Is RF Liposuction Effective in Getting Rid of Unwanted Body Fat

Many of today’s health concerns deal with weight problems. Studies have shown that the number of obese people has been increasing steadily. That is why some methods are being developed to address health concerns with respect to unusually high fat deposits. There are several ways to remove body fat in the body. But some methods are more effective than others.

Recently, a new form of body sculpturing method for expelling excess fat in the body has been developed. Liposuction alternatives such as radio frequency liposuction were developed as a gentler procedure for removing body fats. This is quite different from the conventional liposuction which involves surgery. There are basic differences in terms of the equipment and procedures done in RF liposuction.

 How does RF liposuction work

This method uses radio frequency to burn the fats in the body. The method makes use of a device which emit radio frequency that melts the fat accumulation in the body. The device is place on the surface of the skin and targeted to the area of the body where there is accumulation of body fat. RF liposuction is an outpatient procedure which often last up to 45 minutes. The procedure should only be done by licensed professional who have the right equipment.


RF liposuction works by making use of thermal energy which would reach the temperature of 38-40°C. This is the right temperature to melt the excess fat in the body. Unlike laser treated liposuction it does not harm the tissue in the body it only burns the fatty cell in the body. It also tightens the collagen to the muscle making the skin to contract and prevent the appearance of a sloppy skin after the procedure has been done.

Is it safe?

It has been proven that the procedure is safe to use. It does not harm the tissue and blood vessels in the body compared to other form of liposuction. In this procedure the surgeon has more control in delivering the energy to the fat cells. This avoids trauma to other tissue in the surrounding area and the energy is not spread on other areas. You will be sure that only the fatty region of the body is exposed to the thermal energy.

Is it effective in removing excess fats in the body?

It‘s currently one of the best and effective way to remove fats in the body and sculpturing a desirable body contour. The procedure has gain a lot of popularity in the recent years. And there are a lot of satisfied clients that can testify that the procedure is very effective. The results could manifest after a few weeks or months. This procedure promises that bleeding and bruises will be minimized compared to conventional liposuction. It also ensures that the fat removal process is smoother since it dissolves the fats before being removed.

This procedure is probably the best method of liposuction today. If properly done, you could achieve great results. But undergoing the procedure would be totally useless if you still don’t make the necessary behavioural changes in your eating habits. It would be best to lessen your calorie intake after the procedure.

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