What Is Laser Liposuction--And Is It Safe?

Many of us have heard of liposuction, and envision the tubes sucking the fat from our bodies in revulsion. That is no longer the case, as lasers have made it easier and less nauseating to get rid of unwanted fat and/or skin with ease.  Recovery time is shorter than with traditional liposuction, making this procedure very attractive at almost any cost.

Many laser liposuction beneficiaries are able to resume most of their regular daily activities within just a few short days after surgery. In addition, because the procedure is only invasive to a very small degree, the recovery is much less painful than before.  Laser liposuction also produces only small amounts of scarring, unlike the unsightly marks left by liposuction procedures in the past.

As with any other type of even slightly invasive surgery, laser liposuction carries a risk of infection. Although the risk is minimal due to the less invasive nature of laser liposuction, potential patients should be aware that the risk is there nonetheless.  For this reason, it is extremely important to choose to receive laser liposuction only from a licensed professional with experience handling this type of equipment. Consider alternatives to liposuction before you make a final decision.

Overall, laser liposuction is a relatively painless, minimally invasive, simple procedure. The risk of side effects is small, and recovery time is fast. These are valid reasons to consider laser liposuction over more traditional liposuction methods.

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