Liposuction does not have to be the only hope for weight loss!Liposuction does not have to be the only hope for weight loss!

Weight Loss Options

Liposuction and tummy tucks are well known as the cosmetic surgeries of choice to lose weight.  The problem with these procedure is that they often leave a scar or leave a large "hole" in your pocketbook.  Mesotherapy is a procedure that can offer a dramatic change to that of the others, it is not a surgery so to speak, but an injection into the pockets of cellulite within the layer of fat in your body that you are hoping to remove.

About Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is known in the cosmetic surgery world as a spot treatment for cellulite loss.  It is a "cocktail" of vitamins, medications that is injected directly into the fat pocket beneath the skin.  The ingredients within the "cocktail" vary depending on the area of the body that it is being injected in.  It also varies depending on the practitioner and the objectives that he is attempting to accomplish with the injections.  The injection "melts" the fat away and by breaking down the fat cells to a degree that they can be removed from the body via the kidneys and bowel movements.

The Ongoing Debate

Mesotherapy is debated by health activists and many medical professionals because of the lack of physical data and testing that prove it to be effective and not just a wishful thinking drug.  Some of these medical professionals believe that the doctors that offer Mesotherapy are taking advantage of desperate patients and conning them.  The American Society for Dermatology will not endorse the procedure until hard evidence can be provided.  The procedure is also considered to be for sculpting and not for weight loss.  It can target areas of cellulite that make the skin bulge and though it doesn't take the weight off the appearance that results is that the weight is gone.


Though there is no hard data and it is not backed by the American Society for Dermatology its influence in the area of cosmetic surgery is rapidly increasing in popularity.  Part of this increase in popularity is because of its cost over its counterparts.  Another reason for its popularity increase is the rate at which the bruising and swelling go down.  The most important reason for the increase is because the procedure is an invasive procedure and not a surgery that will require that you stay in the hospital.  There are no bandages or anesthetic required and as soon as the procedure is completed you can get up and walk away.


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