What is Lipodissolve and Does it Work?

If you are interested in having excess body fat removed but you are otherwise in good physical shape, lipodissolve may be right for you. The lipodissolve procedure involves an injection that is used to break down your body fat.

Lipodissolve has been used since 1966.  Lipodissolve  is not a cure but it can help reduce fatty tissue under your skin. Fat cells will not come back once they have been treated with lipodissolve, so if you gain weight you are less likely to create new excess fatty cells.

Regardless of your age or which shape your body is, you may benefit from having fat deposits in your belly, upper arms or even thighs treated with lipodissolve. In fact, you might want to consider lipodissolve to help jump start a new exercise plan! If you are pregnant or nursing or if you have any immune disorder you should not consider lipodissolve.

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