Safe Alternatives To Sizzling Your Cellulite

Scars and infection are real possibilities with surgery.Scars and infection are real possibilities with surgery.

For many of us cellulite is a part of life. No matter how much you try, the cellulite buildup just won’t be shed from your legs, thighs and buttocks. Many who battle problems with cellulite buildup often resort to cosmetic surgery and liposuction for results. The problem is that the previous mentioned procedures are often dangerous and can leave large scars and/or holes in the skin.

Though you can use a variety of topical crèmes, cellulite gels, wraps, lotions and ointments—the most effective results come with a healthy diet, regular exercise combined with special work-out techniques to laser target your cellulite. While cosmetic surgery has exploded in popularity over the past two decades, the common perception has now evolved to a common notion that liposuction is 100 percent safe. The truth is, however, that—it’s not.

Pop culture media is largely responsible for promoting and exploiting liposuction. The reality is, however, that there are still as many intrinsic problems with liposuction regarding botched jobs, scaring, and of course holes in the skin. Any type of liposuction procedure is never 100 percent safe, and while the tribulations from botched jobs occur every day—they are seldom covered by the media.

Alternatives to liposuction procedures are the safest bet. Whether you prefer body wraps, lotions, gels or crèmes to help you shred your cellulite—each alternative offers a host of health benefits otherwise void in your traditional liposuction surgical procedure. While the results are not as fast, you’ll be able to build a cellulite-free body safely. Also the results will continue to improve over time. The end result will be a fit, trim body that you’ve developed over time.

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