Male Liposuction

Male Liposuction Male Liposuction

Recent years have seen a noticeable increase in the number of men who seek liposuction treatment. At one point, male patients were virtually unheard of and most certainly left unconsidered in this field of medicine. Liposuction has almost always been solely geared toward the female population in regions across the world.

With the rise in interest among Hollywood's celebrities, men are more exposed than ever to the same body image problems that women have been facing for decades. Seeing women in super markets, book stores, and even at home drool over the likes of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Rob Pattinson and all the other heart throbs gracing the cover of weekly publications has been the cause for insecurity among men.

Men often look for discreet treatment options, as this type of weight loss is often related to emasculation. This is why non-invasive surgical alternatives are very popular among male patients - including mesotherapy, laser liposuction and others. However, traditional tumescent liposuction is also quite popular, especially among middle-aged professional men.

Recent studies have shown that men directly link their success in life--professional, romantic, family, social, etc.--to their physical appearance. The study revealed that middle-aged men experiencing sudden weight gain were more likely to feel insecure about their bodies, and this insecurity was apparent during various interviews. Men with lean builds in the middle age range were more confident and generally more successful.

Men who choose to seek liposuction have their own unique motivations for the most part, and ultimately their surgeon will decide if sufficient non-surgical effort has been made to warrant surgical fat removal. Male liposuction deserves to be treated with less publicity and promotion. Men are aware of the services available to them, as has been exampled in previous years.

Anyone who seeks liposuction or other surgical weight loss treatment should be aware of the risks and side effects they may face, and especially take care to research the risks associated with your chosen treatment zone. Finding an experienced and reputable liposuction surgeon can be extremely helpful in eliminating many of these risks.

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