The High Demand of Cosmetic Surgery

Liposuction does not have to be you only weight loss alternative!

In the last decade the demand for cosmetic surgery by older individuals has increased by 40%. Cosmetic surgery use to be tailored around the 20 to 40 years old, but as more and more elderly patients realize that they have 20 to 30 years left to live, they began to contemplate how to look and feel better. Some of the areas treated the most are breast reduction, tummy tucks, eye lid reduction and face lifts.

It use to be that cosmetic surgery was a rich woman's dream, but now the middle class realize that they too can afford these procedures. Many clinics are offering financing programs for every procedure and so the demand is in high gear. Many clinics and doctors are guaranteeing you that your psychological outlook will improve 100% once you see the new you. Imagine being able to look 20 years younger, not have a bulging stomach and the breast of a 20 year old woman. Would you pay for this high demand surgery?

Money Talks:

Money talks these days. The ability to achieve the perfect body with the perfect face is within reach for hundreds of thousands. Not only are many looking to do a face lift, but they are looking into doing multiple procedures at once. Cosmetic surgery is for both men and women and they will spend the money to get what they want.


As the celebrities lead the way, you just may be convinced that looking like Jennifer Aniston is what you most want out of life. Yes, she did have cosmetic surgery and she is among thousands of celebrities who have had some type of alteration. Some were not so lucky though, such as Kenny Rogers and Kathy Griffin who almost died from liposuction.

Cosmetic Surgery for Trauma Victims:

However, many people do not realize that cosmetic surgery does not exist solely to resolve our physical insecurities with ourselves. Cosmetic surgeries are also used to help accident and trauma victims. Without these cosmetic procedures, which rebuild structural integrity of various parts of the body, there are many people who would die from the after-effects of infection and susceptibility to illness. In other cases, liposuction and laser treatments, collagen injection, graphing and skin tone bleaching can all be used in emergency situations that have saved lives.

Cosmetic surgery is in high demand for many reasons, but the number one reason is that people are insecure in themselves and the media supports this. We’ve heard of reality show contestants being turned away because they are too fat or don’t look a particular way, however talent-less but beautiful people have made top ranks in certain competitions simply because of their looks. This feeds the insecurities of people all over the world. People need to consider liposuction alternatives if they are not a trauma victim.

As with any surgery there are dangers and side effects. The side effects can include death in some cases. Before considering going under the knife for an invasive surgery look at the many alternatives to cosmetic surgery. The alternatives are less expensive and have fewer side effects also. The rates of death with cosmetic surgery is higher than with car accidents per 100,000. So before taking your life in your hands, consider all the options. Research your alternatives, look for a board certified physician who cares more about your welfare than his pocketbook and then make an intelligent decision based on facts.

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