Four Reasons Why We Can’t Stop Weight Gain

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Fighting weight gain seems to be an uphill battle for many. This is after eating a healthy diet and a conscious effort to shed those unhealthy pounds at the gym. Some factors may not be directly related to our food intake. These are things which increase our risk for weight gain during our adult years.

The Easy Life

Why make life any harder when you have the means to live an easy life. Living a sedentary lifestyle could be the fastest way to gain weight. Even if you’re within your recommended dietary intake, carbohydrates that should be used for our daily activities are instead stored as fats.

It is important to instill the importance of exercise and living an active lifestyle as early as possible in children. Giving them a positive attitude towards health is something they could bring into adulthood.  Advancements in modern living have made everyday tasks easier and less strenuous on our body. People may have walked a few blocks before or went up a few flights of stairs to get to their office but elevators, escalators and modern transport systems have made it sweat free.

One way of luring ourselves into a more active lifestyle is by engaging in sports. This could make sweating and flexing our muscles a lot more fun compared to lifting weights at the gym. Encourage your friends to make this not only healthy but a good way to share moments with friends and family.

Sudden changes in your daily routine

Stress is a leading cause for eating disorders. A sudden change in your daily routine such as longer work hours or working night shifts could be stressful on the body. Moving to another country or switching to a new job would not only bring physical changes but also increase your stress levels.

If you find yourself turning to food for much needed comfort during these stressful times, be prepared to counteract this. Arming yourself with healthy snacks makes it easier for you to keep off salty chips and sweet cravings. Help your body adjust by taking dietary supplements and getting enough rest.

Low Birth-weight Babies

It all starts during pregnancy and healthy babies have the best chances of developing into healthy adults. Babies born with a low birth weight are at high risk for becoming overweight during their adulthood. Reasons include degenerative diseases that develop which contribute to weight gain. This makes it essential that pregnant mothers ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition during this stage in their baby’s life. Mothers are also strongly advised to breastfeed their baby for as long as possible to strengthen their baby’s immune system and provide them with all the needed nutrition.

Undernourished pregnant mothers give birth to low weight babies. Their babies are a direct reflection of the state of their health. Babies born to these mothers have a higher chance if becoming overweight during their teenage years.

Marriage and Weight Gain

There are many factors in marriage that can cause weight gain. These are caused by physical and lifestyle changes that happen during marriage. Women for example take contraceptive pills which contain hormones. These hormonal changes can lead to food cravings or make it harder to burn fat.

Women are more emotional and some women often experience depression after giving birth. Episodes of depression or sudden changes in emotion can be a major cause of unhealthy eating. Having a positive disposition could help you overcome these situations.

Men have higher metabolic rates, muscular and are more likely to engage in more strenuous or physical activities. Women are at higher risk for gaining fat because of their physical makeup and commonly stay at home.

These are just some of the factors that increase your risk for weight gain. Most of these however, could easily be prevented by eating a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle. The path to a healthy life begins in the womb. Making it essential that mother’s to live healthy and ensure that their growing babies receive the right nutrients.

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