Finding Liposuction Doctors

The decision to undergo a liposuction procedure is not one to be taken lightly. Finding the right surgeon based on an individual's goals, ideals, and budget is a challenging task that can take a lengthy period of time and requires a lot of research and consideration on behalf of the potential patient.


After considering exactly what is expected from the procedure, research on the procedure itself should be done. After reading about the different liposuction procedures and how they are performed, if interest is still peaked, then it is time to start considering individual surgeons. A good liposuction surgeon is one who is proud of his work. Consultations should be offered proactively, for low prices if not free.


If a website is available, potential clients should be sure to review it thoroughly. It should not be cluttered with testimonials, but provide a portfolio of before and after photos. The website should include a short biography of the surgeon(s) and include a list of academic achievements for each. The clinic should be proud of their surgeons and display their qualifications clearly.


A good liposuction surgeon will not be concerned with "selling" a client their service. They will ensure that expectations are set clearly and may even refuse to perform a procedure if a client's expectations are unrealistic or unachievable. Literature on the procedures should be readily available, and the surgeon should be ready and willing to answer any questions that may arise. He or she should be willing to listen to any concerns and take note of the patient's desired outcome. After the procedure itself has been mapped, a good liposuction surgeon will be sure to explain each and every step of the process to the patient.

If the procedure will be performed in a private clinic, it is important for patients to request to see the operating area. A confident and reputable surgeon will not hesitate to show his clients where their surgeries will be performed, or will offer an appointment to do so if the area is not available at the time of the request. Do not be afraid to request to see certification from government health officials verifying the cleanliness of the operation.


A good, experienced practitioner of liposuction will proudly display his work. Photos will likely be posted in plain view in the office or clinic, magazines and other literature on the varieties of liposuction procedures should be accessible to visitors. Likewise, any educational degrees or certificates and licenses that permit a surgeon to practice cosmetic surgeries should be easily visible. It is important to find a proud, confident practitioner who is happy to meet his clients before the procedure and help them feel comfortable in all respects.

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