Liposuction Alternatives – Weighing your Options

Before choosing liposuction, ask about options.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that promises to get rid of stubborn fats quickly and effectively. In fact, nothing beats liposuction in eliminating fat deposits. Exercise and eating a healthy diet still remains to be the most ideal way of losing fats, but these could be frustrating to those who find themselves suffering from weight problems or obesity. For those who just don’t have the time to prepare a healthy diet or religiously visit the gym, liposuction might just be the first step in helping them take the first steps towards a healthy life.

However, liposuction has its share of disadvantages and is far from being perfect. First there is the cost of the procedure which can easily run into the thousands of dollars for each treatment. Liposuction being a surgical procedure also has the same medical complications. Bleeding, infection and bruising are just some of the side effects that people face with each surgical procedure.

This is why many people who seek a solution to their troubling weight problems have often asked for alternatives to liposuction. They often search for gentler and more natural treatments that provide the same results but don’t have the medical complications seen in surgical liposuction.

Popular Liposuction Alternatives

Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve

Mesotherapy and lipodissolve are fat loss treatments that remove stubborn fat deposits by injecting medications and enzymes to ultimately burn and melt these fats. Treatments are done by first identifying problem areas. These are then injected with enzymes that break down fats. Although both treatments basically act in the same manner, Lipodissolve is considered by many as a gentler procedure compared to mesotherapy.

The difference mainly is due to the medications and enzymes used in treatment. It has become a popular liposuction alternative in the United States. It has been proven especially effective in sculpting the neck and face areas. Advantages over mesotherapy include faster recovery times.

Meostherapy on the other hand uses medications and holistic ingredients to melt away cellulite deposits. The needles used for these type of procedures are minute leaving no trace and often painless.

Body Wraps

Body wraps are fast becoming a popular weight loss method. Its origins have been traced to ancient Egyptians who used this as a beautifying treatment. Body wraps are usually found in health spas and beauty clinics but could also be performed at home. It used a variety of ingredients to enhance fat loss and treat the skin simultaneously.


Thermage is another popular body contouring technique that has proven to be as effective as liposuction. The treatment mainly uses the power of heat to burn away fat deposits. The instrument is applied over the target area where the heat penetrates deep into the skin to melt cellulite. Thermage is also effective on areas that liposuction could not easily target.

Thermage could be used in the neck and the face. Using lasers eliminates the need for invasive procedures and does not leave any scars in the process. Aside from melting down fats it also tightens the skin making it a more effective all around procedure.


Velashape is a modern liposuction alternative that uses radio frequencies to breakdown fat cells. It does not require any incisions or anesthesia. The procedure is usually performed in under an hour and patients are discharged immediately.

Aside from introducing radio frequencies to the target areas, this is accompanied by massages and rollers to further break the fat cells. These cellulite deposits can then be suctioned or is eliminated by the body naturally. Velashape could also be used as a facelift treatment. It tightens the skin surrounding the treatment area. It could be used in sensitive areas where liposuction would be risky. As with other types of liposuction alternatives it is limited in the amount of cellulite it could remove.

Diet Pills

Losing fat has never been more convenient than popping a pill. And diet pills promise to melt away your weight problems by simply taking in a pill before or after meals. Pills work by blocking the uptake of fats or by reducing your appetite.

Popular diet pills being used today are those that prevent the absorption of fats. This allows people to have their share of their favorite dishes. However, people who use this type of pills may fall into a false sense of hope as it does not really cure the root of their weight problem.

However, people should be careful about purchasing these diet pills. Many diet pills could be purchased online but are not approved by the Federal Drug Administration. These types of diet pills may have certain side effects and could prove to be dangerous to your long-term health.

Exercise and Diets

No liposuction alternative treatment could be complete without mentioning exercise and diets. These methods may take some time before any results could be seen but certainly worth the wait. Unlike liposuction which can give you instant results, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet takes time to achieve results.

But the best part of undergoing this healthy regimen is its long term changes. Once a healthy weight is achieved, it becomes more permanent. The problem with liposuction or liposuction alternatives is that changes are easily lost when they revert to their old habits.

Liposuction versus Liposuction Alternatives

Liposuction is a surgical method. It uses invasive procedures to remove fat deposits from the body. Liposuction alternatives on the other hand are less invasive and minimize the pain and discomfort seen in surgical liposuction. The major reason why people search for alternative body sculpting solutions is their fear of undergoing an operation. Being placed under anesthesia is an experience that is discomforting. Alternatives to liposuction are less invasive and have shorter recovery periods. It does not require long recovery times hence, people could return to their normal lives much faster.

The greatest benefit of surgical liposuction still remains to be its ability to remove large amounts of fats more quickly. It continues to be the most effective fat removal method bar none. Liposuction alternatives may require several treatments before similar results could be seen.


The cost of liposuction is also one of the major reasons why people still ask about liposuction alternatives. The price of liposuction often runs into the thousands of dollars making them expensive. However, liposuction alternatives may also run close to those asked for surgical liposuction. Some treatments may require multiple sessions before the desired results are achieved making it more expensive than having surgical liposuction.

Liposuction is not a new medical procedure. It has been practiced for years and reports of liposuction going wrong are far and few in between. Advancements in medical science has made it safe and improved its efficiency in removing cellulite deposits. But this does not eliminate the fact that liposuction still produces bruises, swelling and pain after surgery.

Alternatives to liposuction offer a gentler method of weight loss. It requires little or no surgery. People who opt for liposuction alternatives could be sent home immediately after treatment. These methods don’t produce bruises or swelling. Discomfort levels and side effects are minimized.

Liposuction Alternatives – Benefits

Improves your health

 Cardio Vascular Disease is one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide. Being overweight dramatically increases the chances of people suffering from CVD. Reducing your weight decreases your chance of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. People who are able to maintain their normal weight are able to engage in sports helping them improve their overall strength and fitness.

Look better

Liposuction alternatives visibly improve a person’s appearance. Clothes fit better and people look younger. Thermage for example does not only eliminate stubborn fats but also improve the skin. It tightens the skin, giving people a healthier and youthful appearance.

Improves Self-esteem

The negatives of weight problems are not only skin deep. It also affects how people think about themselves. Society has placed great importance in looking good. Health and appearance are often interchanged making keeping a slim figure important. People who are able to achieve their desired weight are able to feel good about their body.

Liposuction Alternatives - Candidates

Almost anybody could be a candidate for liposuction alternative treatments. Unlike surgical liposuction that requires people to be physically fit for surgery, alternative procedures could be performed safely on anybody. Surgical liposuction requires that people be within 25 pounds of their ideal weight and have been unable to lose this through exercise and dieting.

Liposuction alternatives being gentler and non-invasive could be performed on individuals who may not be qualified for conventional liposuction. It could be done for both men and women. The medical risks in surgical liposuction increase with age while it is usually not a factor in liposuction alternatives.

What to expect

Talking with your treatment provider about what to expect after the procedure saves you from disappointment. Expectations should be realistic. Because liposuction alternatives are not able to remove the same amounts of fat deposits compared to traditional liposuction, people should expect multiple treatments.

The best candidates for liposuction alternative procedures are those who are near their ideal weight. These treatments work best in removing stubborn fat deposits. It may not be as effective in removing large amounts of cellulite deposits.

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