Flat abs with no liposuction

If you’re searching for those perfect flat abs and desire a buffed model body, then the first thing you MUST do is to reduce the body fat. People spend years doing ab exercises and find out they have had little or no success.  As much as they try, they just can't get rid of the body fat.  Stomach crunches alone will not reduce your stomach and make your beer belly disappear.  The way to true success is with a three part approach to reduce the body fat and have flat abs.  Part one is ab crunches and other body related exercises. Do not just concentrate on the ab region; exercising the entire body will reduce body fat.  Adding in aerobic exercises and cardio workouts is essential also.  The main thing that will eliminate the body fat is diet though. Let's face it all of us would love to have flat abs with no liposuction and we can do that.

Many people do not understand the necessity of a low fat diet.  It is very important to eat a raw vegetarian diet with lots of water to hydrate the body.  Eating lots of protein from Brazil nuts, legumes (beans), nuts, and avocados will give you energy and vitality.  Change from using hydrogenated oils to olive oil in your diet.  Instead of 3 large meals a day, eat 6-7 small meals and never eat two hours before sleeping.  This is a basic low fat diet without any red meats at all.

Now your body is lean and you will lose weight too.  Through these simple additions to your exercise plan, you have increased your strength and vitality.  By adding in a 15 minute a day workout with a mini-trampoline to increase lymph flow, you will have that desired buffed body and flat abs.

As with any exercise program, start slowly and work up.  Check with your doctor if you have any pressure on your chest at all and follow his guidance. It is important to remember finally, that your entire body works as a single unit, and that flat abs are an important part of a healthy body.

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