Neck Lift Alternatives

Thinking about making your neck more attractive?Thinking about making your neck more attractive?

There are many services and products being advertised today that offer the results of face and neck lifts without surgery. They claim to use wonder plants that promote collagen production, or perhaps require a daily creme treatment. There are dozens of them and just as many methods of use, but none have been proven to actually produce results.

Before beginning any treatment plan as an alternative to neck lift surgery, it is important to first consult with a licensed physician. Be sure to ask about the products and the ingredients used in them. Some of these wonder pills and cremes have been known in the past to contain drugs or substances that proved harmful to their users, even fatal in some cases. Your physician will know if the product has been approved by your local government food and safety organization, and if it contains anything that could be dangerous.

Many physicians will not promote or recommend these products at all. In researching this topic, I discovered a large number different physicians who do not recommend neck lift alternatives such as laser therapy and drug store cremes. Every one of these physicians stated that the products and services simply do not have the qualities required to produce the same results as a neck lift.

Search results also yielded a similar number of surgeons and physicians who say these products work on an individual basis, depending upon the type of treatment the patient is seeking. What may work for one patient may not work for the next three, or vice versa. The results of the treatment are based on the following:

  1. If there is fat to be removed, liposuction is the most effective method outside of exercise.
  2. The amount of loose skin and amount of damage the skin has sustained.
  3. The skin type.
  4. The patient's individual medical history.

Out of all of the products and services that promote themselves as neck lift alternatives, the only one that has been proven a success in the majority of cases is regular exercise. An excellent neck exercise program can be found by searching online, but you might also consider speaking with your physician and/or trainer to customize a neck exercise plan to produce the best results for your individual case.

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The Best Alternative To Liposuction

Cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non surgical, are a relatively new practice in the medical field. Liposuction and its many cousins have only come into common practice, available to the public, over the past twenty to thirty years. As the risks and side effects of such surgeries have come into the limelight of the media and through various lawsuits, people who once would have considered these procedures are now looking for non-surgical liposuction alternatives to produce the same effects as a surgery.

The retail market as we know it plays host to thousands of products which are engineered to tighten the skin, dissolve fat cells topically, cleanse pores, and mold our bodies. Many people find the results of these products touch and go, spending hundreds of dollars in products trying to find the right one for their skin and body types.

Even a massage is better than surgery.Even a massage is better than surgery.

On top of the products available for purchase and use in the comfort and privacy of our own homes, there are methods of weight loss and fat removal that do not use invasive surgical techniques. These methods include laser therapy, mesotherapy, Lipodissolve®, Thermage®, and even acupuncture among a long list of others.

One of the most common reasons that people consider undergoing liposuction is to remove cellulite, one of the hardest types of fat tissues to reduce in the human body. However, mesotherapy is a highly effective alternative for the reduction of cellulite and other effective fat tissue. Using a series of injections beneath the epidermis, mesotherapy works to break apart these fat cells and make them easier to burn away with frequent, vigorous exercise and a healthy diet. Above all the other methods of fat reduction and removal, the one that finds the most success is one that involves healthy living.

The best alternative to liposuction is the method that the user feels most comfortable with and suits their individual goals and body type. Some surgeons may insist that other methods of weight loss be attempted whole heartedly before surgery is considered. When considering liposuction, a responsible surgeon will be happy to discuss non-surgical alternatives with his patients and make recommendations based upon individual circumstances.

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The Risks Of Liposuction

Although many of the complications associated with liposuction procedures are very rare, occurring only once in hundreds of surgeries, they may still have devastating results if left unnoticed and untreated. If caught early and treated as soon as possible, a patient can minimize their risk of permanent damage. This makes it important for anyone considering liposuction, or any other cosmetic surgery, to be aware of the potential risks and dangers involved with that particular procedure.

Common Complications

Is it worth the risk?Is it worth the risk?

Some very common complications associated with liposuction include bruises, scars, a "lumpy" appearance in the area where the procedure was performed, loose and discolored skin, light headedness, nausea, and allergic reactions to anesthesia or wetting solutions. These are not normally dangerous, but can be undesirable effects. Many patients who find the surgery zones marred with lumps, scars, loose or discolored skin often return for further surgery to improve the appearance of the area.

Excessive Liposuction

Excessive liposuction is the cause behind many of the risks associated with this procedure. Having too much fat removed from a particular area in one day, or having procedures performed too close to together can cause the flesh in the area to seem dented, lumpy and make the skin sag. Of course, over exposure to anesthesia also brings about some unfavorable side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness and light headedness. To avoid excessive liposuction, patients should be sure to schedule multiple appointments over an appropriate period of time based on the amount of work to be done instead of having all the work done in one appointment.

Severe Complications

While severe complications are becoming a very rare occurrence in current practices, they still do happen and it is important to be aware of them when deciding whether or not liposuction may be right for an individual's personal situation. Of course, it is important to remember as well that medical technology and technique has improved by immeasurable means since liposuction started becoming a popular practice in North America, so an individual's likelihood of suffering many of these risks lies in the competence of their surgeon.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions to anesthesia, wetting solutions and other medications used during liposuction is the most common severe risk faced by most patients today. Many people simply are not aware that they may be allergic to any particular component of the substances used during surgery, and is mostly unavoidable. However, if a patient is aware of a medical allergy or sensitivity, it is important to advise the surgeon of this immediately.

Other severe complications include cardiac arrest, cardiac arrhythmia, excessive blood and fluid loss, permanent nerve damage, severe scarring, anesthesia induced brain damage, clots in the blood stream, fluid build up near incision lines, internal friction burns (usually associated with dry liposuction), and damage to internal organs. By understanding how these complications happen and ensuring the surgeon performing the liposuction is qualified and experienced, you can avoid suffering most of the aforementioned.


Many liposuction patients ask the questions, "How can I be sure to avoid all of these side effects?" The answer is always very simple. The only way to be entirely sure you will not fall victim to a serious complication associated with liposuction is to opt for another, non-surgical method of body shaping.

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Image Is Everything in Today's Culture!

In Today’s Culture, There’s No Denying It—Image Is Everything!

Many women consider their image to represent everything that they are.  Their image has everything to do with their self confidence and with their general appearance. Losing their weight or fat often gives most women more energy, a better outlook on the environments around them, and ultimately boosted self confidence.  They often believe that they look better to men, and the ultimately the benefits of looking slim, fit and attractive often seem to outweigh the potential risks associated with both tummy tucks and liposuction.

While we always discourage tummy tucks because of the inherent risks, we do understand the pressures that many people place on their appearance. Another possible reason for females to consider liposuction is because of issue involving a hypothyroid that causes them to gain excessive weight.

When You’re Considering If Liposuction Is The Right Choice

Before considering liposuction you should be knowledgeable about the potential risks and about what you should expect from the surgery. If you’re looking to have excessive amount of fat surgically removed—then your expectations are not realistic. Having excessive amount of fat removed can result in many dangers and complications, including death.

If you’re opting with liposuction, make sure to talk with a medical practitioner first. Subsequently, you should also have a cosmetic surgeon

Before choosing liposuction, ask about options.Before choosing liposuction, ask about options.

 give you a consultation and go over your history.Make sure to let them know about any allergies you may have, as well as know complications from anesthesia, and any other drug you are currently taking.

Communicating this will ensure that the doctors don’t put you on something that could react badly. Patients who have a history of illnesses or permanent conditions are won’t likely be considered as optimal candidate for the surgery. Speaking with your doctor about the surgery is critical. It will allow you to make a definite decision about whether liposuction is for you. You’ll also be able to better weigh the pros and cons.

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