Beats Liposuction for tummies

Stomach liposuction has fast become the number one requested liposuction procedure. It is a way to permanently remove belly fat and allow the patient to not only get their self esteem back, but to be able to wear that bikini without worry or shame. Many have tried exercising and diets and found that the belly or stomach fat to be the one area that is almost impossible to rid effectively. Many people who have gastric bypass will also resort to stomach liposuction trying to get rid of the excess skin lost after a drastic weight loss.

With the new tumescent liposuction technique, a general anesthesia is avoided and only a local anesthetic is use. This will reduce the cost for the patient. With this new procedure, the patient can be back to work in three days or less. One of the other benefits to this new procedure is that both the bleeding and the trauma to the fat tissues are greatly reduced.

Differences Between the Tummy Tuck and Stomach Liposuction


There use to be a great debate about which procedure is the best. With tumescent liposuction small incisions are made and stainless steel tubes are used to withdraw the fat. No hospitalization is needed and a very short recovery time of three days is needed. There are no unsightly scars either.The tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure and requires hospitalization, a general anesthesia, recovery time and side effects from a potentially dangerous surgery. There is a large permanent scar below the panty line also.

Cost of Stomach Liposuction The cost of stomach liposuction varies depending on how much work needs to be done to the stomach area. In general, the average cost is between $2600 to $6500, but this can change dramatically by choosing the plastic surgeon and method of liposuction alone. Vanity is the main reason for people to want to use the stomach liposuction procedure. After the procedure most will want to keep this fabulous physique, so they will exercise and diet more. You could call this the "Richard Simmons" incentive. Just imagine yourself after having the stomach liposuction with this fabulous body dancing to the oldies with everyone's favorite diet guru, "Richard Simmons."

Before making a decision on this procedure, make sure to check both the doctor and the clinic out thoroughly. Insist on a board certified doctor who has a long record of successful stomach liposuction procedures which can be verified. Better yet, forget liposuction and explore liposuction alternatives.

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