Liposuction – Health or Shape?

Contrary to popular belief, liposuction is not a weight loss treatment – it’s actually a fat remodeling technique designed to help patients achieve a more attractive body figure. This technique basically sucks body fats in unwanted areas such as the patient’s neck and abdomen. Needless to say, liposuction has become one of the faces of modern cosmetic surgeries along with other popular treatments like facelift and breast augmentation.

What exactly is liposuction?

Today’s traditional liposuction technique roots way back during the 1960s in Europe. While it has undergone numerous innovations and alterations, the same concept of removing fat with the help of a suction-assisted technique is still being utilized.

The fundamentals of a traditional liposuction involve assessing and removing the right amount of fat while causing the fewer disturbances and least discomfort.

On the other hand, if you are not into traditional liposuction, there are several alternative liposuction treatments such as lipodissolve, mesotherapy and thermage – which are thoroughly discussed below.

These liposuction alternatives are said to be less invasive and less risky compared to the traditional liposuction technique.

Is liposuction really safe? – How effective is it?

Even some Hollywood celebrities, world-famous athletes and supermodels have undergone liposuction, some on a regular and continuing basis. To put it simply, liposuction is safe and effective as long as your liposuction surgeon is reliable and knows what he’s doing. Likewise, the safety and effectiveness of your liposuction treatment is also determined by whether or not you follow the instructions of your surgeon prior, during and after your liposuction.

What are important considerations with regards to liposuction?

Your health is the most important consideration when you are to undergo liposuction. In fact, it should always be the greatest consideration regardless of what cosmetic surgery or what type of liposuction alternative you are to undergo.

You need to consult your general doctor and tell him of your desire to undergo liposuction. More likely than not, your general doctor can determine whether you are a good candidate for liposuction or if your medical situation is too risky for liposuction.

You should also pay attention to your daily routines. Considerable downtime is required after a successful liposuction, hence you need to schedule your appointments in advance. If possible, take a couple of days leave from your work.

Finding a liposuction surgeon near you is not easy

Finding a liposuction surgeon near you is easy but finding a reliable liposuction surgeon near you might be tricky. There are thousands of cosmetic surgeons in the United States and millions more worldwide. For that reason, choosing that “one” surgeon who can cater to your needs can be really daunting.

It won’t hurt if you ask fro referrals and recommendations from trusted friends and acquaintances. You can also use the Internet to your advantage. Invest time and effort in looking for the liposuction surgeon who can really suit to your needs and preferences.

Possible risks and complications associated with liposuction

Whatever procedure you undergo, risks and complications cannot be avoided. But the good thing is that they are simply risks and complications – it does not mean that they are bound to occur. You can avoid the pre existing risks and complications such as hematoma and dizziness, if you carefully follow your liposuction surgeon’s instructions.

Downtime and recovery – How long will hospitalization last?

Normally, you need to have a couple of days to a week rest after a successful liposuction. Expert surgeons advise avoiding strenuous and heavy work during downtime and recovery. Moreover, it can help if you have someone who can accompany you during your recovery stage, probably a trusted friend or a close relative.

Are there any liposuction alternatives available?

1) Lipodissolve

From the name itself, lipodissolve is liposuction through dissolution. This type of liposuction alternative is aimed to dissolve fats through a series of injections in the body areas concerned. The idea behind lipodissolve is to break down the bonds between fat molecules.

The dissolution process then paves the way for a slimmer and more attractive body figure.

2) Mesotheraphy

Mesotheraphy’s popularity is concentrated in Europe and Central America but that does not mean that this liposuction alternative is not available in the United States. The truth is that mesotheraphy is starting to carve its own niche in the US cosmetic surgery market.

Soon mesotheraphy will become a global household name.

3) Thermage

Thermage is arguably the most popular among the three liposuction alternatives listed here. Thermage is the most non-invasive of the three – in short, it does not require surgery as your surgeon will not cut into his patient’s skin.

With considerably lesser risk, thermage is used not just as an alternative to liposuction but also an alternative to traditional facelift procedures.

Apart from those three above, there are several other alternatives to traditional liposuction like the ultrasound-assisted liposuction or SAL and the power-assisted liposuction or PAL. Each of these alternatives has its pros and cons, you just have to weigh your situation and find out what is the best treatment for you.

Liposuction is not enough – Regular exercise and proper diet are must-haves

The effectiveness and longevity of your liposuction are not solely determined by how well the procedure was performed or how expert your liposuction surgeon is. Effectiveness and longevity of the liposuction results lies also at the hands of the patient.

Regular exercise and proper diet are always the greatest tool against obesity and other appearance-related problems, regardless of whether you’ve undergone liposuction or not.


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