopril have found it by great measure, but there have been cases of detrimental results.

Another notable fact - those who have found success with Leptopril have also incorporated healthy eating habits and regular exercise into their daily lives. Before beginning a weight loss program involving Leptopril, Leptoprin, Anorex or any similar product, be sure to discuss your plan with a qualified health care professional to ensure you take the safest route possible. While it may be a good alternative to liposuction, it may not be the best option overall.

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