The Reasons Behind Bad Liposuction

We've all seen those horrible photos on the covers of magazines at the grocery store check outs, you know the ones - some celebrity superstar has liposuction and the results are less than appealing. Bad liposuction is one of the biggest fears in potential patients, and for a very good reason. If the procedure is not properly performed, the results can end up being clumpy and uneven or even make the patient appear to gain weight! There are many causes behind bad liposuction, and many of them are entirely preventable.liposuctin-procedure

Skimping on the cost of a surgeon is one of the main reasons behind bad liposuction results. In most places, the best of the best are also the most expensive. When hiring a liposuction surgeon, you want to look for and be willing to pay for the best available hand possible. Choosing an inexperienced or cheaper surgeon means running the risk of bad results.

Bad results from liposuction can include the aforementioned cosmetic effects, nerve damage, tissue damage, skin discoloration, scarring and even more detrimental organ damage.

When patients fail to divulge the full list of medications, drugs and supplements they take to their surgeon, the surgeon cannot take action to prevent bad results.

There is a very long list of substances that cause a chemical reaction when they meet with anesthesia in the blood stream. In some cases, the results are minor and the anesthesia may only wear off faster. There are more severe results that occur more commonly than we would like to, such as convulsions during surgery, black outs or difficulty breathing. If any of this occurs during liposuction, the surgeon is interrupted from his task to assist his patient and the surgery may be halted entirely. Hence, bad results.

There are definitely lots of horror stories about how horrible liposuction results can be and how they can cause permanent damage in the patients. But there are equally as many tales of triumph and great care. By ensuring you are hiring an experienced doctor with a positive reputation among his patients and by being entirely honest with him about your lifestyle, you can help reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of bad liposuction.  Even better would be to avoid liposuction.

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