Rapid Weight Loss: Does losing big mean gaining more?

lipoosuction alternativesIn today’s society, people of all ages are obsessed with weight loss. Diet supplements, exercise equipment, and surgical methods are consistently being developed to give everyone the figure they dream of. But before you get swept away by the hype, you must first consider if rapid weight loss is the way to go. Below are a few simple reminders of how losing weight rapidly can be a disadvantage.

Health risks associated with low-calorie diets – calories are essential to our health as they provide the energy our body needs for our daily activities. If you are on a rapid weight loss routine (which means you have to be in an extremely low-calorie diet), you are likely to experience weakness as a side effect.

You will also experience muscle loss as a direct result of your super low calorie diet. Here’s why: our body burns calories to fuel our daily physical functions. With barely enough calories to burn, your body will burn some of your muscle mass for energy. This results to the dramatic loss of strength and unhealthy appearance.

Extreme diets also means cutting off nutrient supplies needed by your body leading to various health problems. Being vitamin deficient will make you prone to acne, poor vision, and hair loss.

Altered metabolism – when you cut down on the diet your body is used to, it adapts by slowing down metabolism. When you’ve achieved your desired figure, there is a high possibility of you resorting to your old eating habits. But your metabolism will not keep up with the sudden change in your diet. You might be eating more but your metabolism remains slow. As a result, you will gain weight much faster than you did before.

Loose skin – the skin shrinks and stretches in order to accommodate our changing figure. But if you lose weight too quickly, your skill will not have enough time to shrink and adapt to your drastically slimmer shape. If you are still in your 20s, your skin may adapt to these changes. However, if you’re into your 40s or late 30s chances are your skin will sag as an effect of rapid weight loss.

Social exclusion – the attempt for rapid weight loss does not only have an effect on your body. It can also make you feel socially excluded. Not being able to participate with your family and friends normal activities will leave you feeling isolated.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a leaner figure. If you find it personally satisfying then you should pursue it whole-heartedly. However, you must consider the effects of rapid weight loss. Shedding pounds slowly and consistently is the safest and healthiest way to go.

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