Gaining Weight the Healthy Way

How to Reduce Stomach FatMost people would think of gaining weight as gorging on food that you don’t really need and filling up your body with calories in order to satisfy your craving for food. Well obviously, those practices are improper. Our body structure differs from one another and while others need to lose weight, some people need to put on a few pounds. The reason for wanting to gain weight varies but the bottom line always goes down to achieving health and feel good about yourself.

If you think you are too lanky and want to be curvier, or if you are a guy who wants to develop a bigger structure and better muscles, here are some eating habits that you must observe:

Compute How Much You Need to Gain

This is the most crucial step to gaining weight. You don’t want to put gain too much or you might end up too big for your structure and harm yourself. Make a chart of your diet plan and calculate the kilos that you need to put on in a specific amount of time. For instance, you need to gain 8 kilos in 4 months. Make sure that you only gain 2 kilos each month in so your body can adjust to your new weight.

Record your Caloric Data

Jot down the calories you need to consume everyday so you won’t go over or eat less. If there are days when you think you ate less, you can gobble on the food you want the next days. However, you can only do this if you accidentally missed. Learn to discipline yourself on your food intake so you will only gain what you need to gain.

Don’t be a Junkie

Putting on weight doesn’t mean not minding what you consume, including junk foods. You need to gain healthy calories, not useless ones that are mostly found on sugar and instant meals. Avoid foods way too much fat such French fries, pizzas, and ready to eat meals. Eat healthier alternatives packed with protein such tofu, lean meat, fish and beans. Snack on fruits such as banana and apples so you will gain healthy pounds, not excess fats.

Try Eating More

People normally eat three times a day but you can eat more than that everyday in controlled amounts. Instead of a 3 times a day meals, eat every 3 hours. This is an easy way to gain weight plus it will improve your body’s digestion.

Bring Healthy Snacks to Work

We are all living busy lives in today’s times and it cannot be avoided sometimes that you grab whatever kind of food you see in order to fill up. You can avoid that by preparing your lunch or snacks at home. Bring a bag full of fruits, fiber rich bread and a nice, healthy juice drink. This way, you won’t be tempted in buying street foods that contain unhealthy calories.

Shake it Up!

Protein shakes are popular right now because they are packed with nutrients that can help in building and developing muscles. Purchase protein shakes which are sold in supermarkets or try some online health websites that offer protein shakes in packs. Drinking once a day should help you fill up and gain gradually.

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