Natural Treatments for People Recovering from Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction may not be the best solution in removing those unwanted fats that people have been hiding or suffering for a better part of their life. The process of having a more “slender” look doesn’t just end after surgery. It’s just the first step and you have to make a promise to change your lifestyle into a healthier one.

From the food you eat to the basic everyday routines that you’ve been doing, staying healthy is a lifetime commitment. If you don’t want to imagine yourself growing those unwanted curves, snap out of that nightmare, wake up, and change your lifestyle! Maintain your figure naturally and heal the wounds of surgery.

Here are great tips to maintain your figure and ways to recover from the pain and side effects of liposuction surgery:

  • Compression Garments or Elastic Bandages

These are mandatory and should be used after the procedure is completed. These helps control the swelling after the liposuction. It also helps compress your skin to your new body contours. It helps relieve pain and shapes the skin to naturally follow your new contours. Compression garments and elastic bandages also prevent the development of saggy skin.

Bandages will be kept on the area for at least two weeks depending on the area of surgery. This is to maintain pressure on the area and stop any bleeding. You may notice that the area appears larger before the surgery. You don’t have to worry about anything since this is part of the normal healing process. Keep the pressure on these areas as advised by your doctor to avoid complications.

  • Hydrate

Many things happen during the healing process. And most of these things occur inside your body. Most of the time, your body would need more fluids to replace those lost during surgery.

This is why our doctor suggests drinking more fluids after surgery. You would actually need more than eight glasses of water a day to replace what has already been lost.

  •  Go Overboard on Vitamin C and Pair It Up with Vitamin A and Zinc

Known to be the most efficient vitamin in terms of assisting in the healing process, vitamin C is an important component for optimum healing. This vitamin helps aid in tissue repair, assisting in helping postoperative wounds heal. Don’t just settle for over-the-counter drugs, go natural, and buy vitamin-C rich foods. Citrus fruits are the richest sources of Vitamin C. Or you can try to search for the best vitamin-C rich foods online. The best one that I’ve searched so far is seaweeds. Yes, seaweeds, you got that right. With these babies, it’s got 10 times more vitamin C content compared to any other citric food available in the market. Well, if you’re more of a fruit eater, you can go for pomegranates, oranges, lemons, pineapples, and the list is limitless.

Vitamin A-rich food and Zinc can also be paired Vitamin C-packed foods. This will aid in skin regeneration and helps hasten the healing time of the postoperative area.

  •  Crazy Over Garlic

When we talk about surgery, infection is a possible side effect. To avoid this, why not go for the natural antibiotic Garlic. Garlic’s is packed with natural antibiotics called kyolic which enhances the body’s immune system’s function.

Health experts also recommend other herbal supplements like Echinacea, goldensal, and rose hips to help strengthen or boost the immune system.

  • Stock Up your Fridge with Protein-Rich Food

When we talk about tissue and/or skin regeneration, nothing beats pure lean meat. Yes, this is the time where you’ll have to stock up on protein, usually red meat. If you’re not a meat-lover you can go for beans and/or legumes as these type of food are also rich in protein which would help rebuild skin and muscle tissues.

  • Be Active

Patients are advised be active or ambulate as much as they can. This will not only help avoid any possible complications but also aids in reducing healing time. As long as the patient is properly assisted, then mobility is best advised.

To keep it everything simple, switch to a healthy lifestyle. Let go of the old unhealthy habits of the past. Stay away from fast food chains. Change the way you eat and live. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Perform simple exercises for better ambulation and faster healing of postoperative wounds.  This will not only help you maintain the figure that you’ve been dreaming of, you’ll also have that healthy feeling, inside and out.

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