Revisiting Must Know Facts About Liposuction

FDA-Approved: A Definite Necessity!

You have heard from a friend of the great outcome of his liposuction.  Journals, magazines, and newspapers are headlined with success stories from this operation.  Despite this excitement, do you have a clear understanding what liposuction is, and what it does to improve your health?  If you are searching for answer, you are on the right page for gaining some of the facts about liposuction.

Liposuction is defined as a surgical operation performed to remove from your body via suction.  During the operation, small, thin tubes (cannula) are inserted through holes in the skin.  As this blunt-tipped tube enters these tiny cuts, doctors are able to suction fat through the inserted instrument.  Doctors are also able to maneuver this tube to target hard to reach body fat areas.

Liposuction is able to clear out fats from neck, cheeks, breasts, upper arm, abdomen, knees, calves, buttocks, hips, ankle areas, and chin.

This surgical procedure, however, is treated as a serious operation and may involve painful days of recovery.  Due to this, patients are informed of the possible complications of the surgery.

The techniques

As this surgery has reached mainstream, surgeons have developed liposuction techniques that make it less painful, safer, and easier.

  • You have seen doctors perform ultrasound on pregnant women.  Expect the same level of caution with ultrasound-assisted liposuction.  This procedure includes liquefying of fats which make it easier to suction out.  This liposuction is useful in removing especially in upper abdomen, back, and sides.
  • People generally avoid surgery because of the discomfort experienced during the process.  You can now expect body improvement with less pain.  This is achieved by applying local anesthetic to numb the target areas where the tube will be placed.  To add a lasting effect, more anesthetic is introduced into the fatty tissue as lidocaine and epinephrine before the actual liposuction is performed.  This type of liposuction is called tumescent liposuction.  Recent advances allow patient to undergo liposuction without general anesthesia or without sleeping through the procedure.

Liposuction risks

Before an interested patient has to undergo this procedure, doctors carefully ask questions about the medical history of the patient.  Also, physical examination is performed to ensure your safety.  Commonly, doctors look for pre-existing conditions that should be controlled before the procedure.  This includes: diabetes; high blood pressure; history of heart problems; allergies especially to antibiotics used during the surgical preparation; pulmonary problem, the usual signs such include shortness of breath; and substance abuse.

Furthermore, patients may suffer the following consequences during the operation.  This include:  infections, especially strep and staph; fluid overload; shock – usually result from insufficient replacement of fluid during the surgery; bleeding; minute globules of fat the poses risk by blocking blood flow, also known as fat embolism; uneven fat distribution; drug overdose, the usual culprit is lidocaine; and unattractive scars.

What happens before and after the surgery?

After undergoing through strict but necessary screening, doctors will prepare you for the operation.  A helpful tip:  bring over someone (a spouse) during your consultations to help you decide about this life changing procedure.

Doctors will inform you about the pre-operative preparations, the procedure proper, and the after care.  Once you have fully understood these terms, you are now on your way to a fitter version of you.

Expect compression garments and bandages after the surgery.  These are necessary measures to stop any bleeding.  The bandage could possibly be kept for at least two weeks, compression for several weeks.  Your doctor might check on you from time to time to monitor your progress.  You might be instructed to pay a visit back to the hospital depending on your health status.

After all things are said and done, you might enjoy the same health benefits as your friend.  Just make sure to maintain your shape as part of your efforts to stay healthy.


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