Healthy Heart Foods

Diet pills that really workA change of diet can build a stronger heart. Since most of the things that leads to the condition can be blamed to unhealthy food that one consumed, then it is best to reverse the illness through the same factor, through diet.

There are lots of foods that can offer protection for the heart. These foods have nature’s natural protective enzymes, compounds, nutrients and anti-oxidants which if can’t reverse the heart’s dilemma can reduce the risk and reduce the severity of the condition.

Healthy Heart Foods


Salmon is one in the first choice in heart protection and heart strengthening goals. Salmon and other fatty foods such as sardines and mackerel are known to top the super foods list when it comes to heart health. So what’s with salmon and other fatty fish?

Salmon and its peers maybe called fatty fish but it contains a different kind of fat, the healthy one. This is called the long chained fatty acid, omega-3. It has been the subject of hundreds of studies and has been known for its heart benefits. It is known to lower the risk of arrhythmia which may lead to heart attack and atherosclerosis or the plaque building condition in the artery. Many health organizations all over the world advocates the inclusion of fish in everyday meal or the supplementation of omega-3 from fish oil and other marine sources such as krill and calamari.


Oatmeal can be more than your daily breakfast; it can be a heart soldier. Oatmeal may help strengthen the heart through its soluble fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol. One major factor in heart disease control is controlling cholesterol level as well. The oatmeal with its fiber may act up and soak all the cholesterol then let it be eliminated in the body without having contact in the bloodstream.

Oatmeal for the heart though isn’t that instant oatmeal which is sweet and artificially sweetened. Instead go for old fashioned oats. Experts recommended other whole grains with fiber such as bread pasta and grits.


Blueberries together with other berries can help decrease blood pressure and dilate blood vessels. In a study conducted with women in the age of 25-52, it is found out that those who eat three servings of blueberries together with strawberries have lowered risk of heart attack compared to those who eat less.

Blueberries contain the compounds called anthocyanins, a form of flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants which helps in the blood pressure as mentioned and helps cleanse the body by flushing out free-radicals and toxins.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are sinful, it may contain calories and may result to other known diseases, but dark chocolates are different. Dark chocolates contain which contain 70% or more cocoa contains antioxidant. It is because cacao has flavonoids too called polyphenols.

Dark chocolates and cocoa’s polyphenols helps in blood pressure and even inflammation.  It is also known to strengthen the heart and protect it from heart attacks and strokes.


Soy products such as tofu are often equated as vegetarian’s substitute for meat. But soy products can be more than that. Although it’s a good way to include protein in your diet, it can also be a form of food that benefits the heart. Soy products contain polyunsaturated fats and proteins minus the fats and the cholesterol.

Aside from PUFA’s, soy products also have fiber, vitamins and minerals and may help reduce blood pressure, a major contributor to heart disease.


Tomatoes contain lycopene, what you often hear advertised in most ketchup products. Tomatoes are also containing heart healthy mineral potassium.

Lycopene, tomatoes major heart benefit, is a carotenoid which helps get rid of LDL or the bad cholesterol since it frees blood vessels form obstruction which may increase heart attack risk.


You can go for nuts and never go guilt over it since they are fiber rich which are good for the heart. Nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, peanuts and macadamia nuts contain Vitamin E and some are even high in omega-3. To avoid nut complications, choose those that are natural or if packed, then choose those with lower salt.

Olive Oil

Olive oil or the extra virgin one holds great benefits for the heart. It is one of the major components of the Mediterranean diet. Four tablespoon a day of olive oil can reduce the risk of heart attacks since it has an effect against cholesterol and can even reduce sugar levels.

Red Wine

IN moderation, or a glass a day, can be very valuable for the heart health. Red wine contains resveratrol; a polyphenols helps in preventing heart disease. But more than a glass a day can do the opposite.

Green tea

Green Tea can reduce CVD. This has been proven already from various studies. Green tea contains the antioxidants called cathechins which lowers the death rate among avid drinkers.


Notably the broccoli, spinach and kale are the green vegetables which is heart friendly. They contain carotenoids which act as anti-oxidants. These vegetables contain fiber, minerals and vitamins. Kale n the other hand contains omega-3 fatty acids.

How to Include these Heart Healthy Foods in Your Diet

Of course you can’t go all eating these super foods while still eating a hefty amount of take outs and junks. Slowing down from processed foods and substituting this instead with the foods above can help. Inclusion of these heart healthy foods in your meals everyday can give your heart an extra boost.


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