Do Diet Pills Really Work?


A pill a day keeps liposuction away...or does it?A pill a day keeps liposuction away...or does it?

In short, the answer to this question is no but it ultimately depends on how the pills are used and the lifestyle of the user. There are many different diet pills available on the market today, some of which work quite well when combined with exercise and healthy eating habits. What many consumers fail to appreciate about this products is that they are not designed to used alone and they will not produce results alone.

Diet pills often contain numerous different substances that encourage an increase in our metabolism - the process that breaks down food and calories, following by absorption into the body. Some of these substances are utterly harmless, while others have been known to cause serious health complications. For this reason, it is very important to discuss with your physician your weight loss goals and program before beginning any regimen. Your doctor will know if the product you have selected is safe for you and your individual health.

These products generally come in three forms:

  1. prescription form (meaning that a licensed physician must recommend your use of the product and make written request for the product to be provided to you by a pharmacist),
  2. over-the-counter (no prescription or recommendation is required, you can simply pull this product off the shelf and pay for it like anything else) and finally
  3. herbal form - herbal weight loss pills are becoming increasingly popular as they boast natural ingredients that are harmless to the user's health.

It is very important to ensure that any pills you are considering have been inspected and approved by your federal food and drug agency. Some supplements, such as herbal pills, are treated as food product so be careful to review the entire list of approved products before beginning a weight loss program involving any kind of supplement.

The true answer to this so commonly asked question? Sure, diet pills work. Just not all of them, and they don't work alone. Consulting with your local food and drug administration, your physician and actively partaking in research on the products itself prior to adding them to your daily lifestyle is a key factor in using these products safely and effectively. After finding one that is safe for your health conditions and suits your weight loss program, follow the directions closely and remember that you have to live a healthy life in order for these products to help you. Get lots of exercise, eat right and results will follow.

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