Weight Loss Body Wraps at Home

One of the latest crazes in weight loss and losing stubborn inches is the body wrap. Many spas and similar places offer body wraps with a variety of materials, each boasting how many inches they remove, how much cellulite they take off, or how they repair/cleanse the skin. However, most of these spa treatments have a rather hefty price tag and most must be booked far in advance, making them inconvenient at best for a working man or woman.

Thankfully, body wraps can now be completed at home. One simple recipe calls only for clay and salt, although more difficult wraps also add herbs, nutritive additives, and essential oils. Experts recommend bathing before the wrap, and drinking additional glasses of water both before and after the wrap in order to maximize the results.

A body wrap works by absorbing excess fluids and contaminants from your skin and compressing them away. The wraps help open the pores so that the wrap can then absorb what is flushed out. It is important to note, however, that the better a particular body wrap works the drier one's skin will be for the first 48 hours or so after it is complete.

Applying a body wrap at home is not as daunting a task as it may sound. The steps are simple:

  1. First, warm about half a gallon of purified or distilled water in a stainless steel bucket or tub.
  2. Add all of the ingredients to be used and mix.
  3. Allow the mixture to cool until it is comfortable to touch all the way through.
  4. When choosing what room to use for application, always keep in mind that a room with a fan or air conditioner running will cause one to get cold while applying the mixture.
  5. Saturate the sheet (or whatever is used as a wrap) in the mixture, and begin applying at the ankles. The wrap should remain for one hour.
  6. After removing the wrap, take a cool to warm bath to cleanse the skin.
  7. Wait one to two days, and then take a hot shower. This also helps remove the last of the toxins.
  8. Repeat as desired.

Body wraps do not simply absorb the body's excess water weight and thus remove inches; they also flush out harmful toxins and cellulite, making the general appearance of the skin more healthy and young. It is possible to lose as many as 20 inches from one wrap session.

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