No Surgery Liposuction Treatments

Surgery can be one of the most stressful and traumatic situations a person can experience in life. A traditional liposuction surgery requires a tube to be inserted in the body to suck out excessive fat deposits in the area. Going under the knife is never a pleasant experience and it is because of this reason that many people have started considering no surgery liposuction treatments.

One of the complaints that many people who undergo liposuction surgery is the pain felt after the medical procedure. This continues to be one of the top reasons why many people have shunned traditional liposuction for no surgery liposuction treatments.

Mesotherapy has been growing in popularity as an alternative for liposuction. This no surgery liposuction treatment does not require invasive procedures and delivers the fat reducing effect by injecting small amounts of medications and amino acids to problem areas in the body. These compounds work on the fat deposits and melt them during the process. The main drawback with mesotherapy is the number of injections required to produce the desired effects. This type of no surgery liposuction treatment is still cheaper compared to traditional liposuction surgery.

Another method for reducing fat concentration in the body without the use of liposuction surgery is by the use of Thermage. It is a painless procedure that uses a laser to fire away at cellulite problem areas. This procedure can also be used for cosmetic applications like facelifts and skin tightening. Thermage does not require lengthy recovery times. Patients can be discharged in as soon as an hour after treatment.

If no surgery liposuction treatment is your cup of tea then using lipolysis is definitely for you. All you need is to apply them over problem areas and watch as these slowly burn your fats away. The results seen with lipolysis may not be dramatic as those seen in liposuction surgery but are way safer compared to invasive surgical procedures. It may take some time before any results can be seen but if you want to hasten the process you can combine this with other no surgery liposuction treatments like diet and exercise.


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