Bigger Breasts Through Abdominoplasty?

Tummy tucks can cause an increase in breast size.

Here's an odd thought: can a tummy tuck create bigger breasts? Strangely, the answer is quite possibly yes. There have been new studies that have linked larger breast size with liposuction, especially procedures performed below the waist. Although it is believed that it may take up to one full year to see the difference, clinical studies have shown that nearly half of female liposuction patients do, in fact, increase significantly in bust size after liposuction (without breast augmentation).

A Netherlands-based medical center did a clinical study involving patients receiving abdominoplasty or similar procedures. One hundred four patients participated in the study, each having to confirm reported results with follow-up visits. Of these, nearly 50% reported and confirmed a slight increase in breast size, with as many as 19 improving by one full cup size. While for some women this was magnificent, for others, it was a curse in itself.
Similarly, nearly one quarter of tumescent liposuction patients reported the same results. Of twenty-two participants, four definitely showed an increase in breast size. Results like this are hard to argue with, and this is an odd side effect to think about for any woman.
We all knew that bigger breasts were available through liposuction and similar cosmetic procedures, but who could imagine that going in for a tummy tuck would result in a bigger cup size? It is definitely a thought for women considering these procedures, especially for women who already have large or bigger-than-average breasts to begin with. Solving one body problem could well lead to creating another, worse problem. In turn, it may become necessary to have a breast reduction to counter the after-effects of the tummy tuck.
There has never been a better time to stop and consider home-based and all-natural solutions to body problems, especially for women. With all of the risks and complications associated with cosmetic procedures, alternatives should always be the first option. If, and only if, these fail, consult a doctor before deciding that cosmetic surgery is your best option.

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