What is a Tummy Tuck

Having a flat belly is every swimwear model’s dream. But for many women, this seems to be simply a dream as the realities of everyday life stop them from achieving that firm, tone belly. What is a tummy tuck? This is perhaps a girl’s best friend when it comes to helping them achieve that tummy they’ve always dreamed of. These are simple, safe medical procedures that if done by a professional cosmetic surgeon could provide women and effective way of shaping their figures.

What is a tummy tuck and what makes a good candidate for this procedure?

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and cellulite deposits from the abdominal area. These are usually done in just a few hours and patients are discharged from care a few hours after surgery. Although this is considered an invasive medical

procedure medical complications are few and scarring is minimal.

Women who have just gave birth or those having a hard time shaving inches or centimeters from their abdominal area are good candidates for tummy tuck procedures. Sudden loss of weight especially just after pregnancy results to excess skin on the tummy area. Women who have always had problems maintaining their weight and had lost amounts of fat in the abdominal area are also great candidates for tummy tucks.

Pregnancy, weight problems stretches the skin and once these are lost leaves people with sagging skin. Age is another culprit why we find ourselves with excess skin. Nobody can escape the effects of aging. Even with the best diet or exercise program, women will always find themselves with sagging skin. Tummy tucks give women that extra push in helping them achieve that body they’ve always wanted.

So if you’re still asking yourself what is a tummy tuck and is it worth it, then all you have to do is think about the heads that may turn with your slimmer, healthier body figure.

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