Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction

Numerous developments have been made in the field of weight loss procedures. Modern medical techniques such as liposuction have made it possible to eliminate stubborn fat deposits quickly. But liposuction still remains to be a procedure that has its own share of risks and complications. Hence, the need for alternative weight loss methods that is safer and gentler.

Water-jet assisted liposuction is one of the alternative techniques that aim to provide the benefits of traditional liposuction without its risks. It is a gentle and less invasive procedure that uses pressurized water to dislodge fat. Some of its advantages include:

-          Less invasive

-          Faster recovery

-          Gentler, less painful

-          Produces great results

The main difference between traditional liposuction and water-jet assisted liposuction is that it utilizes a pulsating spray of liquid to remove stubborn fat deposits. It loosens fat from connective tissues thru the action of liquids and eliminates them. The direct result is a weight loss technique that produces less tissue trauma and bruising while providing excellent results.

Body-jet liposuction introduces gentle pulses of fluid into the body using a cannula.


With Body-Jet liposuction, the doctor simultaneously introduces gentle pulses of fluid into the body while dislodging and removing fat using a cannula. Unlike laser-based liposuction, it uses the action of pressurized water to gently remove cellulite deposits while minimizing trauma. The procedure effectively removes fluids simultaneously as it is introduced.

Advantages of water-jet assisted liposuction:

Water-jet assisted liposuction is a gentler procedure compared to other types of liposuction. It could be done with minimal downtime and produces less discomfort. It is performed under local anesthesia eliminating the dangers associated with general anesthesia. Because it is less invasive, people are able to recover more quickly and return to their daily routines. It is also more targeted hence, providing excellent results.

Who is an ideal candidate for water-jet assisted liposuction?

Any liposuction procedure becomes more risky with every pound that the patient is over their ideal weight. Ideal candidates for water-jet assisted liposuction should be in good health and not more than 25 pounds over their ideal weight. People suffering from persistent localized fat deposits that are resistant to exercise could obtain the best results from treatment.

Areas for treatment:

Water-jet assisted could safely remove cellulite deposits from almost any trouble spot in the body. It could safely treat almost any area because it is gentler and less invasive. Common areas for treatment includes the arms, thighs, chin, knees, hips and abdomen.

What makes it different from traditional liposuction?

Water-jet assisted liposuction utilizes pulses of fluids with saline to gently remove fat deposits. This produces lesser trauma compared to the suctioning motion in traditional liposuction. Standard liposuction also requires a lengthy period for introducing tumescent fluids into the target area. Water-jet assisted liposuction also uses fluids during the procedure but less medication is needed. These however, are used to minimize discomfort and manage bleeding.

The procedure minimizes the amount of fluid at any given time. It gives the surgeon a better perspective on how the procedure is going. This makes water-jet assisted liposuction better in some ways compared to other alternative procedures.

Patients could return to their normal daily activities in as little as a few days. Because treatment produces less pain and healing is quicker. Like any type of liposuction treatment, fat cells removed don’t grow back. Any weight gain could be traced to untreated areas of the body.

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