Mesotherapy – Fad or Treatment?

Mesotherapy is one of the newest and hottest trends in cosmetic surgery these days. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure is actually an innovative form of liposuction. Basically, mesotherapy is a procedure in which multiple injections are used in order to rejuvenate skin and melt fat in certain areas of the body.

Mesotherapy is done through the injection of substances including medications both pharmaceutical and homeopathic as well as vitamins and enzymes to the area concerned – usually the patient’s face, neck or chin.

In order to guide patients who are scheduled to undergo mesotherapy, below are ten of the most frequently asked questions about the said cosmetic procedure.

Q: How does mesotherapy differs from surgical liposuction?

A: One of the main advantages of mesotherapy over surgical liposuction is that the former treats cellulite while the latter does not. In addition to the cellulite-treating capacity, mesotherapy is also nonsurgical, meaning to say, your cosmetic surgeon won’t cut into your skin to perform the procedure.

Mesotherapy is designed not only to eliminate fat in unwanted areas, but to also promote smoother and more nourished skin.

Q: What conditions does mesotherapy treat? 

A: Mesotherapy can be applied to a number of conditions especially with regards to treatment of cellulite, acne, stretch marks and wrinkles around the patient’s face. It’s also an innovative form of liposuction, providing it with the capacity to eliminate fat (although it would better to not call it as a “weight-loss” treatment, in the same manner that liposuction is not a weight-loss treatment). Aside from the aforementioned cosmetic conditions, mesotherapy can also treat a broad number of injuries and illnesses.

Q: Is mesotherapy effective as a weight loss procedure?

A: As already noted above, mesotherapy (or liposuction) should not be treated as a treatment to lose weight. Mesotherapy is not designed for weight loss. In fact, it is a common belief in cosmetic surgery that the more fat is eliminated by means of liposuction or its related procedures, the greater risk there would be.

On the other hand, the injection used in mesotherapy often has substances that prevent cells from storing fat deposits. Obviously, there is no need to manually remove fat due to these substances. To put it simply, mesotherapy is a safer choice than traditional liposuction in terms of losing weight.

Q: When will I see result of mesotherapy? Will it last?

A: The results of mesotherapy are bound to last – that is if you diligently follow the guidelines and the instructions provided by your cosmetic surgeon.

According to cosmetic surgery experts, most patients will see noticeable changes only after the second or third mesotherapy session. Combined with proper diet and regular exercise though, the results of mesotherapy can last for several years.

Q: Is the procedure painful?

A: Given the fact that mesotherapy is a nonsurgical, noninvasive cosmetic procedure, patients will experience little pain. The only pain you’ll probably feel will come from the needles used in the injection – which is really not painful.

Q: Are there any side effects associated with mesotherapy?

A: The most common side effect associated with mesotherapy is bruising – which is expected and is not a major side-effect.

Q: Are there any risks and complications that come along with mesotherapy?

A: Mesotherapy is just like any other medical procedure – it’s not immune to risks and complications. Some of the common risks and complications that come along with mesotherapy include excessive bleeding and minor headaches.

There are no serious risks and complications associated with mesotherapy.

Q: How to prepare for your mesotherapy session?

A: Preparing for a mesotherapy session is a combination of knowing what to do and diligently doing the things that should be done. You should know what to do and this can be achieved through discussions and consultations with your cosmetic surgeon. On one hand, doing what needs to be done requires discipline.

Q: How to choose the right cosmetic surgeon for your treatment?

A: Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon to perform your mesotherapy should be a top priority. The safety and effectiveness of your mesotherapy session is somehow determined by the level of expertise and experience of your cosmetic surgeon. Hence it is necessary that you find a cosmetic surgeon that is not only an expert in mesotherapy but similarly suits your specific cosmetic needs and situation.

Word of mouth is certainly one of the best ways to find a good cosmetic surgeon. Additionally, you can search the Internet for top cosmetic surgeons in your area.

Q: What relevant information do I need to disclose during initial consultation?

A: Apart from the competence of your cosmetic surgeon, the information you disclosed during the initial consultation also plays a vital role in the safety and effectiveness of your mesotherapy session.

You need to disclose to your cosmetic surgeon information relating to your medical history including your current medical condition (if any) or allergies that might affect the result of mesotherapy. Sitting down with both your cosmetic surgeon and your general physician is highly recommended prior to your mesotherapy session.

Compared to cosmetic surgeries like the traditional liposuction, facelift and breast augmentation, mesotherapy pales in terms of popularity. But that has nothing to do with its effectiveness and safety.

The seemingly unpopular nature of mesotherapy is perhaps due to the general skepticism and distrust given to new and innovative procedures. Needless to say, mesotherapy, given its many benefits will inevitably increase in popularity and will remain popular in years to come.


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