The Benefits of Laser Liposuction

Explore liposuction alternatives. Explore liposuction alternatives.

The true benefits of liposuction go beyond the physical changes the patient could see. More than the curves and visibly lesser fat deposits, liposuction could change a person’s attitude towards health in general. It could motivate a person to live a healthier lifestyle, eat healthy foods and live an active lifestyle in order to maintain their curvier body.

Laser liposuction is a liposuction alternative that promises to deliver the same results while being less invasive compared to the latter. It does not require the use of general anesthesia which significantly lowers the risk of surgery. Patients are also able to recover more quickly from the procedure because there is less tissue trauma.

People who have undergone laser liposuction are able to return to their normal daily routines much faster. Pain and discomfort is significantly lesser, requiring lesser recovery times. Rather than suctioning off excess fats and creating a big wound for inserting the instruments, heat from the laser liquefies stubborn fats.

Area where laser liposuction is performed includes the hips, thighs, arms, neck, chin and abdominal region. Because laser liposuction could be used more accurately as opposed to liposuction, it could be done on sensitive areas such as the neck. The amount of fat that could be removed from each treatment remains limited compared to traditional liposuction. This is why multiple sessions are required to remove the same amount of fat that traditional liposuction could eliminate.

Side effects:

The most common complaints felt by laser liposuction patients include soreness and tenderness that usually lasts for 2 to 4 days. This however, does not prevent them from performing simple daily activities. This is limited to areas where the procedure was performed. Pain medications can be used to reduce inflammation and proper skin care is advised to prevent infection.

Changes a person’s attitude towards health

The changes that laser liposuction brings go beyond its visible changes. People often give up eating a healthy diet or drop out of the gym simply because they don’t see the physical changes instantly. Anyone would be hard pressed to give up the things they love such as snacks if they don’t feel that this is bringing changes to their life.

People who have undergone laser liposuction are more likely to comply with exercise regimens and stick to healthy diets. They are more motivated simply because they have seen the changes of a slimmer, curvier figure. Rather than going through the process of losing fat again, obesity is curbed. They are also able to enjoy more physical activities, because their bodies are lighter.

Fat deposits which may not have responded to diets or exercise routines can greatly limit the mobility of an individual, pushing them into a downward spiral of non-activity which contributes to an increasing number of negative health issues.

Those who have experienced the frustration of enrolling in diet programs that seems to produce no results will surely agree that liposuction and its results give that extra motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and eating a healthy diet do work. But for those who can’t maintain their new lifestyle, undergoing laser liposuction makes the process a whole lot easier.

Can lower a person’s risk for cardiovascular diseases

Liposuction can have a huge impact on a person’s health. Immediately reduces the number of fat cells improving health significantly. Cardio vascular diseases remain to be the top cause of death worldwide. The risk for this disease increases with the amount of unhealthy body fats and cases of obesity. Rather than taking pills and medications, you could use laser liposuction to reduce body fats.

Live a more active lifestyle

Performing exercises and living an active lifestyle is much easier when you are able to move more freely. Removing stubborn fat deposits in the belly and thigh areas helps improve posture and breathing. You are able to move in the gym more freely without worrying about how you look. With less pressure on the lungs due to cellulite deposits in the belly area, breathing is easier.



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Things You Should Do Before Liposuction Surgery

No tummy tuckUndergoing a liposuction isn't just about simply sucking off your belly fat and achieving a beautiful body after. Like any other surgical procedure, having a lipo needs you to be prepared for the risks that you might take during and after the task has been done. Here are some points that you should remember to help you be confident of yourself during a Lipo and prevent you from harmful complications afterwards.

  • Choose a cosmetic surgeon who is board-certified and has adequate experience in conducting such fat-removal procedures like liposuction. The doctor should help you evaluate your overall health and go through this surgical process.
  • The surgeon will let you undergo a physical examination a few weeks before to make sure you don't any underlying medical conditions that might affect you during surgery. You may tell your doctor if you are taking any medications or supplements so they can recommend you if they have to ask you to stoptaking them before the procedure.Don't hesitate to ask your doctor about the details about what will you go through during liposuction especially the risks you could get.
  • You may also be advised to stop smoking or alcohol for two months. You shouldn't get complications coming from tobacco smoke and liquor while you are undergoing a Lipo, such as poor blood circulation, high blood pressure and liver complications.
  • At some point, you might have doubts or fears about taking surgery, so you might also consider taking a psychological examination to ensure you are mentally and emotionally prepared to have you body fat removed. You might have to answer a questionnaire in which you will fill in answers about your personal health, information about liposuction and what would your reactions be when your body fat is taken away. If you pass the doctor's evaluation, you will be accepted to go through the procedure.
  • Take a rest at home a day before liposuction, but you should do some light exercise like walking for at least once every hour, to keep the blood flowing just before surgery and prepare yourself from the stresses from the post-surgery discomfort.
  • Don't take any food or drink on the night before surgery, preferably after midnight, to prevent any upset feeling during the procedure.
  • Get enough sleep as well. You don't want to be stressed out when you get to the clinic, so sleep is a must.
  • When you wake up on the day of surgery, get yourself clean, wash yourself, take a bath, and brush your teeth. Having proper hygiene is extremelyessential for someone who will undergo a surgical procedure like liposuction.
  • Before going out to the clinic, never put anything on your skin, like lotions or creams, to prevent any chemicals entering your body as the suction tube is being inserted in your body.
  • Wear loose, cool and comfortable clothes on your way to the clinic and after surgery. You might have to endure tight bandages and discomfort after the lipo, so tight clothing should be out of your list for now. Loose t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and gartered trousers are examples that you should wear for the procedure.
  • Since pain and discomfort might get into you after surgery, make sure you have bought enough medical supplies and personal care products to help you ease discomfort and prevent infection from the cuts done during surgery. Invest on bandages,
  • Plan your transportation ahead on your way to the clinic. If you own a car, have someone to drive for you as you might not want to get stressed while on the road. If you are using public transport, consider riding a taxi instead of taking the bus or train.

Don't forget to consult your doctor for more advice to prepare you for liposuction, and for prescription medicines to help you with recovery. Also, don't forget to smile and be confident that whatever happens right after surgery will go away, and what is left will be surprising for you. For more tips, check out to know more about liposuction and its side-effects. You can also find more information about less-painful alternatives and how can you avail yourself of them.

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Laser Liposuction - Risks and Dangers

Laser in operation roomMuch of the marketing being done for alternatives to traditional liposuction revolves around its safety compared to the latter. There is no denying that liposuction comes with its own share of risks and complications but are liposuction alternatives really safer?

Laser liposuction is one of the liposuction alternatives that promise less complications and claims that it could produce better results. It uses local anesthesia and is less invasive. Laser liposuction claims that aside from fat loss, it also tightens your skin and has a faster recovery time. Patients are able to return to their normal daily activities faster, a very attractive alternative indeed.

Because it is less invasive and does not require a major operation, many professionals have started jumping into the bandwagon and now offering their services to people hoping to lose fat quickly. This in turn has resulted to overnight clinics or spas that offer laser liposuction to clients even without formal training or prior experience.

Laser liposuction is certainly one of the most popular fat loss treatments being practiced today. It is one of the newest methods of reducing stubborn fats but it is far from being safe or risk free. All types of medical treatments have their own share of complications and this includes laser liposuction.

Some of the medical complications seen in laser liposuction are also present in traditional liposuction treatments. One distinguishing side effect however, is the danger of burns due to the heat produced by the laser. If improperly performed, the skin might be burned due to long exposure or the laser is too close to the skin. The result is thermal injury or skin burn.

Skin or tissue damage – laser liposuction works on the principle of using laser energy to break down or liquefy fat. When the skin is exposed for too long to excessive heat, skin and tissue in the target area is burned. Extreme cases have resulted to skin loss and tissue trauma.

Bleeding or hemorrhage – although cases of bleeding due to laser liposuction may be slimmer compared to traditional liposuction, this is always a constant danger especially for treatments done by an unqualified professional. Bleeding could be the result of skin or tissue trauma.

Infection – any breaks in the skin increases the chance for infection. The skin is a physical barrier that prevents foreign contaminants from entering the body. But the danger of infection does not end after treatment. Infection could also be due to improper care or when the area is exposed after laser liposuction.

Anesthesia – this is administered to patients in order to desensitize treatment areas and prevent pain during the procedure. But even with local anesthesia, the danger posed by improper administration is great.

Skin deformities – a sudden loss in fat content could cause skin deformities. Wavy lines, depressions, bumps or lumps could be visible after treatment. Massive fat reduction especially in areas near the skin can cause a sudden imbalance and form waves or depressions.

Loose skin – skin may become saggy or lose their elasticity after treatment. This is a common occurrence in treatments that remove huge volumes of fat. Loose skin is also more evident in older patients with less elastic skin. However, one advantage seen in laser liposuction over traditional liposuction is that the skin loosening is lessened. Proper technique and procedure is the key to reducing or eliminating loose skin after treatment.

The best way of reducing the risks and dangers of any medical procedure is to choose a qualified surgeon. There are lots of medical professionals who may have the license to perform surgery but only a highly skilled surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery could perform the procedure competently. Many patients make the mistake of shopping for the cheapest treatment available that they underestimate the dangers of laser liposuction.



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Fat Cell Facts You Should Know

Cellulite treatmentContrary to popular belief, everybody is born with a pre-determined number of fat cells. Although some people are born with a higher number of fat cells, women in general have more than their male counterparts. Babies usually have 5 to 6 billion fat cells which steadily increase during puberty. By the time we reach adulthood, we already have 25 to 30 billion fat cells.

Many believe that we reach the maximum number of fat cells during adulthood and weight gain could be attributed to fat cells increasing in size. But today’s studies have shown that fat cells do not only grow in size but also in number.

The size of fat cells increase when we energy intake is greater than what the body needs. This in turn is stored in fat cells. Overweight people have fat cells that are three times larger compared to an average person.

An increase in the number of fat cells could be seen in people who live a sedentary lifestyle or who don’t follow a healthy diet. This could also be seen during early puberty or late childhood. It can be seen during pregnancy and during adulthood when extreme weight is gained.

The number of fat cells remains steady even during adulthood through our later years except for people with weight problems. When fat cells have reached their maximum capacity, new fat cells are created to accommodate excess fat. Overweight adults have around 75 billion fat cells but this could triple in number for severely obese adults.

Some people consider obesity to be a genetic problem and once you have a history of weight problems keeping yourself slim could be an uphill battle. Although it is true that some of us have more fat cells compare to others, a healthy diet and active lifestyle still remains to be our best defense against recurring weight problems.

Liposuction still remains to be an effective way of reducing the number of fat cells in our body. But it can’t stop fats from coming back if you can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can go for multiple liposuction treatments but does not do anything for your long term health.

Advancements in medical science have made weight loss as easy as taking a pill. Check your local supermarket and there’s bound to be a diet pill that promises an overnight solution to your weight problem. It is impossible to reduce the number of cells without the help of medical science such as liposuction but you could reduce the amount of fat stored in your body by simply exercising every day.

The number of fat cells in your body can have a huge influence on how difficult it would be to maintain your ideal weight but it is not an excuse for being overweight. This is perhaps the reason why some people have an easier time gaining weight compared to others who eat the same diet.

Surgical intervention through liposuction or abdominoplasty should always be a last resort.  Just because you could afford multiple liposuction treatment does not mean you could discard a healthy diet.

The journey to a healthy lifestyle begins with having the right attitude towards diet and exercise. Create your short and long term goals keeping them as realistic as possible. Even liposuction has its limitations and severely obese people are advised to reduce their weight within safe levels.

Much of what happens in our early life can have a huge effect on the final number of fat cells in our adult years. But with childhood obesity on the rise it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that the number of obese adults in the future would also increase. It is important that we teach the younger generation the importance of eating a healthy diet and maintaining an active lifestyle. But with more children spending hours in front of the television or the computer, this could be another uphill battle.

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