Alternatives to Liposuction

Weight related health problems like heart disease and diabetes have been on the rise these previous years. Liposuction surgery has always been a popular method for getting rid of these fat deposits quickly. But with rising medical costs, more people are using alternatives to liposuction as a preferred type of treatment.

Alternatives to liposuction don’t only offer people a cost effective solution but also a safer treatment for removing their hard to remove cellulite deposits. Traditional liposuction is like any type of surgery, they have their own share of dangerous medical complications. Some of the health risks that patients often face with liposuction surgery are infection and bleeding.

The best thing about alternatives to liposuction treatments is that unlike liposuction surgery a majority of them are non-invasive.

Fat burning creams and oils for example are just applied on the skin and burn fat deposits automatically. You can also use fat burning creams while doing exercises to increase the rate of fat loss.

Modern alternatives to liposuction include cryolipolysis and laser liposuction. Cryolipolysis is quite controversial right now. It is still the subject of many medical and scientific studies due to the nature of treatment. Supporters of cryolipolysis claim that these is more effective because freezing fat cells breaks them down and makes it easier for the body to eliminate cellulite deposits. Because the procedure is fairly new, don’t expect your local hospital or clinic to offer this service for the near future.

Thermage is another method which represents the new alternatives to liposuction. Those who have considered undergoing facelift treatments may have already encountered thermage in the past. If you’re wondering if this is similar to the procedure being used in facelifts, the simple answer is yes. Thermage is used to sculpt or contour fat problem areas like the hip, thigh and buttocks.

The best alternatives to liposuction continue to be eating the right type of diet and living a more active lifestyle. The best solution to any problem remains to be stopping the root cause of the problem. Liposuction surgery only provides a temporary solution. If people don’t start living healthy lifestyles, this will only be a continuing cycle of weight loss and weight gain.

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