Severe Obesity – Roadmap to a Healthier Body

Stomach Liposuction

Having a few extra curves could pose a serious threat to a person’s self-esteem and health. But try to think about people who are classified as severely obese and you magnify these problems exponentially.

Severe obesity is a medical condition that is characterized by a body mass index of 40 or above. Almost 1 in every 30 adults is classified as severely obese. These could be caused by a number of physical and psychological factors. Metabolic diseases are largely responsible for many of these cases but some have become overweight because of unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Many of the people who have been classified as being severely overweight have come to terms with their condition. They have simply lost interest in cutting down their weight. What’s more alarming is that they are aware of the dangers posed by being overweight to their health.

The problem with treating people suffering from weight problems is that their eating problems result from psychological problems. Food has become a source of comfort. Teaching them how to eat healthy and going to the gym is ideal. But more than likely this is bound to fail given their psychology. Extreme medical conditions often require special intervention. These measures include surgical treatment to remove large cellulite deposits to improve the person’s medical condition.

Weight loss diets

Diets are ideal but certainly not for everyone. When an individual has been used to consuming large amounts of food daily, cutting down on food intake is a hard task to accomplish. The problem with conventional diets is the time before any results could be visible seen. This is hard especially for severely overweight people who need some measure of assurance to continue with the program.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric or gastric reduction surgery is a medical procedure that involves the reducing the size of the stomach. A smaller stomach means less food intake, great for people having a problem controlling their appetite. Weight loss is achieved because the person is forced to eat less.


Liposuction eliminates large amounts of fats effectively and quickly. However, this could not be performed on extreme cases of obesity. Liposuction becomes more complicated with the person’s weight. This is why people who are severely overweight are advised to reduce their weight before undergoing liposuction surgery.

Are Weight Loss Pills Effective?

Popping in a pill has become a habit for treating almost any kind of ailment these days. Got a headache? There’s a pill for that. Weight loss pills are being advertised as a quick way of helping people get rid of cellulite deposits. They offer a convenient way of melting down fats without the need for surgery.

The first way that weight loss pills work is they prevent the absorption of fats in the body. This is great for people who don’t want to miss their favorite dishes without fear of putting on more weight. The pill interacts with the normal digestive process and stops fat being stored in the body. The fat is immediately

While these weight loss pills have been effective in reducing the amount of fat we get from food it is not as efficient in removing the cellulite we already have. This is dangerous since it gives people false reassurance that they could simply take in a pill and continue their unhealthy eating habits.

Weight loss pills help people lose weight by melting down stubborn fats in the body. This improves the body’s efficiency in getting rid of fats. People who go to the gym or regularly goes to the gym for example could maximize their workouts with the help of weight loss pills.

This would be a healthier option since it works with your body in helping burn fats. It reinforces the idea that exercising could bring desired results and helps people live a healthier life.

Another method how weight loss pills help people slim down is by curbing a person’s appetite. It reduces food cravings and limits the person’s desire to eat. Some people overeat because they feel they are never satiated.

Weight loss pills are just one of the new treatments being developed to help people achieve a healthy body. The real success of any weight loss program however, is not what happens after treatment but how long people stay fit and live healthy.

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