Exercises to Sculpt Your Behind

A toned rear is in high demand.A toned rear is in high demand.

There are many areas of the body that seem to be of the utmost concern to people of all ages, races, and genders. At the top of the list is the desire to have a flat stomach. A close runner up is the desire for a finely sculpted behind. Jennifer Lopez has gained her substantial presence as a sex symbol thanks to her curvy body and now women all over the world have created a high demand for butt-implants or liposuction in order to shape and define their derrieres as J-Lo has. Here are a few exercises to add to your regimen to help you sculpt your behind.


Walking and jogging are examples of great cardio exercises. You can incorporate a workout to just about any part of your body with a brisk walk or jog, and combined with a healthy diet, you create an effective recipe for weight loss. Many people say "Well, I just don't have the time to get a daily walk or jog in!". Sure, you do. Instead of parking in the closest stall possible, park at the back of the lot. In super centers like Wal-Mart, this can account for a great touch of toning time. You can choose to get off the bus a few stops before you normally would, or perhaps even walk where you were headed in the first place. Stay at home moms can incorporate a bit of cardio exercise simply by playing with their kids. Have you ever played tag with a toddler? It's definitely a work out.


This was a very popular aerobic exercise back in the 1980's, with arm exercises and weight training incorporated into upbeat sequences. But the basic point of the exercise was the "step-up", which required the use of stack-able platforms to step up onto. These platforms could be customized in height, providing just the right height for the user. This is actually great exercise for working the rear end muscle and toning it, as well as the upper thighs and calves. But, you don't need to invest in those fancy platforms. Using the stairs in your house or apartment or even the office will offer the same effect. Why not take the stairs whenever possible? Not only is it good for your physique, but your heart and lungs as well.

Squats and Lunges

These exercises really work the muscles of the butt. Not only do these exercises help define the muscle and even help to burn away a few calories, they are also a great warm up routine before you head out on that morning jog. Even giving a few quick sets of squats or lunges before leaving your bedroom will help increase your blood flow and get you moving for the day.

If you're willing to put forth and time and effort into eating right and exercising daily, you too can have beautiful assets that your friends and colleagues will envy. The kinds of exercises you select should be based on the effects you are trying to achieve. If you want to tone and firm, your exercises should focus on defining muscle tissue. Similarly, if you find a little extra padding your exercises should focus on burning fat as well. Instead of choosing plastic surgery to sculpt your backside, invest some effort into toning and firming it yourself.

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