Healthy Weight Loss Post-Pregnancy

absGaining those extra pounds after pregnancy is perfectly normal. But mothers don’t have to live with those extra pounds forever. Shedding extra curves could be tricky. You have to consider that you still have to take care of your baby and skipping on those fats might not be a good idea.

While exercise and dieting remain to be the healthiest ways to lose those pounds, there are serious health considerations. Your body has just undergone major physical changes and hitting the gym can be risky.

Walking is the safest and healthiest way of exercising after pregnancy. It is an excellent way of getting your heart rate up without placing too much stress on your body. You could do it indoors while watching your baby or outdoors when strolling with your baby in the park. Walking does not take your concentration away from your baby. It is a gentle activity that could be done anywhere with your baby. It is also an activity that could help you build better bonds between mother and baby.

You could immediately start walking as soon as you feel strong enough. This could be as short as a few weeks for those who had normal delivery. Those who had complex deliveries or have undergone Caesarian procedures should consult with their doctor to determine the best time to start exercising.

Any type of physical activity helps you burn calories. But walking does not only help you shed those extra pounds, it also strengthens bones and muscles. Walking restores muscle tone, making your buttocks and legs shapelier. Schedule your walks after breastfeeding or pumping milk. This is to minimize discomfort.

Muscles might be sore or too tender to resume exercising. It is important for mothers to ensure maximum comfort to reduce discomfort. Using good fitting running shoes is a good way of reducing the impact of walking. It is also a good idea to use supportive bras to make your walks more comfortable.

Start with flat surfaces. This is to gradually accustom your body to increased levels of physical activities. You could increase the level of difficulty by choosing paths with inclined gradients. If leaving the home isn’t possible you could use a treadmill.

One of the basic rules of exercising is to always warm up. This ensures that all muscles are ready by directing blood flow to the areas. It helps loosen muscle and joints to prevent injury. Simple warm up exercises and stretches could go a long way in preventing injuries.

The rate of calorie burning depends on the time of activity and level of difficulty. You could make this more efficient by wearing warm clothes to increase internal body temperature. Start slow and swing your arms to increase the level of activity. Begin your walking activities at 5 to 10 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week. This doesn’t seem much but remember that you’ve just gone a major physical change.

Remember to walk at your own pace. There’s no rush to get your slimmer body. Weight gain is your body’s natural reaction to pregnancy. Being a little bit curvy is a sign that your body’s packed with nutrients for your baby. You could always get that swimsuit perfect body once your body is ready.

How to Diet After Post Pregnancy

  • Arrange your plate and make fruits and vegetables your plate’s centerpiece. Fill a quarter of your plate with lean meat for protein. Add a glass of skim milk for added calcium and protein.
  • Try to stay away from salty snacks and sweet beverages that contain empty calories. Replace sodas with fruit juice or water.
  • Be sure to have a glass of water handy or a healthy snack within reach. Food cravings are quite common especially after pregnancy.  Changes in hormonal levels can lead to mood changes and food cravings.
  • To avoid overeating, eat 5 small meals a day or eat healthy snacks between meals.
  • To make fat burning more effective, eat fat burning foods such as salads, vegetables and lean protein.

Exercise and eating a healthy diet are essential whether you are trying to burn those extra fats before or after pregnancy. Just be sure to consult with your doctor to make weight loss safe for you and your baby.

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