Smartlipo – Alternative Liposuction Treatment

Liposuction is one of today’s hottest and most in demand cosmetic surgery procedures. However not everyone who wants to shape and improve their body figure wants to undergo liposuction. Traditional liposuction can be costly and its results are not that long lasting.

Hence a plethora of liposuction alternatives have been introduced in the cosmetic surgery market. Considered as among those alternatives that can potentially deliver far better results, smartlipo is now skyrocketing in terms of its popularity.

A Brief Introduction to Smartlipo – What’s in Store?

The primary aim of smartlipo is the same with that of traditional liposuction – to shape and improve the patient’s body figure. However there is a slight difference between the alternative and the traditional type. Smartlipo is considered as a quick fix solution to weight issues while traditional liposuction is not. In fact, cosmetic surgeons are in unison against calling traditional liposuction a weight loss procedure – point of order, both are not a weight loss procedure. But smartlipo is better when it comes to helping people lose weight.

One of the main features of smartlipo is that it can specifically target certain parts of the patient’s body. You can specifically point out the part of your body in which the procedure will be performed. Unlike traditional liposuction, smartlipo does not simply remove unwanted fat in a patient’s body. What it does is to remove unwanted fat in targeted areas of the body with the help of laser technology.

Smartlipo also does not necessitate the use of general anesthesia – a primary feature of most alternative cosmetic surgery procedures.

Despite the fact that no amount of general anesthesia is required to perform smartlipo, a patient will only feel minimal pain. As already stated above, smartlipo makes use of laser technology and it is noninvasive.

However, you still need to pay close attention to a lot of things when you are thinking of having smartlipo. You need to factor in the cost, the downtime and recovery period and of course, the cosmetic surgeon who will perform the procedure.

The cost of smartlipo differs based on who will perform the procedure and where it will be performed. A rough ballpark figure would be around $3,000. Nevertheless, be prepared to spend a hefty amount when thinking of having smartlipo.

The downtime and recovery period that comes with smartlipo are normally shorter than traditional liposuction – which is a strong advantage. In choosing a cosmetic surgeon, there is however a number of things that you need to look into like the expertise and the education of the surgeon you are dealing with and his experience in similar cosmetic surgery procedures.

The Advantages of Smartlipo over Traditional Liposuction

Smartlipo has a number of known advantages over traditional liposuction. First of all, smartlipo is noninvasive which means that the procedure won’t require a cut into the patient’s body. For that matter, the risk against excessive bleeding is completely eradicated.

Shorter downtime and recovery period also come along as an advantage that smartlipo brings. Most cosmetic surgery procedures normally take up to a few weeks of recovery but when it comes to smartlipo, a few days is usually enough to achieve and preserve the results of liposuction.

While other cosmetic surgery procedures even require hospitalization (usually overnight only), smartlipo does not. A patient who has undergone a successful smartlipo can leave the clinic/hospital just hours after the procedure.

The absence of anesthesia is also a clear advantage for smartlipo. People who are suffering from certain heart conditions and those who are allergic to anesthesia can now undergo liposuction through smartlipo.

Smartlipo can also serve as an alternative facelift treatment, in a way. Smartlipo can be performed to correct sagging facial muscles, tighten the face or even reshaped sagging breast.

Needless to say, smartlipo can actually be better than traditional liposuction in more ways than a person can imagine.

Is Smartlipo a Safe Alternative?

I won’t beat around the bush here, I will do the talk straight to the point – smartlipo is proven safe and effective. In fact, the United States’ Food and Drug Administration even approved and certified it in 2006. That alone is a solid “thumbs up” for smartlipo and its many practitioners.

Safety should be a primary concern even with cosmetic surgery procedures of the likes. With smartlipo, you can achieve great results without worrying about the side effects or the complications that may arise.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Smartlipo?

Before going forward and agreeing on the terms set by a cosmetic surgeon, you need to of course determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate for smartlipo.  When answering the question of “who is an ideal candidate for smartlipo?,” it is imperative to point out that smartlipo is a fairly easy and simple procedure. Smartlipo is not a complicated procedure hence it’s also fairly easy and simple to determine if you are a good candidate for smartlipo.

A good candidate for smartlipo is someone who has unwanted fat in areas of his body. Such areas may include the face, the neck, the chin or any other area of the body that needs improvement through reshaping.

Ideally, a person wanting to undergo smartlipo should be physically fit. He needs to be healthy both physically and emotionally. A good candidate for smartlipo is one who is free from any existing medical condition.

In order to arrive at a more informed assessment, you can sit down with your cosmetic surgeon and relate to him your medical history or allergies you may have.


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