Mesotherapy Prices, Treatments and Results

Mesotherapy is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that could be used to remove stubborn cellulite deposits and a proven anti-aging treatment as well. As a beautifying treatment, mesotherapy can be used to smooth out neck and facial wrinkles, removes unwanted hair and stretch marks.

The type of treatment generally determines mesotherapy prices. But compared to liposuction surgery and complex facelift procedures the cost of treatment is generally cheaper. The risk of developing side effects or medical complications are also smaller making them a safer and cheaper alternative to comparable cosmetic surgery treatments.

Mesotherapy is done by introducing synthetic compounds through the use of needles into the mesoderm. The mesoderm is layer of fat and connective tissue directly below the skin. This might cause a feeling of slight discomfort and pain but is generally tolerable and does not require anesthesia.

Fat loss is achieved by dissolving the fat content and preventing further fat deposition. Mesotherapy prices for cellulite loss treatments depend on the total area to be treated. It also simultaneously removes fine lines and wrinkles by removing damaged connective skin tissue to produce smoother, younger looking skin.

The amount and type of synthetic compounds to be injected also depends on the amount of cellulite deposits is to be removed. Lower fat concentrations require single treatments and doses but for those with a slightly “heavier” problem, more volume and visits to the clinic might be required. However, compared to liposuction surgery, even at its best, mesotherapy falls short in terms of the total amount of fat removed and speed of results.

Mesotherapy is not only an effective fat loss treatment but more importantly brings health back into damaged skin. Aside from the compounds used to break down fats, vitamins are also introduced to improve skin health. One of the reasons why people develop fine lines and wrinkles is the decreasing production of collagen and elastin. With mesotherapy treatments collagen and elastin production is increased bringing health and youth back to the skin naturally.

Mesotherapy brings the benefits of liposuction and facelift surgery in one treatment. They are less invasive, requiring only a small injection during treatment. This makes them a safer alternative to other types of cosmetic surgical procedures and in terms of pricing, mesotherapy prices are one of the most competitively priced cosmetic surgery treatments available.

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