How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a fat removal or skin tightening procedure (for most people) is the cost. Insurance typically covers little of the procedure at best, and most insurance companies do not cover any at all. This is because the procedure, for most, is considered cosmetic, and not necessary for survival.

Liposuction costs depend on a few variables. The first is the part (or parts) of the body to have the procedure. The next is the plastic surgeon. Not all surgeons charge the same fee for the same procedure. Be forewarned, cheaper is not always better.  While it is not usually necessary to choose the most expensive plastic surgeon to get the best results, the cheapest plastic surgeon is typically the least desirable character in the business.

The abdominal area (upper and lower combination) and female breast procedures are typically the most expensive liposuction areas. There are usually a high and low end of each charge, and patients are normally advised before the surgery what price to expect and why. The low end of each of these procedures is around $3000 in most cases, and the high-end averages at $7000.

Liposuction costs vary based on who does the surgery and what surgery is performed. It is actually rare to see a person having only one procedure overall, and most will return for different procedures throughout a matter of months or years. Once the ease of liposuction (and relative safeness) is seen, those with fatty deposits or sagging skin will return for more work.

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