Large Volume Liposuction

Liposuction has become one of the most popular ways of removing large amounts of fat deposits quickly. Given the choice of laboring hours in the gym and undergoing a strict diet or losing huge amounts of fat in a single procedure, then liposuction would be the choice for many.

Large volume liposuction is a special procedure which exactly is what it names says, it removes huge amounts of cellulite deposits in the body. The American Society of Plastic Surgery more accurately defines this as any liposuction procedure that removes more than five liters of liquids from the body. This is roughly equivalent to six pounds of fat.


Large volume liposuction is highly efficient and could easily remove 30 pounds from an overweight person. This could be done by extracting ten to twelve pounds of cellulite. Other visible results include a drastic reduction of six inches from a person’s waist size. Large volume liposuction is really convenient. It does not require exercises or special diets before the procedure. Fat removal is also permanent making it an attractive option for people with severe weight problems.

The procedure is an effective way of eliminating high volume of fat deposits in the body. But like any type of surgical procedure, it does have its own share of disadvantages. Because of its highly sensitive nature, large volume liposuction uses general anesthesia. This is riskier compared to less-invasive fat removal procedures that only requires local anesthesia. Another major drawback with this procedure is the long recovery period associated with liposuction surgery.

Recovery time may take weeks or even months before patients could resume their normal daily activities. Most of the risks are a direct result of general anesthesia use. Patients are advised to visit the hospital for several days for evaluation. Another expected result of large volume liposuction is saggy skin in areas where fat was removed. Patients can undergo a tummy tuck or lift to treat this concern.

Things to Check before the Procedure

Large volume liposuction is definitely not for everyone. Before being treated, patients are advised to consult with their doctors. There are basic conditions to be met before qualifying for treatment. To make your treatment safer, consult with a qualified surgeon.

The patient’s body must be able to withstand the trauma of the procedure. They must not be severely overweight. The risks of liposuction increases with each pound a patient is found over their ideal weight. Some patients are required to lower their weight before any type of surgery is taken.

The success or failure of any surgical procedure is based on the surgeon’s competence. They must possess the necessary experience and training for the procedure. Because liposuction surgery is pretty common nowadays, patients are no longer hard pressed to find a suitable surgeon.

Patients must also be able to understand the limitations and risks of large volume liposuction. Some of the frustration of patients can be due to high expectations. Surgeons must be able to explain the risks and dangers of treatment. They should educate their patients into how the procedure is done.

Large volume liposuction is truly an effective way of removing high volume of fats that remains elusive for many. This is ideal for people who are experiencing a difficult time eliminating stubborn fats through exercise and proper dieting. However, it can be considered risky and consulting with your physician is advised.

This procedure even though it is highly effective is not considered a healthy way of losing fats. It is not a long term solution to obesity. It is still limited in terms of the amount that could be safely removed and risks are directly proportional to every pound of fat removed. Weigh your options. Eating the right diet and living an active lifestyle still remains to be the safest and healthiest way of achieving the body you’ve always wanted.

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